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Day 10 OTP Challenge: 50′s Version of Them

OR - Louis and Harry wearing ‘I Love Lucy’ dresses I liked the look of, which came out in the 50′s. Sorry it was a bit of a reach, but I had a LOT of fun with this one.


WATCH PENN ZERO SEASON 2 / JULY 10th on Disney XD! Here’s some VisDev from 2011/2012

Larry was a lot of fun to develop - and we landed on him pretty quickly. Pete Oswald landed on his attitude and outfit, and glasses early. Then Joe Moshier refined it, under my direction - ultimately he became more of a classic round and cute Disney character (visually)… Though I feel like he is very unique when you combine his visuals with the voice acting, and how we write him…

Funny story: we named him Larry and completed his final design in full color before casting Larry Wilmore. And Larry was the last to come in, on the very last day of auditions. And BAM! We had Larry. I loved Wilmore on the Daily Show, and was pretty sure he would perfect. The same way he would undermine Jon Stewart on that show… I thought he would have a similar relationship with Rippen - but quite different, more pushed and a different dynamic entirely… But that was my inspiration for asking Wilmore to come in - and it worked out great. He’s such a great improvisor. That original audition was partial inspiration for Larry’s tendency to just go on and on about whatever topic is on his mind, at any given moment.


After so long, I’ve made my first animation.

I know it’s not perfect, there’s so much I can improve on, but for my first animation, I’m pretty proud of how this came out. :)