larry foevaa

Sooo, I toats forgot to talk about my fabby, Larry shipping, black, 40 year old, directioner gym coach♥

Anywayyyys, My coach, he is fabby.

  • He ships Larry so hard it isn’t even funny.
  • He runs his own Larry dedicated Tumblr,I was told by Lauren the link is LarrySxxBootysex. Witch is pretty much confirmed.
  • He pretends not to know what we are talking about, but then he stars blushing.
  • Basically he hates Elounor shippers.
  • He totally has his own Larry thing going on with a former classmate. and get this, The former classmate is named Harold. Coincidence? I think not!
  • They watch all the boys tv appearances on the phone together.. Oh and they have tickets to all the 2013 concerts in Florida.
  • I’d also like to mention that Lauren and I are his favorite students.