larry is real one way or another :d

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To add to your flight post, the snapchats Tammi posted today made it clear the family flew to Hawaii in a private plane. Freddie could run around the plane for 5.5 hours, or nap sprawled across multiple seats, or have a tantrum without bothering anyone. I have been on many 13 hour transcontinental flights with infants and toddlers and have damn near begged the flight attendants to open the emergency exit doors so I could escape. Yet another example of lack of real life experience from a Larrie.

One of my earliest memories is being on a 5.5 hour flight (to the caribbean) and it suuuuuuuuuucked. Can’t imagine how much worse it’d be for 12 or 13 more hours at that age, and I was like, 3.

But I don’t think this is a case of lack of real life experience. It’s just shitposting to shit post because she has nothing else. The fact that events in the past have not in any way tempered her ability to see two paths and choose the absolute most morally reprehensible one, every time, tells me that even if she regularly had to take transcontinental flights with infants she would have made this exact same post.

I mean, larries with children have made posts insisting their infants could not do things that Freddie did, that are known developmental milestones, to prove that he was a doll. They know better, a lot of the time. They’re just too shitty to choose better.