larry gould

16 and you never even judged me. Matter of fact I always thought you were too cool for me

And yet you understand, Yeah like no one can. We both know what they say about us, but they don’t stand a chance because

When I’m with you I’m standing with an army

WTF is happening?

- Harry and Kendall kissing on a boat.
- Liam tagged in Danielle P’s instagram photo.
- Niall posts a tbt/Happy Birthday picture of him and Ellie.
- Louis is, in all stuntlihood, going to kiss/make out with Danielle (Eleanor 2.0) at midnight and it will be Snap Chatted around the world.
- Taylor’s video for OOTW debuts tonight with tons of rumoured Haylor references

Apparently it is recycling day!

Still waiting on Laundry Day, and hoping that day is January 1, 2016!