The response to the speculative post Jasika Who? in which the actor Jasika Nicole would be portraying the title character in the 50 years-running science fiction television series that I made in the form of a faux news leak was heartening to witness. A lot of people were excited to think the new Doctor would be an African American woman.

Before this goes further a short diversion and a shout to Alkonium of DeviantArt, who designed the alternative Doctor Who logo I used last week. When I saw it I knew it was great for  what I was trying to do, I just added some lens flare for the faux site because that’s how the pros do it. The design is graceful and pretty and would be perfect for a next generation Time Lord. This isn’t a belated “HEY” either, if you look closely at the original post you can see the designer of the new “official” Doctor Who logo is credited on the faux screen shot image.

Rather quickly Jasika Nicole herself responded to the faux “leaked” article, slamming a halt to such speculation with humor layered by her reality. If any fans of both Doctor Who and Ms. Nicole were saddened by the revelation I apologize. It was done for the fun of writing, larkz and to be honest, see how people behaved. I had no doubt how things would turn out and if I bothered Ms. Nicole with it I apologize for that also. 

Would Jasika Nicole be a good choice for the immortal Time Lord? I honestly don’t know. I’m only familiar with her work on Fringe. On the science fiction show Fringe she played Astrid Farnsworth, a junior and relatively inexperienced FBI agent. In the show her role was that of a monitor and assistant to a character that was mentally disturbed. She was a brilliant, able scientist and agent but her job was to be calm, patient and act as a guiding influence when her charge acted out.

This role did not give Ms. Nicole many opportunities to stretch as a dramatic actor. Most incarnations of the Doctor are physically all over the place, running to and fro, sweeping about making entrances and evoking horror, drama and pathos from the audience. Astrid had to be steady and suffered in silence, Those were some of the traits that defined the character. Not getting to chew scenes because your role is to be calm, reserved and supportive doesn’t get you an Emmy. Likewise the alternate universe version of Astrid, a trope that typically allows an actor to explore the character in different ways did not really offer that either, as Alt-Astrid was autistic and institutionalized discrimination seemed to be a part of the other universe culture.

Whatever limitations there were on the character of Astrid don’t appear to be from Ms. Nicole but rather caused by the show’s format and the constant specter of looming cancellation. Undoubtedly had Fringe continued and been confident they had more time to let the characters grow other characters would like Astrid would have had been in the spotlight more. I look forward to whatever Jasika Nicole has in store next and hope she won’t be content in a supporting character role.

As promised yesterday here are a few days worth of love notes for Jasika Nicole, gathered up from all the comments and reposts from my original article. Some responses and blog names are NSFW for strong language. The response from “Copracat” is my favorite for intensity.

electrixmole: Lol oh if only Jasika Nicole, you wonderful woman.

radioactivesoup: am SO gutted by this!

sanityscraps: asdf;aslkdf and I GOT SO EXCITED

ebriosa: I would fangirl the hell out of any of the above possibilities! Doctor Who, Prince… James Bond! Clap yo hands,…

sean3116: But DAMN this would be so cool. Maybe in an alternate universe.

rallyemadartep: As a Doctor Who fan……I think you would be AMAZING in this role. I would love to see a kick-ass female doctor, rather…

bookgeekgrrl: For the record, it would make all my dreams come true if Jasika Nicole was the next Doctor.

nonelvis: I wish I could say Nicole was wrong about how fandom would react. Unfortunately, she’s so, so not wrong. (Still voting for her for Twelve, personally.)

katbelleinthedark: That’s unfortunate because I know, for one, that I’d be super HYPED if it happened. I think it’d be the first truly exciting thing to happen to DW since the Master popped up in series 3. I’D PAY SO MUCH TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

talesofthebermudatriangle: I was so excited when I read the first bit TT_TT I would have loved her as the Doctor, I mean, how cool would that be?

thewonderginger: Ah man. I was excited!

latining: Oh for fucks sake, I saw this and actually did lose my shit, because this would be PERFECT.

copracat: I would lose my shit in the good way. I would lose my shit like a BOSS. My shit would be so lost you would need the cast of Lost, the cast from Lost Girl, the Lost Boys (original Disney flavour and the 80s bad hair version), the Losers, Perdita from 101 Dalmatians and a fucking bloodhound to find my shit. I knew that was a fake as soon as I saw it for all the reasons above, but oh my heart, my heart. Moffat, BBC, do this. Make this so.  

cortexipankid47: I so would have finally watched Dr. Who as well, have a lot of friend’s into it but it’s never been my thing. Fringe just spoiled me on Sci-fi cause it     did it so perfectly, but yea I would throw money if Jasika got to be the new Dr.

