annvolans  asked:

have you ever done (or seen) a Larkman Elecman fusion like all of those Pokemon fusions? (and of course i mean EXE. version)

I don’t think I have! Lark is not a super popular character so if I want it I probably gotta draw it myself. If I were doing fusions though I would probably pair Lark with Cosmo. Then maybe Elec with another WWW member maybe?

When you’re desperate for merch of your faves but none exists :p

Since I’ve taken up bird watching as a hobby I’ve also started collecting this line of toy that does plush of birds. I’ve been collecting the ones that visit my feeder. Just got this one, a barn swallow, which also happens to be the species Larkman is based off of (his japanese name is swallowman which makes much more sense). I really love swallows, they’re so cute, especially the chicks.