FCI Tallahassee is a minimum security federal prison for women, located in Tallahassee, Leon County Florida. The facility has a capacity for 1,100 inmates, but currently houses about 830, with an adjacent facility for male inmates in administrative segregation.

In 2005, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice began an 8 month undercover operation to investigate the alleged corruption of six correctional officers. It was discovered that these officers routinely smuggled in contraband (drugs, alcohol and cash) to give to inmates in exchange for sexual favors, and also received cash from friends and families of the inmates as bribes. Inmates were coerced into remaining silent about sexual activity and contraband by the guards, who threatened them with being moved to distant facilities away from their families if they told anyone. Furthermore, the inmate’s phone calls were actively monitored “for the purpose of intimidating and identifying inmates who were disclosing criminal conduct to other persons”.

On June 21st, 2006 FBI and DOJ agents arrived at the facility with arrest warrants, having concluded their investigation. They entered the lobby of the main building, and were met by Ralph Hill, one of the officers they intended to arrest. Hill opened fire on the federal agents using his personal handgun, killing DOJ employee William “Buddy” Sentner. A lieutenant with the FBI was shot and injured, but survived. Hill was shot by federal agents and died of his injuries. The other officers named in the investigation were arrested and pled not guilty at arraignment, and later accepted plea bargains in which they pled guilty to fraud and smuggling, but not to rape or sexual assault. They were given suspended sentences and were no longer allowed to work for the Federal Bureau of prisons.

Colleen LaRose, referred to as “Jihad Jane” and “Fatima LaRose” is doing time at FCI Tallahassee for conspiracy to commit murder and providing material support to terrorists. LaRose attempted to recruit young men into waging violent jihad, specifically against the Swedish artist Lars Vilks, famous for being the target of extremists after drawing a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad. LaRose was sentenced to ten years and is due to be released in 2018.

What I especially love about #Zude is that the actors really give their all. Adam and Brent go into all intimacy 100%. Sometimes there is awkwardness but only when it’s awkward between Jude and Zero.

The kisses are done like hetero ones and - except for the one scene where both emerge from their blanket (what was that about? they would never do Sims-Sex with a hetero couple) - there is no holding back in the representation of their relationship.

As James LaRose said, they are the most healthy relationship on that show. They talk to each other, they cuddle and actually share their lives with each other.

Please don’t read this as bashing (it’s not, I love all the ships) but there is a difference between #Malec (Shadowhunters) and #Coliver (Htgawm). 

Malec is a on a show for a younger audience, less making out. 

With Coliver you can see that the actors are committed but look at the sexy scenes - they keep their distance (no groin touching ;) ). I interpret this as awkwardness. The kisses are hot, I will give you that. 

It’s just that I see more intimacy with Zude. Am I alone on this one?

i borrow my moms bookclub books when she likes them bc she’s incredibly picky with fiction but not for dumb reasons (i’m picky for dumb reasons) & thus the only reviewer i trust & right now i’m reading larose and i keep laughing whenever there’s a particularly good line bc the only time i heard her raise her voice in like the past 6 months was to say to my dad JACK! STOP COMPARING EVERYTHING YOU HAVEN’T READ TO AMY TAN! ERDRICH IS A MASTER OF HER CRAFT (my dad refuses to read the subgenre he calls “bad terrible awful things happen to ethnic women”, obnoxious but relevant here)