larry flynt's hustler club

anonymous asked:

Jenna claimed during that particular tour threat her and Val didn't go to a strip club. Do you guys remember that some trolls were tagging a pic of Jenna holding dollars bills are something's like that and tagged Jenna's mom in the pic? Then Jenna defended herself and said it wasn't a strip club. I think Jenna was lying as usual so her parents wouldn't find out. lol I'm sure her parents won't like the fact she went to a burlesque show either.

no I don’t remember her saying she didn’t go. but val was waving bills around and the placard on the table had the name of the place right on it. I just googled lol and found it I remembered it was larrys something and lo and behold if you search larrys new orleans, it’s the first result. larry flynts hustler club, that’s where they were


Harlem Shake Vegas Hustler Style!