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The Midheaven: How You Will Be Remembered

The Midheaven (MC) is commonly thought to describe one’s career path. Although this is a decent indicator of one’s overall path, it can be hard to relate to a specific career so early in one’s life. So, if you don’t relate to your Midheaven like, “Oh, you have a MC in Aries, so you’re probably going to be a police officer, solider, or athlete" then maybe try thinking of the Midheaven as how you will be remembered or what you are generally associated with. (Always trust your dominant sign to describe you the most- *a post similar to this coming soon)
✨No matter what career you decide, you will be remembered by your peers, co-workers, friends, and family by traits from the sign, aspects*, and planets* bestowed upon your 10th House.✨

♈ Aries MC: will be remembered for their courage, boldness, intimidating/unsettling nature, and/or originality.
(ex. Stephen King, Meryl Streep, Kanye West, Joan of Arc, Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie, Madalyn Murry O'Hair, Pablo Picasso, Rachel Maddow, Will Smith, Franz Kafka, Tyra Banks, Aleister Crowley, Tina Fey, Francisco de Goya, Julia Roberts, Chris Farley, Joseph Goebbels, Marvin Gaye, Iggy Pop, Kate Moss, Alfred Hitchcock, George Wallace, Hank Williams, Ayn Rand, Rob Zombie, Alexandre Dumas, John Steinbeck, Anne Frank, Twiggy, Jack Black, William Blake, Celine Dion, Galileo Galilei, Al Gore, Emmylou Harris, Las Vegas-Nevada, Manhattan-New York)

♉ Taurus MC: will be remembered for their extravagant style or possessions, their values, and/or “diva” attitude.

(ex. Henry VIII, Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Tina Turner, Pope Francis, Jackie Robinson, Selena Gomez, Drake, Donald Trump, Freddie Mercury, Agatha Christie, Muhammad Ali, Frida Kahlo, O. J. Simpson, Justin Timberlake, Marlene Dietrich, Malala Yousafzai, Christopher Columbus, Michael Bay, Luciano Pavarotti, Nicole Richie, Woody Allen, Marilyn Manson, Maya Angelou, Martin Scorsese, Bernie Madoff, Ringo, Josephine Baker, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sarah Palin, Josh Groban, Chris Brown, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Norway)

♊ Gemini MC: will be remembered for/through words (writing, phrase, acting, thoughts, speech), their cleverness,
and/or mental/emotional detachment.

(ex. Jean-Jaques Rousseau, Albert Camus, Madonna, J.R.R. Tolkein, Donna Summer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Chelsea Handler, Alex Trebek, Kurt Cobain, Julie Andrews, Oscar Wilde, Jay-Z, Richard Nixon, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Tom Hanks, Kris Jenner, Walt Disney, Miss Cleo, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Hugh Hefner, Lizzie Borden, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Kathy Bates, Winston Churchill, Melissa Ethridge, Ernest Hemingway, Margaret Mitchell, Paul Simon, Greece, Tokyo-Japan)

♋ Cancer MC: will be remembered for their emotional impact, sensitivity, and/or parental care/control.

(ex. Beyoncé, Matamha Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, Venus Williams, Britney Spears, Arthur Rimbaud, Elizabeth Warren, Denzel Washington, Jeffery Dahmer, Sun Yet-sen, Bob Hope, Stevie Wonder, Anderson Cooper, Cat Stevens, Anna Nicole Smith, Joe Jonas, Rock Hudson, Alice Cooper, Woodrow Wilson, Barbara Walters, T. S. Elliot, Coretta Scott King, Albert Schweitzer, Ted Cruz, Monica Lewinsky, H.P. Lovecraft, Anaïs Nin, Katie Couric, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Carole King, Neil Diamond, Harper Lee, Giacomo Puccini, Sidney Poitier, September 11 attacks, United Kingdom)

♌ Leo MC: will be remembered for their theatrics, arrogance/vanity, power, and/or regality.

(ex. Grace Kelly, Prince, Isaac Newton, Adolf Hitler, Katy Perry, Charlie Chaplin, Aretha Franklin, Sigmund Freud, Jacqueline Onassis-Kennedy, Stanley Kubrick, Courtney Love, Mark Twain, Chaka Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, Kathy Griffin, Jim Carrey, Alfred Nobel, Eric Clapton, Annie Oakley, Martha Stewart, Divine, Louis Pasteur, Robin Williams, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Chuck Berry, Vladimir Putin, Clint Eastwood, Missy Elliot, Frank Sinatra, Mel B, Edgar Allan Poe, Los Angeles-CA)

♍ Virgo MC: will be remembered for their scandals/controversy, never-ending toil, physicality/health and/or attention to detail.

