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It really makes no sense Larry and Freddy end up together after the heist unless you assume one or both of them makes damn sure of it. Freddy isn’t even in the store, as I understand it - he’s out front on guard duty. Larry, OTOH, is in the back with Pink, getting the diamonds. But by the time they’re all fleeing, Pink is on his own with the ice, and somehow Larry and Freddy are in the getaway car with Brown.

(Most likely scenario to get Larry with Freddy? Larry hauls ass through the store as Blonde is shooting staff - I believe he mentions that he was lucky Blonde didn’t tag him, and that he considered taking Blonde out. That’s a hell of a risk to take for this kid you’ve known days or weeks.)

Larry had NO IDEA Pink had the diamonds/was surprised and impressed he did, and though he doesn’t seem surprised to see Pink roll in, he also appears to have no idea how Pink got out, and he’s got no idea what happened to any of the others, either.

So somehow Pink and Larry are in the back, they’re partnered up for their task in this crime, but when things go wrong, Larry gets to the front and gets Freddy and gets them both in the getaway car, whilst Pink (who was with Larry all of thirty seconds ago) somehow manages to get the diamonds and go off in an entirely different direction. And Larry has no fucking clue what Pink was doing, that he was alive, that he had the rocks which were the whole point of the heist. His focus was entirely on getting himself and Freddy out of there.

(Aside: Larry claims he told Freddy his name post-shooting because he thought Freddy was gonna die in his arms, but we see Freddy in the car using Larry’s name fluently and naturally, and he uses it some in the warehouse, too. The kid just caught a bullet in the gut, shot a civilian, is bleeding out, and he goes from the name being completely new to him to it tripping off his tongue easily and naturally in the span of one hysterical car ride? Really? Even if Freddy found it out due to the mugshot, he still wouldn’t have been using it before Larry told him. It takes time to get used to calling someone by a different name.

Larry, Pink may believe you; I think you’re full of shit.)

All of this makes waaaaaay more sense if Larry has feelings for Freddy 🤷🏽‍♀️


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When u find a perfect fanfic and realize it hasn’t been updated in years

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