Day 018: “The proper study of mankind is books.”

That is what Aldous Huxley said. And I agree with him (obviously). Like little nerds we are, me and @lezlie808 like to “study” in the library before class. You can’t overdose on knowledge, well actually you could but that’s beside the point. (:

M; 18mm; 1/15; f5.6; ISO 320

Day 062: “Disney Dishes”

Mom was fixing, cleaning, and rearranging our kitchen cabinets and such, and look what she found! This is so awesome. I never knew we had these so they are probably as old as me, maybe even older. I really hope we keep these because these are just too good to let get rid off.

M; 18mm; 1/20; f5.6; ISO 800

larrawr asked:

First of all, I love your url. Second, I love how you have a page for the list of albums and ep's of Ed. That is so nice and convenient for me, like thank you so much. You are perfect.

Aww aw thank you - And no problem! It’s good for reference and all that and so everyone can appreciate all of Eds music. Thank YOU so much. You’re lovely and this ask has made me smile :’) x

larrawr asked:

OMG I LOVE ALL YOUR POSTS ABOUT DOCTOR WHO ETC ETC. Don't. Stop. (: Allons-y, your admirer from afar :P

Awww :D this just put the **biggest** smile on my face! Thank you soo much lovely! I love your posts too, and no im not just saying that :3 

Day 006: “Moon”

The sky looked so beautiful that I just had to take a picture oh it. I just love all the different hues from purple, pink, orange, yellow, then blue. And the white dot right there, that’s the moon.

35mm; ½; f6.3; ISO 250

Day 035: “A Coconut is Not a Nut”

Went to the Swap Meet today. I remember drinking a coconut when I was younger at the old swap meet location, so this brought me back so much memories. You like?

M; 40mm; 1/100; f5.6; ISO 200

Day 002: “A Walk In The Clouds”

Sometimes I like to just go in my backyard, lay on the grass and just watch the clouds. I love doing this when the sky is very blue and the clouds are just right. It’s very peaceful until the bugs come out or the mosquitoes bite me.

18mm; 1/1600; f6.3; ISO 200

Day 019: “Paper Problem”

So Been Franklin has this really great sale going on and it includes some of their scrap-booking papers. And by some, I mean really good ones. I had a whole bunch, but then I narrowed it down to my favorite 14 that I couldn’t leave without. Yes you could say I have a paper problem because I still have two cases full of other scrapbook paper, but more paper means more options and designs for more cards. So overall, this purchase was a win/win. (:

M; 30mm; 1/10; f4.5; ISO 400

Day 100: “iPhone Case”

My cases finally came in the mail today! So happy. I was using my cousin’s case he lent me, but now I have two to call my own. This is one of them. I plan to use the other one later as a back-up. But I love this design. I get very indecisive when it comes to accessories (or anything for that matter), but when I saw this style I knew I just had to get it. Thank goodness there is such a thing as! :D

M; 34mm; 1/15; f5.6; ISO 800; Bounced Flash

Day 140: “Justin Nozuka”

Went to the Justin Nozuka concert tonight. It. Was. Awesome!!!! Gosh, I’ve been so starstuck and smitten. He was really good (not to mention also really really good looking). He’s just so raw and better live.  Also, his drummer Alex is really good and good looking as well. They are both so nice and geniune people. I still can’t believe I met them! I used Bertha (my Instax) and had them sign their pictures, as well as my concert ticket. Did I also mention that I got Justin’s set-list? Yeah, I got that too. Overall, a really good night. (:

M; 18mm; 1/13; f5; ISO 1600

Day 089: “Wall”

Finally fixed my wall! For the longest time some photographs were missing because they fell, so I finally put them back up and added some new pictures! I want to try to put pictures all the way to my ceiling, but that would be hard to maintain. And I’m short and scared of heights so that work very well. Oh well, this is good enough for me. Let’s see how long this will last before they start falling off again.

M; 24mm; 1/25; f6.3; ISO 800; bounced flash

Day 038: “Yes we’ve been here before”

So today we planned to go snorkeling, but the weather told us otherwise. Even though it was a little rainy and cloudy, we decided to go along with our plans of snorkeling. Along with the kinda rough current, the combination of cold wind and ocean water made us call it a day after about an hour. It was still fun nonetheless.

M; 18mm; 1/800; f5.6; ISO 200