larry & steve


*Slinks in* *Drops this* *Slinks out*

SO like, in my heart Harry is Ernest’s fave and he was absolutely obsessed with his hair and loved that they matched. SO he’s devastated when H cuts his. Think that clip from 1dday where the kid said he didn’t like harry’s clothes and he poorly pretended to laugh it off while obviously being deeply insulted. That sh*t is my jam. 



(full-size the pics they’re much better)

  • Harry: From now on, we'll be using codenames. You will address me as "Eagle 1."
  • Harry: Zayn: Codename. "Been There, Done That."
  • Harry: Louis is "Currently Doing That."
  • Harry: Liam is "It Happened Once In A Dream."
  • Harry: Niall. Codename: "If I Had To Pick Another Dude."
  • Harry: Steve is...
  • Harry: "Eagle 2."
  • Steve: Oh, thank god.
  • [Later, James walks into the room]
  • Harry: "I'd Be Lying If I Said I Hadn't Thought About It" is in position.
Dating Ahkmenrah Would Include

you all asked for a new one !

- you sitting beside his sarcophagus, waiting for him to awake from his slumber
- “good morning, ahky..”
- “good evening, my princess”
- him taking off his golden headpiece, placing it on top of your head, helping you balance to the weight of it
- listening to the stories he’s experienced in ancient egypt
- “what happens if i see you next and you’re gone?”
- “i swear to the name in ra, i will never leave you.”
- you begging to know actual age
- him retelling the story of how you met, you thinking he was an actor at the night exhibits
- “goodnight, ahkmenrah..”
- “good morning, y/n..”


Iconic age gaps.

Manhattan - dir. Woody Allen - 1979

Trainspotting - dir. Danny Boyle - 1996

Ghost World - dir. Terry Zwigoff - 2001

Léon - dir. Luc Besson - 1994

Whatever Works - dir. Woody Allen - 2009

American Beauty - dir. Sam Mendes - 1999

Makes a deal with the devil

Devil: What is it you desire?

Me: My ships to become canon.

Devil: Nah, hell nah bitch i can’t help you there, but with the shit you’ve been reading I’ll still see you in hell.

(disappears back to hell)

Me: Well, shit.