larry is real ok

The larrie:are you one?

choose the best option for you and at the end discover if you are a delusional shipper or a “always right” antis:

1) When Dan Wotton updates his wattpad fic,this is your reaction:



2) When babygate is brought up your reaction is:



3)When you stumble across new larry fan fics, your eaction is:



4) When Harry ang Louis interact, your reaction is:



So if you chosed even only one b then,pal,I fear this is not the blog for you.

For the rest of you, congratulations!!You are most definitely a Larrie!!So follow me….

That’s all for tonight.All the love. -G.

The Case Of the Half-Hearted Tattoo

OK, everyone settle down. 

There’s no conspiracy or cover-up or media manipulation or anything else. It’s just new information about one of Harry’s tattoos. 

Harry has a half-heart tattoo, like one of those “best friends” necklaces. According to an interview released this morning, longtime friend Nathan Followill has the other half:

This answers a very much open question, whether two photos – out of ALL the photos we have of Louis – show a half-heart tattoo. Some have always said yes, others have always said no:

Whether there’s a half-heart on Louis’ chest or not (I don’t see it, myself) there certainly is one on Nathan’s chest. Whether Nathan’s heart matches Harry’s or not (if so, it’s a bit of a hack job) he says it does. 

This is not a problem. It’s just an explanation for one of Harry’s many tattoos. A friendship tattoo that he got with a friend. 

Harry has lots of tattoos for lots of people. His mom. Gemma. The Green Bay Packers. He’s got the word “Pingu” in his armpit to match Ed Sheeran’s Pingu tattoo. 

He also has these:

As little of a problem as this is, Harry and Louis knew that it would be a big problem for us. 

The half-heart idea is beloved Larrie Lore. I define Larrie Lore as any idea we’ve adopted, despite shaky evidence, because we want to, dammit. Most of the time we’re very open about the “I wish to believe this, thus it is fact, fight me” nature of Larrie Lore. We’ll reply to a chunk of utter headcanon with “#Confirmed”, the sort of cheeky hyperbole that is very often misunderstood outside our realm and leads to comments like “OMG y'all stfu y'all dumb af y'all Larries really believe Harry is an ALIEN!" 

We have deep affection for our Larrie Lore. And in some cases, it’s taken as fact. Furthermore, when Larrie Lore is debunked, antis go into an absolute feeding frenzy. It’s savage.

So when Harry and Louis knew the concept of the shared half-heart tattoo would be debunked, they knew that some of us would be sad, and some of us would be shaken, and all of us would be attacked.

So Harry went out of his way to tell us that he is friendly not only with Nathan but with Nathan’s lovely and talented wife, Jessie Baylin, and with their gorgeous child. Translation: “this is not a romance, kids.” 

And Louis went out of his way to tell us — with a warning selfie, no less – that the dagger and the rose are important. That we should stop and really think about this.

Translation:"I didn’t get the dagger for you to be a weak Larrie now.”

How can people even deny larry when we have this shit

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Like, I don’t give a fucc that one of them has a baby bc larry is SO REAL

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I will fight anyone who denies it

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Just had to get that out there…

Every tour is a love fest for harry.

Up All Night tour = Larry love fest.

Take Me Home tour = Zarry love fest.

Where We Are tour = Lirry love fest.

On The Road Again tour = Narry love fest.


parent: what number comes before 2?

baby: w- w- w-

parent: o- one? come on, you can say it





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