30 days of ships

Day 3: A pairing that needs to happen now? Langston and Markko

I know these two have been together, but they need to be paired back up. These two have a real connection with each other. I so hated it when Ford manipulated langston and made her started cheating on Markko, even if some of the fault was hers. But these two also have a great connection. With the way they shared that kiss before Markko left, you could tell that these two want each other. I so hope they do manage to rekindle their relationship once Markko returns. Their spark hasn’t been extinguished yet.


Friendly reminder of the hilarious angst that was Sole vs. Starrkko vs. Larkko in “Prom Night: The Musical”, that was later made into a sequal musical about sole called “Starr X-ed Lovers”(no, really)

One Life to Live, 2007.