larry gross

everything was LOUIS, gay, gender neutral, LARRY up until everyone had already pre ordered all the expensive versions of the album and the tickets for the whole tour were sold out and then they realised the Het

harry really said “not that important” (not to mention every single thing he did or said) and like…. what should we do??? scream that he’s Straight and it’s wrong to think otherwise? i’m sorry if i actually listen to what he says instead of fighting for his Heterosexuality !

If anyone is looking for gross blogs to add to their block-list, can I recommend this one?

Don’t send them asks telling them they’re gross, it’ll just make them feel important, just block them and move on with your day. Blogs like this one get their jollies from reblogging our posts and adding nasty comments and they love getting attention, so if everyone blocks them and then completely ignores them beyond that, it cuts off their entire source of fun.

Don’t forget to report them for harassment first - they’re using a personal picture of a group of Larries as their header.


so i’m gonna do a little thing where i draw a lot of cuddles and i’m gonna call it twelve days of cuddles u3u 

this is the first of twelve wahooo!!! 
okay so imagine harry and louis are in uni and they like each other so much they’re willing to squeeze into a tiny twin bed just to cuddle a bit