(ex. Hillary Clinton, Bruce Lee, Kim Kardashian, Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Pitt, Nelson Mandela, Bette Davis, Justin Bieber, Elvis Presley, Erykah Badu, Jimmy Page, Eartha Kitt, Leonardo de Vinci, Bob Marley, Joan Crawford, Margaret Thatcher, Eminem, Friedrich Nietzsche, David Lynch, Chaz Bono, Marlon Brando, Björk, Ozzy Osborne, Emily Brontë, Bernie Sanders, Georgia O'Keeffe, Diana Ross, Kahlil Gibran, Russia, United States)

♎ Libra MC: will be remembered for their inner/outer beauty, adaptability, and/or desire for or appearance of stability.

(ex. Elton John, Jane Goodall, Malcolm X, Coco Channel, Kylie Jenner, Ronald Reagan, Princess Diana, Michelangelo, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Dylan, Winona Ryder, Jimi Hendrix, Mother Teresa, Elizabeth Taylor, Cristiano Ronaldo, Angela Merkel, Tom Brokaw, Alan Watts, Charles Darwin, Brigitte Bardot, Patti Smith, Chuck Norris, Linda Lovelace, Ray Charles, Lionel Messi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Lewis Carroll, Noam Chomsky, Lucille Ball, Venice-Italy)

♏ Scorpio MC: will be remembered for their physical attractiveness, taboo activities/topics, and/or natural talent.

(ex. James Joyce, Billie Holiday, Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, Carrie Fisher, Jim Morrison, Selena, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Queen Elizabeth II, Ariana Grande, Marie Curie, Anthony Hopkins, René Descartes, Nina Simone, Willem Dafoe, Paul Newman, Mariska Hargitay, Thomas Jefferson, Ray Bradbury, Joseph Stalin, Larry King, Duke Ellington, Joan Jett, Buddy Holly, Megan Fox, Johnny Knoxville, Daniel Day-Lewis, Gwen Stefani, Francis Ford Coppola, Sophia Loren, Marcus Aurelius, China)

♐ Sagittarius MC: will be remembered for their joviality​, reckless/wild free spirit, sense of humor, and/or philosophy/spirituality.

(ex. Al Capone, Deepok Chopra, Shia LaBeouf, Audrey Hepburn, Harvey Milk, Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Bettie Page, Pablo Neruda, J. K. Rowling, Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, Henry David Thoreau, Adele, Janis Joplin, Maximilien Robespierre​, Ellen Pompeo, Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney, Evel Knievel, Bruno Mars, Jimmy Fallon, Peggy Lipton, Karl Marx, George Takei, Ryan Gosling, Whoopi Goldberg, Vincent Price, Rio de Janeiro-Brazil)

♑ Capricorn MC: will be remembered for their accomplishments/legacy, conquering of odds, and/or persistence.

(ex. Martin Luther King Jr., George Washington, Rihanna, Isadora Duncan, Benjamin Franklin, James Dean, Nikola Tesla, John D. Rockefeller, Serena Williams, Joan Baez, Snoop Dogg, Alexander the Great, Barbara Streisand, Ron Howard, Stevie Nicks, Bette Midler, Joan Rivers, Immanuel Kant, Queen Latifah, Johann Sebastian Bach, Walt Whitman, Che Guevara, Liza Minnelli, Amelia Earhart, Mariah Carey, John Lennon, George Lucas, Donatella Versace, Louis Armstrong, Pakistan)

♒ Aquarius MC: will be remembered for their rebellious nature, involvement in a social organization/group​, and/or unpredictability.

(ex. Miley Cyrus, Tim Burton, Voltaire, Mick Jagger, Carl Sagan, Rita Hayworth, Neil Armstrong, Amy Winehouse, Pamela Anderson, Carlos Santana, Edward Snowden, Leo Tolstoy, Mae West, Orson Welles, Charlie Sheen, Eva Peron, Miles Davis, Bruce Springsteen, Johann Kepler, Suddam Hussein, Ruby Rose, Gerard Way, Helen Mirren, Howard Stern, Arthur Conan Doyle, Mary Shelley, George R. R. Martin, Kristen Stewart, Jean Piaget, Ronda Rousey, Willow Smith, Florida, India)

♓ Pisces MC: will be remembered for their delusional optimism, supernatural success, and/or they are often idolized
(ex. Vincent Van Gogh, Albert Einstein, Irene Cara, Cher, Salvador Dalí, William Shakespeare, Edie Sedgwick, Fidel Castro, Lady Gaga, Dalai Lama XIV, Steven Spielberg, George Michael, Marie Antoinette, RuPaul, Judy Garland, Michael Phelps, Sally Ride, John Cena, William Faulkner, Victoria Beckham, Lee Harvey Oswald, Douglas Adams, Jean Renoir, Buzz Aldrin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Farrah Fawcett, Osama bin Laden, Sam Cooke, Michael Jordan, Switzerland, North Korea)

illuminati confirmed.

