larmcchicken replied to your post: Why the hell did I bake a 12-inch red velvet cake…

i want it

starksexual replied to your postWhy the hell did I bake a 12-inch red velvet cake…

send me some

listerinezero replied to your postWhy the hell did I bake a 12-inch red velvet cake…

bring it on over here i’ll eat it

You guys joke about this but if you lot were in Melb I would be doing this every week

I’d just leave baked goods on your doorsteps like a fucking cat bringing back prey

Hey guys, I’m not ignoring you. I’m just mobile and I don’t feel like doing the whole screen shot thing an replying. But anyways:

Khat: Idek at this point. I sign on and nope away. I have to get over this mental block for her.

Carol: I will claim him as my Mommacat. B}

Bobby: /snugs

Shauntae: And I miss Chammy. ;A;

i'm just gonna leave this here
  • barbura gordun:Mysterio and groupie don't fit in the same sentence
  • The Great Mysterio:I know
  • The Great Mysterio:But it'd probably happen
  • barbura gordun:it probs will at some point
  • The Great Mysterio:.-.
  • barbura gordun:tho i can't really see it :l
  • barbura gordun:but just watch one of these days he could have a bastard child of his own
  • barbura gordun:who's secretly a clone
  • barbura gordun:and has a mangina
  • barbura gordun:like ol' greg
  • barbura gordun:.... maybe ol' greg will be his future child
  • barbura gordun:i should shut up
  • The Great Mysterio:I
  • The Great Mysterio:WHAT
  • The Great Mysterio:The Great Mysterio dies
  • The Great Mysterio:I CAN'T QUESTION ANYTHING
  • The Great Mysterio:BECAUSE I'M DEAD
  • The Great Mysterio:YOU KILLED ME
  • barbura gordun:xD

toconjure asked:

Adventure Time

❤ Favorite Male: Hunson Abadeer
❤ Favorite Female: Marceline
❤ Favorite Pairing: Jake/Lady Rainacorn
✖ Least Favorite Character: Princess Bubblegum/Marceline
✔ who’s most like me: Uhhhuhuhhuh iunno. XD
❤ most attractive: N/A
❤ three more characters that I like: Finn, Jake, The Lich