kittensandskeletons: I almost pissed myself when I saw this. Then I almost cried when I realized it wasn’t real. Then I almost pissed myself again when I realized the second block of writing is Jasika Nicole’s ACTUAL COMMENTARY on the subject. And she has a tumblr and um um um brainmelted fangirling.

notfarnow: I would have a full on geekgasm if you were cast as the Doctor. I’m all for it.

mighty-masturbator: daaaaang do you think any of the people in charge ever think, “the doctor can come back as anyone at all but has wasted 11 of his limited incarnations on     white men already, wouldn’t it be a good idea to try out something different so people don’t think we’re full of shit?”

witchpieceoftoast: I still want Jasika Nicole as Watson to Lucy Liu’s Sherlock. Or Sherlock, I’d be into that too.

mikomiyoko: Awesome, I got something else to look forward to!

rumbleinmetumble: Boy, that really sucks. I’d start watching if they did something like this.

lol-rusco: The only reason I can think of is that you’re not British. I’d watch the hell out of you as the Doctor.

cableplant: urgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i was so excited

sunsplashedpoet: D’aww, dang it. I would finally have gotten into Doctor Who if this had been a real thing. xD Oh well.

wendelah: I WANT TO BELIEVE.

spaceloveandrobots: I cannot express in words how fucking happy I would be if this were true. Just. What. If only.

libraryseraph: I knew it was to good to be true :C

itoldyouaboutstairsdawg: Here is one whovian who wound love to see this recast.

ransm: I want this to be real but it probably isn’t.

nocciolinafelice: Awww. I got really excited about this.

kalamac: I don’t see why Doctor Who fans would be upset if you were cast. You’re a great actor, and just because the Doctor has never before regenerated as a woman or a person of colour, doesn’t mean it can’t happen. I would hope most Whovians would be thrilled if this came true.

planetarygirl: I’d die of happiness if this was true.

riceflavor: THIS INDEED IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. I read it knowing it was almost certainly a hoax and I still hoped. I love her.

alisonborealis: I don’t know if the fandom would lose their shit… There have been rumblings about wanting The Doctor to be a woman for a while…and who better than  Jasika Nicole? This would be SO WONDERFUL.

timeandspacegodess: I really really wish this was true.

cookiediesel: I think this calls for a little Tinny Tim; Although Mrs. Nicole brought it back around with that Prince imagery. Good show on her part.

riribelle: sob why isn’t this article true i would die a happy death if astrid got to be the next doctor ;__;

bocchan: i just went from :D!!! to :(!!! in like, two seconds flat.

rubbergoosegreenmooseguavajuice: GOD DAMMIT THIS GOT ME SO EXCITED

sinisterbutcomicalpumpkin: Wait-it’s not real. I would have been so freaking happy. I was wondering a while back about the Doctor’s next incarnation and I was thinking about the     Doctor become a POC or even a woman and this article combined the two and I was gonna emit unholy fangirl banshee screams until that second
post crushed my dream.

little-hiding-owl: I was about ready to burst into tears but I made sure to scroll down fast to see if there was a debunking and lo and…

cityoflights12: But this would have been so cool!

sannao75: Aww, crap. Well… it was too good to be true!

the-electrocuted-elismist: THIS IS BEAUTIFUL

tsukinoinaba: Rats. I’d have loved for this to be real.

shainareads: I was just thinking to myself about how cool it would be if the Doctor were female or a POC.

origami-velocirapto: *sobs uncontrollably in crushed hopes and dreams*

thealiway: I remember a discussion with a bunch of fans online asking fans what they’d think if the next Doctor was female or dark-skinned. And here they go making the next Doctor both! I saw this, remembered that discussion and laughed. I hope she does the 12th incarnation well (though I must admit I’m internally
screaming about the end of 11 ;_____;)

sillydragpoes: I was so excited. Then…my heart?…ugh

yamino: When I saw the picture and the article immediately underneath my insides seized up with excitement at the prospect of Jasika Nicole having such an awesome role. Man… if anything would get me into Doctor Who…

anne10iscool: AWW!! I was super excited for like 2.5 seconds. Too bad. :(

doctorbee: My heart soared and then crashed reading this. (It crashed around the point where it said Moffat made the decision.)…

likebadhorse: I, for one, am all for it.

alwaysfaithfulterriblelizard: god that would be so fucking cool I would start watching the show again

sannao75: WHAT THE WHAT?! WHAT I have no interest in Doctor Who, but if this is true I’m gonna have to watch it. Against my will. I do love Jasika Nicole.

w-a-n-d-e-r-l-u-s-ttt: Spoilers!!! And wow my god.