Bryan(luke’s girlfriends ex boyfriend)  is the boy version of Bryana. Bryana has 6 letters.

6 upside down is a 9.

9 divided by 3 is 3.

Guess what has 3 sides?

 The T R I A N G L E!!!

I think I’ve said enough.

Non spoiler review:

This movie is Dc Comics heaven!
Go to a theatre near you to see how cheerful and excited the audiences are watching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

This is the first adult superhero film.
The greatest superhero film you’ll ever see. The only thing that can beat this is the Justice League when it comes out.
The film has several easter eggs and lives up to its title.

Since we are a very easy community to be part of. You’ll want to be part of the excitement. If you have doubts after watching this film or felt it was average. It means you didn’t understand some parts of it. Just talk to your friends who are dc comic book readers or hardcore dc fans and we’ll tell you what you missed.

The pen is not mightier than laser vision or batarang or the lasso of truth. Publications who have decided to stoop low and write negative reviews remember it just takes your cheap notepad, shit tab and discount glasses of supermarket liquor.
It took thousands of hardworking filmmakers to make this beautiful film. And you can’t make one. So don’t write rubbish to get hits to your websites because your hardcopies are decaying on store shelves.

Fans are already proving publications and their reviews wrong. Way to go fans!

Spoiler review coming soon on The Hollywood Guys


hi. idk if any of you actually care about who controls 5sos but I’m telling you all the shit about modest today! i genuinely wish I had a contract of theirs to shove in your face. But I can’t. Here’s just some bits and pieces about 5SOS & Modest.

they control their social media. (The pr team does) we basically don’t know whether it’s 5sos or the pr team. I can tell you one thing though; it’s barely 5sos.

interviews. again, they have a pr team on hand, they’re always with them. interviews aren’t scripted or anything, but people are there to choose what things to take out. like if one of them said something like, “I like guys.” (say it directly, not imply it) The pr team would step in and tell the interview to cut that part out.

MODEST CONTROLS WHAT THEY DO. Usually, they’re (5SOS) sent to places, keep in mind, management doesn’t give a flying fuck about its clients. Sometimes it goes as far as choosing what they wear.

5SOS are forced to tour, promote, and produce music until their contract ends.

Look I’m not going In much depth about what management does, they’re control freaks. That’s all I can possibly say without you doubting me. It’s your choice whether to believe me or not.


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It took a while for me to do, but here it is, finally!!~

Congratulations, Game Grumps, on reaching 3 million subscribers! You guys have grown so much ever since Arin and Jon started up the channel, and I can’t wait to see how much more the family will grow <3

Keep up the great work, and I hope to stay as one of the increasing 3 million until the day you all retire. c:

thet0mm0way / winterlarrieland Holiday and 1k follow forever

I can’t even believe that 1k+ of you follow me because all I do is click that reblog button. But you all deserve recognition so here is a follow forever.

❤️  Drunk Grandmas!  ❤️

❤️  @snowflarry : Audrey, I cannot even believe how close we’ve gotten this year. You have been there for me when I didn’t think I had anyone else. Even from hundreds of miles away, you comfort me, make me laugh, and of course indulge my 1d and Larry craziness. Love you to the moon and back. P.S. I ship AUDRIAM so hard. 

❤️  @christmashoranments : Sarah. Oh my. Where do I even begin? You have provided me with so much wisdom and adult advice. You are life goals, tbh. Thank you so much for always being there, welcoming me to a gc I didn’t feel welcomed in and until now, you still respect my opinions and never make me feel bad for anything. Love you so much! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE EDIT FOR THIS FF! And of course, you and Niall still make the hottest couple.

🌸  irl friends  🌸

🌸 @curlsandvans : I know you still live like 7 hours away but I feel like you’re an irl friend because we’ve met like twice and spent time with each other in a prolonged period of time. Plus, WE FUCKING SAW ONE DIRECTION TOGETHER and it’s a memory that I will never forget. P.S. WHEN IS THE MICHOLE WEDDING??!!

🌸 @booksandchocolatesmears​ : Sam, you are my actual roommate and I love you and even though we aren’t in the same tumblr world, you still tag me in things and make me happy and duh ilysm. OH AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING MY BLOG ROLL OUT LOUD SO I CAN JUST TYPE IT ON TO THIS MASSIVE FF.

🌸  @urthepineappleofmyeye : Ydrisse, you are my ACTUAL sister!


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