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You don't need daily hl update account. There's nothing to update since Dec 2015 other that xfactor 2016

… are you for real lol our blog isnt just larry, it never was just larry we post / reblog louis and harry individually as well because we know that as larries we love louis and harry as their own people BECAUSE their relationship isnt the only important thing going on in their lives atm and also as larries we want to see BOTH boys to be treated with respect at all times which is why im even creating the blog in the first place like please get a grip its 2017. im going to try my best to make the news blog into a source where larries can go to to find the latest postive updates on louis and harry with no favoritism between the two and treating them both with respect as the artists they are and kinda keeping the drama / ‘gfs’ / families / friends away cause some people dont care and dont want to see it along with not having to be worried if the blog they are reblogging from is okay with larries and having to be paranoid about who to reblog all the damn time its exhausting im making this to make our lives easier thats all, if one day they work together or get seen together it will be on there too like keep the ignorance away thank you. - B (admin)