larry chan

Here comes the Amazing New Comedy Movie that’ll make you “cough up your mangas”!!

In March 2021, join Stick Dugley and his Anime Crazy™ friend, Larry-Chan to help fight against the evil “Fancy Toons” that try to destroy ToonyTopia City in Stick Together: the HILARIOUS Original™ ADULT🔞 COMEDY😂!!

About the Characters:
-Stick Dugley: Stick Dugley maybe your average drawing, but he’s anything but!! He’s a drawing that will not go into BORING schoolwork or Fancy Schmancy Cartoons! He will do anything to save ToonyTopia City from falling apart! He also loves to drink ALOT of whiskey and booze

-Larry-Chan: He’s Stick Dugley’s BEST FRIEND who knows his animes and mangas! However, he just happens to be a sad lonely virgin who only dates his ‘waifus’ (really body pillows of anime girls) but that doesn’t stop Larry-Chan from helping Dugley by informing what dangerous Fancy Toons lurk in the way!

-Lily Von Stick: Lily Von Stick is the most BEAUTIFUL drawing alive in all of ToonyTopia City with her VOLUPTUOUS hips and breasts, her WELL DONE lipstick, and her AMAZING
personality! She goes with Dugley and Larry-Chan along the way, too!

-Fancy Reginald: He’s the OFFICIAL Mascot for the Reginald’s Art Supplies Co. He dreads ALL fun and creativity and wants to ban everything that includes it! He’s also a stuck up and WON’T do anything besides doing paperwork!! He’s also Dugley’s rival because he wants Lily Von Stick to date her!