larries really have brainwashed their followers if they really think

anonymous asked:

It's incredible how larries see themselves as the biggest lgbtq supporters of all time and how they respect every gender with its particularities and defend every person's right to express themselves in every way that makes them comfortable w/o being labeled AND YET they're freaking out over Harry's nails 'cause somehow that makes him totally gay 'cause you know, that's something 100% feminine and no other man has ever worn. Marilyn Manson wears nail polish & make up > scary. Harry Styles > gay.

Like I have to say I honestly find a lot of talk about Harry’s “defying of gender norms” to be incredibly cringe worthy, mostly because he barely does anything at all and one segment of the fandom will wank itself to death over it like it’s a groundbreaking event like man’s first step on the moon.

Growing up this was literally my crush:

Notice the worn down polish? The defiance of gender norms?

My first highschool boyfriend wore nail varnish AND eyeliner. A true rebel of our times. 

This is so minimum bar effort for me.

I think it’s cute and it works on him and all, but the absolute wankathon the Larries hold over these things is just bizarre to me. Nobody I knew acted like Kurt Cobain was the most gender defying male celebrity of all time. Nobody still acts like he was. And on top of varnish and eyeliner, he wore dresses in his music videos and photoshoots and on tour. 

So I’m like… this is what we get worked up with? It’s nice and all, but it just makes me feel like I’m old.