Tree Lark is home! Larkman.EXE is based off of a barn swallow but I wanted to try coloring him in the plumage of a tree swallow. When I was observing the tree swallows they would always poke their head out of their house and look around for a bit before flying off. There were five of them performing aerial acrobatics over the pond!

When you’re desperate for merch of your faves but none exists :p

Since I’ve taken up bird watching as a hobby I’ve also started collecting this line of toy that does plush of birds. I’ve been collecting the ones that visit my feeder. Just got this one, a barn swallow, which also happens to be the species Larkman is based off of (his japanese name is swallowman which makes much more sense). I really love swallows, they’re so cute, especially the chicks.