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Crashing Sam x Fred episode 5 spoilers Please watch this show.

Poor Fred omg. This hurt to see this precious cinnamon roll hurt like this. I knew Will was not sticking around and was very controlling, but so is Sam he too feels like he owns Fred. Sam seems to be struggling with his sexuality or feelings for Fred. I haven’t seen many true gay for you story lines on TV or movies, so I’m hopeful but realistic that Sam may be pan, bi, or bi curious. We as the audience know Sam feels some kind of way for Fred but we’re just as confused as to what degree. Sam has sex, he doesn’t do feelings, mature adult relationships, or monogamy. Fred took him by surprise. After his kiss with Will, which he used to flush out Will’s true nature, and a way to get Fred away from Will, I’ve come to believe Will did nothing for Sam, he was doing the most just to keep Fred to himself. Sam doesn’t (for now) want a sexual relationship with Fred but a romantic friendship, but doesn’t realize he wants romantic and is fighting that notion even now. Which makes me feel Sam is Demiromantic with grey fluid overtones. 

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The dialogue tries to say he’s gay, but I’m sure he isn’t. Reasons I feel Sam is clearly confused. He’s very used to being an object of desire for all sexes so Fred’s earlier interest wasn’t a shock to him because like Sam says, everyone wants to fuck him. His talk with Lulu after sex he was clearly trying to work out his sexuality and of course how he can expose Will for who he believes he is so he can keep Fred to himself. More thoughts on Sam when it comes to Fred dating, he seems fine with Fred having flings like he does, nothing that sticks around, but Will seemed like a serious relationship and Sam was not ok with that. Sam’s thought was, you want to go fuck some guys great, I’ll go fuck some girls, but then you and I will end up in bed together watching romcom’s and my hands always all over you while saying sweet nothings, using crude words and innuendos, and giving you sweet pet names with aggressive sexual overtones when it comes to physically interacting with you  …Sam common buddy!😏 

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Sam is a loner, but is desperate for human companionship and was surprised to enjoy that with Fred. They both bond over losing their fathers. It seems Sam isn’t the type to want to share his life with anyone or for someone to care so much about him for all of who he is, then in walks Fred and Sam is smitten and doesn’t even know it, and now he’s confused. Sam’s a brat, a knotty lil thing. He’ll con and flirt his way with anyone to have his way. All sorts of messes and mischief. He’s a bad bad boy, and a lover, he loves the ladies, so having these feelings for a fella out of nowhere is strange and new for him. He’s clearly sensitive though, and doesn’t have as much luck with the ladies as he puts on. He’s a narcissist, with delusions of grandeur, but needs constant validation, and isn’t as confident as he seems. He truly believes he can be just friends with Fred, but he even can see he can’t keep his hands off Fred, and even feels the need to mount him and show his dominance over him, something I’m sure Sam isn’t used to with any woman even. Sam’s crude, rude, and likes to shag, but he’ll wank alone if he wants too, which seems often. He’s a secret closet romantic, his love of flowers and romantic comedies. No woman has ever brought out or has seen this side of him, nor even man, but Fred. He connects with Fred on a romantic level and doesn’t realize it. I’m intrigued by this relationship, the reason I even watch the show, I could care less about the other characters, I want Sam and Fred to have their own show, six episodes just isn’t enough, and I hope there’s a series two. It’s so rare to have a true Gay For You story on TV instead of books. London spy was the closest I’ve ever come to one and it was magic despite tragic. Please writers understand sexuality is grey and not go with the typical labeling of things, Sam does not need to be gay to Love Fred.

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On this day in music history: March 22, 1975 - “Shining Star” by Earth, Wind & Fire hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 2 weeks, also topping the Hot 100 for 1 week on May 24, 1975. Written by Maurice White, Larry Dunn and Philip Bailey, it is the first chart topping single for the R&B/Funk band led by drummer and vocalist Maurice White. While Earth, Wind & Fire are recording at the Caribou Ranch Recording Studio up in the Colorado Rockies in the Fall and Winter of 1974, White comes up with the initial idea for the song while looking up at the night sky and seeing a bright star shining down. Keyboardist Larry Dunn and vocalist Philip Bailey also assist in writing “Shining Star”, working out the chord structure and writing the lyrics. After three weeks recording basic tracks at Caribou, the band then go to L.A. to record overdubs and mix the record at Hollywood Sound and Sunset Sound with engineer George Massenburg. Originally a live sound man for the band Little Feat, Massenburg plays a vital role in Earth, Wind & Fire’s success, bringing invaluable technical expertise and masterfully capturing the bands dynamic sound during the recording and mixing process. The song is originally recorded as to end on a fade, but Massenburg creates the distinctive acapella cold ending, by taking vocals from the chorus, copying them from the 24-track master to another tape and cutting them together.  "Shining Star" is released as the first single from Earth, Wind & Fire’s breakthrough album “That’s The Way Of The World” in late January of 1975. The songs positive and inspirational message about reaching one’s potential along with its unstoppable groove, is an immediate hit on R&B, Top 40 pop, and FM rock radio driving both the single and album to number one. The single wins Earth, Wind & Fire their first Grammy Award for Best R&B Vocal Performance By A Duo Or Group in 1976, and is inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 2008. “Shining Star” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.


Selena and I did this shoot in her backyard after work a couple weeks ago. We finished work early and it was a beautiful day. I always have my camera with me so we decided to take some pictures just for fun. Selena styled herself, I did the makeup, and we used natural light. It was just the two of us, but we wanted it to be radiant and sexy.❞ 

Jake Bailey about Selena Gomez

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