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So now everything makes sense, they knew each other prior to filming X factor OH and get this… something we seemed to have looked over is that they’re wearing the SAME shirt for their auditions, maybe it was a good luck charm?? Simon wanted to make sure he got credit for putting 5 strangers together even though Harry and Louis probably arrived in the SAME car funny how that worked out. Which explains the HUGE embracing hug Larry shared on stage after becoming a group, it explains WHY Harry’s original twitter handle was “Harry Tomlinson” because that’s a very adolescent thing to do when you’re young and in love, it explains how Harry saying Louis was his first real crush (we now know in highschool.) this explains everything from why they had to keep it a secret to why they’re bond was so special. Simon created a band of 3 strangers and 2 friends/lovers. I rest my fucking case.

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what did you think of the vma larry hug?

There was so much raw emotion and love in that embrace and they didn’t even think to acknowledge anyone else until they held each other.  It was so beautiful I was forced to dig a ten foot hole and jump into it, where I then cried into the dirt for the remainder of the night.

Harry and Louis have both been spotted in glorious coats and winter wear. You know what that means? 


Over the next six nights (Dec 20-25) this post will be updated with holiday Larry fics for you to enjoy - there’ll be angsty wonders, fluffy feel goods, and smutty delights!

NIGHT 6 (Merry Christmas!!!)

  • What More Can I Do by @latitta
    • Chat show host Harry is in the throws of an all consuming crush on crazy talented (and gorgeous) Louis Tomlinson. This fic is so cute. You’ll love the fun way Harry schemes to take their internet interactions into real life!
  • Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight by @compassanddragon
    • Christmas Fate brings Louis to Harry in this super darling holiday fic. They get trapped on a roof, and Harry might just be wearing the ultimate festive outfit to go along with his punny personality.


  • Candles on Air by @isthatyoularry
    • You won’t judge me if I tell you I absolutely sobbed when I read this fic, right? Good :P because I did. It’s friends to lovers, extreme pining edition, and it made me have all the feels. Read this when you’re looking for strong holiday angst and maybe an emotional release. 
  • Under that Damn Mistletoe by @hickeystyles
    • This fic is friends to lovers, lighthearted edition! Louis and Harry’s friends try everything to get them under the mistletoe, but Louis knows if that happens, Harry will know his secret. You’ll root for H&L to open their eyes about each other, and laugh at their antics along the way.


  • Hear Your Voice, in the Backseat of My Car by @a-writerwrites
    • If you want your holiday fic themed out with smokin’ hot Larry chemistry and smut, this is the fic for you. It’s brilliant, surprising, and oh so good. A new holiday favorite for me, for sure!
  • May Your Every Wish Come True by @cocoalou
    • This fic is Larry fluff that will embrace you in warm, cozy holiday feels, and make you wish (even more than you already do) that Harry Styles was around to make you Christmas dinner. *Featuring Harry as Ina Garten and Louis and Jeffry The Husband*


  • Keep Our Memories Warm With Me by @lissomely 
    • Christmas angst at its best. This fic will make you feel all kinds of things, and if you’re like me, maybe even shed a few tears. You have to have an Ao3 account to read it, but it’s worth signing up just for this fic. It’s painful, but so amazing.
  • We Will Find Our Way by supernope
    • This fic is sweet, fluffy, Christmas goodness. It’ll put a smile on your face and warm any Grinch heart! 


  • Every Time I Run, I Keep on Falling on You by @pigandbruce
    • Read this fic if you want Louis slowly discovering he might just be in love with his best friend of eight years - who now lives in an entirely different country. It’s a holiday Louis and Harry will remember forever!
  • I Only Ever Want You (Chapter 9) by itsmiz
    • Harry and Louis are in a loving and long-term dom/sub relationship, and it’s the holidays during this chapter. This was one of my favorite parts of this fic, and an incredibly smutty and satisfying way to celebrate this time of year!


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the best thing to come out from of the whole antis business is the POWER they've awarded us with. we're so so mighty in their eyes, i feel extremely flattered.

We are honored that they care about us and they even gave us the name Larries that we happily embraced.

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Hi. Just sharing my thoughts on Liam's ig post. There's no way it could refer to Payton. If they go ahead with this "thing" (yuck) Liam would probably go a little subtle and ambiguous with his post. They (their team) would want a are they bros or are they not scenario with the two of them first. This is not subtle. This is a direct in-your-face happyvalentinesbaby complete with all the love and kisses emojis he could find on his iPhone twitter. This is a message you would give to your bae. (1)

A person you love. Who’s that in Liam’s life? Zayn. And Liam has a history of something extra for Zayn during VD. Wasn’t last year he gave an elegant gold cuff to Zayn that Zayn wore that day and on the rest of the Australian leg? That Zayn the lover of multiple accessories decided to wear just this bracelet and wear it on mandala tattoo arm? So yeah, I think this is Liam’s thing for Zayn for this year’s VD. As for this to be for a new beard seeding, just no. It doesn’t fit the pattern. We got alerted by Payton because of the pattern it followed as per former 1D fauxmances/beards and this post is not the way to introduce a new person into the picture. This post doesn’t fit the pattern. It’s a bit too in your face for a beard introduction. 1DHQ would want a more shady way of seeding. Oh and last thing, is paypal tag about Payton? Cause I’ve been thinking all this time it’s about PayPal the site and its about collecting payment through PayPal if your hunches turns out to be right


hey anon! first of all, i appreciate your message and i’m happy to discuss. second, nobody knows anything and we’re all working with what we’ve got. let’s start with a few assumptions, then some minor hops in thinking, and finally i’ll summarize my jump to it being very very bad and about payneton.

as for your last bit “is paypal tag about Payton? Cause I’ve been thinking all this time it’s about PayPal the site and its about collecting payment through PayPal if your hunches turns out to be right” are you accusing me of getting paid for pushing this stunt? because i’m not but very open to it! pls send money!!

a n y w a y let’s do this!

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