larry beale


Okay… Hear me out.

There are immense similarities between Pitch Perfect and Orange Is The New Black characters…

Beca Mitchell is Alex Vause: Dark and mysterious (but she takes off her glasses to see she was beautiful the whole time). Rebel without a cause. Protects those they love at all costs. Total badass. Secretly huge softies for the ones they love.

Fat Amy is Taystee: Life of the party. Can always count on them for an awesome one-liner. Very expressive. Uses deflection as a protection mechanism.

Chloe Beale is Stella: Crazy piercing eyes. Confident about…. all that. Shall I count the ways?

Stacie is Nicky: Flirty. Makes no apologies for who they are they. Sex-crazy. Fun.

And of course, Jesse is Larry: Annoying… Unlikeable…. Hoping they vanish for the third installment (seemed to work in Larry’s case).

The list goes on and on…