¡Estamos a siete días de que empiece el 5to. Festival Universitario de Fotografía!

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Sure you’ve seen around all the covers of #LARMAGAZINE and said, ‘That’s cool, I’ll check it up later’ and think it is a digital magazine like any other, a pdf on issuu or something. Well no, #LARMAGAZINE is the first interactive digital magazine of contemporary art in Latin America in app format designed for Ipads and Tablets. Reading it’s a whole different experience from any digital or printed magazine you’ve ever seen. You can watch videos, hear the interviews,  visit other pages without leaving the magazine, play a puzzle, have interactive illustrations and best of all, the contents that are outstanding; both artists and the articles published in each issue … you have to know it. Check out how it works in this video and visit for more information

Art, in the case of an artist of any discipline, is a full time job. There are schedules for working, but there are no concrete schedules for the conception or maturation of an idea; what is vulgar and vaguely known as inspiration, correctly designated as an artistic process, materializes in what we know as artistic production, which is different from the “art” concept.
—  Emilio Rangel, Art According to God’s Enlightening

LARMAGAZINE.017 Sense of Humor in Art

Download for IPad and Tablet.