larry be brave

“Yeah, we did. Harry, are you… crying?”
“Piss off, Lou. You’re such a little shit sometimes. Don’t ruin the moment.”

If you thought I cried then you are absolutely right. Such a great way to end their tour. And did you see how excited Harry was to hug his Louis? They waited 3 years until they can finally hug in public. Such a brave couple. :’)


title: a long way down (to the bottom of the river)

author: mediawhore

pairing: harry styles/louis tomlinson

word count: 24k


“ Most people would call Harry silly for believing in curses. Childish would also be a probable insult thrown his way. In their little town full of little people, Harry’s whimsical nature and beliefs mean that he’s subjected to frequent judgemental looks and whispers. It doesn’t usually bother him. Most people don’t know about the magic thrumming through his veins or about how powerful words can truly be. Most people don’t carry around their ancestors grief like a burden. They don’t have to pay for deeds hundreds of years old like Harry and his family have. They get to love freely without fear.
Harry and his kin aren’t so lucky.” 
a practical magic au in which Harry and his sister accidentally kill her abusive boyfriend with magic and Louis is the D.I working the case. 

AO3 // fanmix 

written for the lovely painting–words ‘s birthday. i hope you enjoy it xx

Harry and Louis are the Stevie and Lindsey of the mermaid-tattoo-era stadium-rock eye-contact game. Louis’ eyes are dark, intense, controlling, with a surly “damn your love, damn your life” edge. Harry’s eyes say “I hear the darkness you’re expressing and it’s important to me but my heart tells me to twirl right now,” so he twirls and touches his hair. The brooding look vs. the beatific twirl. When one of them gets happy, the other gets wistful. When one of them gets bitchy, the other gets sugary. I could watch them sing together for hours. I could probably watch them do laundry for hours. (I doubt they do laundry.)
shout out larry blogs for staying strong.....

for getting abusive anons …

getting hate and bully asks…

getting harassment….from antis and media…

i salute all larry blogs for showing how much we love 1d and others…

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sorry if i miss anyone for tagging coz its my first time tagging …i just want to give them big appreciation and how strong and brave larries are coz every day they get blames and negative treatment but still staying strong and believing in love…..




Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice (2016)

Director - Zack Snyder, Cinematography - Larry Fong

“You’re not brave… men are brave. You say that you want to help people, but you can’t feel their pain… their mortality… it’s time you learn what it means to be a man.” Batman

“All this time I’ve been living my life the way my father saw it. Righting wrongs for a ghost, thinking I’m here to do good. Superman was never real. Just the dream of a farmer from Kansas.” Superman

Louis is the one that is so brave. Harry is the one that you can’t change.
—  On Thursday, August 20th. 2015, both boys proved exactly this. First, Harry had his wonderful rainbow mug, proving that he can’t change. And then Louis sang, “I have loved him since we were 18,” proving that he is so so brave. I am so proud of my boys for remaining strong, brave and true every moment of every day since 2010.