larp faerie


Fire Elemental rules trial.
Swordcraft has a variety of different magics, and at the moment they’re trailing the rules for Fire Elementals and Summoners. I jumped at the chance to try something new and different, so a few of us decided to make costumes on Wednesday for the following Friday night battle game. During game play an Elemental must be summoned by another player - the summoner (the only way they are active to fight) and one of the rules states that the summoner must use a glowing plasma ball as a summoning prop. I spent a good 4 hours running around the city on Friday desperately trying to find some for us. Thank you Australia Geographic.

I ended up having to change summoners half way through the night for various reasons, so I was lucky enough to experience a variety of game play. I have to admit, even though I could “die”, I felt pretty invincible. Playing this particular character means a LOT of cardio as you must be constantly moving and running for your target. If I had known I was coming down with tonsillitis (thanks world) I probably woudln’t have put my body through such a physical beating, but I had so much fun I barely noticed how exhausted I was. For my Swordcraft followers, I super recommend giving it a go! And I’m sorry if you became one of my many victims *cough*@andrethesmall*cough*, but choosing targets wasn’t up to me!

10/10 LARP experience. Would flame again.


“Evo Lu’Shin” 

It’s neat to see how my technique has changed, and how Lu’Shin has evolved. I like seeing what has stayed/gone over the last two or so years - but also what has been modified/improved upon. The starry eyes are a Plot effect, and will likely be gone/return back to the white markings in November. I’m going to miss it! But not the time it takes to get it *just right*.  

Pro tip: foundation and setting powder are your friends. I used to use barrier spray, but it irritated my skin, and if sprayed too close, the liquid made some of my water-based makeup run.