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A few thoughts after today's shit show:

First, this is just a friendly reminder that you do not owe these boys anything! We all spend our free time here because we love them, but we all need to remember that our mental health comes first. If the latest round of interviews (Dick Wattpad) has upset you, please take a step back and do something else with your time! Read a book (or fanfic), paint, play an instrument, bake some cupcakes, take a bubble bath, whatever you need to do to unwind. Liam and Zayn will still be here regardless of your personal involvement, and I guarantee that they would want you to take care of yourself.

Second: Don’t be afraid to think for yourself; your instincts are usually right. If something about a situation seems wrong, it probably is! I know it’s difficult to listen to lies coming from our boys in print and in person, and it may be really easy to take them at face value. However, as with everything surrounding this band, nothing is as it seems. A comment in an interview cannot erase the YEARS of history these boys have, just like reminiscing about a relationship and a child cannot erase the ridiculously shady circumstances behind them. We know these boys have been forced to push lies in the past, and we have no evidence that things have changed for ANY of them (all of OT5 is still trapped, regardless of what they say about being “free”). Use your head and call them on their BS. Also, if you do acknowledge that Liam’s comments about Zayn seem odd, maybe you should check into the legitimacy of the rest of the interview. (Dick Wattpad always pushes official narratives, so maybe you can pick out his priorities from that interview).

Third: I’ve been saying this for this whole radio tour, but it’s worth repeating. Liam Payne is an excellent liar. He is fully training to deal with the press and he has had years of experience to perfect pushing the official narrative. Liam saved 1D from embarrassment time and time again in interviews. So, why are people surprised that he is so good at convincing people of a narrative that is favorable to Simon and company? He smiles a lot and moves his hands and talks really fast, and tries to end on an emotional note to distract people into cooing or laughing with him. It’s all about misdirection. Has anyone stopped to wonder why Liam, who is on a radio tour to promote his upcoming album, has spent almost no time actually talking about his music? Maybe it’s because the entire point of his current stuntlationship is to promote a certain washed up girlbander with a nasty past who has convenient ties to good ol Simon, and who is probably going to be working on some music of her own in the near future. What better way to break into uncharted territory (the United States) than to ride on the coat tails of an attractive young singer who is destined for great things.

In conclusion, take care of yourself. Think for yourself. Take everything with a grain of salt. Don’t let current disappointments distract you from the truth.

Oh and buy Strip That Down! Liam isn’t responsible for his nasty narrative; we all know he loves Zayn more than anyone.

Louis is GAY, whether he dates Eleanor, Danielle or the queen
Louis is not straight, whether he has baby ( he doesn’t ) from Briana, or he snogs his gf or whatever tf they would show us
He is fucking gay and in love with harry
He fucking denied it and we didnt believe it, do u really think that drowning him in fuckin gf will make us magically do !! Really !!
No so stop this fucked up shit and let him hold his boy’s hand in public and let us all be happy


Y'all I have been thinking like what if Harry’s song woman is about him warning Louis’s beards like the lyric “ I’m selfish I know but I don’t ever want to see you with him” it’s like he telling them he hates to see Louis with them or “ I told you but I know you never listen” he tells them to stay away from Louis but obviously they don’t and it kills him and my favourite lyric “ he’s right where I should, where I should be” in this lyric he is saying that Louis should be with him and not with any of those beards.


p.s :wether the theory is right or wrong …Louis is NOT a dad and #babygate is real 😎

(thx to @m3llybaby cuz her post made me think of tammi could be freddie'mom ..maybe who knows!👀)

🔴🔵⚪ Harry tweeted “Beach, don’ kill my vibes) in 6 Feb. 2016 … & We know that tammi’s name on IG is ( beachgirlxo) !!! Is he was threwing shade at the real mother ???! 👀

some of y’all: zerrie is goalz, louis and briana are so cute together!!

Next week. the same people: zigi is the ultimate power couple! Louis and danielle look amazing, they’re adorablez!

next month: zayn & blank are my otpz! louis & blank are my favz, I love this couple!!

*me since the beginning*: ziam is real, larry is real, i’m chill