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WFUN-AM Interview w/ Larry Kane (Excerpt, You Can't Have That On Tape)
The Beatles

September 2nd, 1964 (Convention Hall, Philadelphia): While the Beatles are having to remain indoors before their evening concert, Larry Kane talks to John and Ringo about the fans’ varying attitudes towards John’s wife Cynthia and the romantic relationships the other Beatles may be pursuing. John implies that other suspicions may arise if they weren’t seen dating around with girls anyway, and Ringo opines that their movements are observed so critically that rumours will run rampant whatever they do.

KANE: Anyhow, [the fans are] outside and they’re saying – I don’t know whether this is just a cover, what do you think – they’re saying, I said, “Why are you down here?” and they said, “We want to bring gifts because we feel so sorry for them.” And uh, also in connection with your wife, you see a lot of fan signs for your wife. Do you think that this is just a cover for the admiration, to get close, it’s just an excuse? Or do you think a lot of people really feel this way?

JOHN: I think that with my wife – I hate saying that word, it sounds so formal – but with Cyn, it starts off as, “Well, he’s hooked, we’ll sort of like them both or we’ll like his wife,” but a lot of them are very genuine here. You can tell, you can see through letters, you know. The letters you get that are addressed to Cyn that say sort of, “I like you,” you know, and this and that, or it’s – oh, I don’t know, they say all sorts of things – are genuine. A lot of them are genuine. And some of them are very – you can read through them, a mile of sort of, “Hello Mrs. Lennon. May I call you Cyn? Could you get me ninety-five autographed photographs of the boys?” Then you know they’re just in it— [starts raving nonsensically]

RINGO: You can tell the genuine fans I think, you know. All these people who saw her write in saying you know, um… Like there was a big thing with Maureen Cox, my – you know, who I happened to take on holiday. She’s a nice girl, and she’s just sort of ordinary, she’s from Liverpool. And the genuine fans wrote in saying, “If you are going with her, good luck, and I hope you’re happy” and that, and then you get these – to me, they’re just half-wits who start writing these letters saying you’re a traitor and all this. But the thing is, we’re human beings and we’re allowed to go with girls, you know. If it hadn’t been Maureen, it would’ve been someone else.

KANE: You’re just like anybody else who would be going out and dating.

RINGO: The thing is, the genuine fans know we’re ordinary human beings, and we go with girls and things like that. But it’s just these people who – I don’t know what to call them, they’re not really fans, they’re just, you know, treads.

JOHN: The [inaudible] part of it is apart from me, the others, if they want to go with girls, they should be allowed to go with them. If they don’t go with girls, say they don’t go and… I mean, that holiday thing that everybody went on was built up into something awful over here. Ringo and Paul went on holiday with a couple of birds along with another old married couple who were about ninety-eight! George—

RINGO: Well. Forty-eight.

JOHN: Well, I mean, you know. Past thirty. But if they don’t, what kind of rumours would be getting around if they don’t get seen with girls, you know? You’ve got one or the other, you’ve either got to have a—

RINGO: Yeah, you either go with girls or you’re called a queer, you know. I mean, I’ve—

JOHN: [laughs] You can’t have that on tape!

RINGO: [unfazed] I’ll have it on tape, I’ve been called a queer. People have said it. If we sort of don’t go with a girlfriend people will start saying you’re queer, you know. You can’t win. That’s a drag.
Always Expanding - Gifted to KissingCigarettes
By Organization for Transformative Works

Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson, Louis Tomlison/Gemma Styles (best friends/roommates)
Word-count: 38k
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Harry’s speechless. Apollo’s just revealed he has a thing for mortals, himself specifically, and it’s the most connected to his Greek mythology class that he’s ever felt. How does one react when gods reveal such a thing? Do they bow? Do they flirt back? Do they just drop to their knees in awe? He’s not sure, but he can only do his best with what he’s given, which is currently a wet, blushing, naked boy gripping his towel with all his might while poetically side-eyeing Harry’s next move.
(Gemma brings Louis home for Thanksgiving, and Hot Harry is the last thing he expected.)

Oh hi Black Red Panther Lion

Deathstroke Vol. 4 #12 - Twilight, Part One (2017)

Written by: Christopher Priest (or Priest)
Artist by: Larry Hama (breakdowns); Joe Bennett
Inker by: Mark Morales
Colorist by: Jeromy Cox
Lettered by: Willie Schubert
Publisher: DC Comics