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“Say you love me”

“I love you”

So yeah, it’s been a week and I’m not a dash closer getting over Jasper’s death. That scene totally wrecked me and I won’t shut up about it for a while. I therefore decided to paint this and try to cope, but honestly it only made me feel more sad. So now I’m posting it, and you guys can hopefully suffer too muahahah. (btw this is actually the first time ever I post art -if this can be defined art lol- on tumblr and I’m kinda nervous hahaha)


I´ve been wanting to do a the 100 hogwarts au for a while and i finally had the time!! I wanted to make many more but i´m tired and i´m traveling this friday so i´m a bit busy now.. It was really fun 

~I’ve been all kinds of lucky and yet, the thing I want most I can’t get…~

Ladies and Gentlemen (and everyone else!), Miss Medda Larkin!!! She’s such a fun character, and what a song! Really glad I was able to draw her for @newsiestober day 2. 

Fire houses 1st house, 5th house, 9th house
Personal Houses 

The Goddess awakens, creates herself, and discovers her divinity 

1st house /ascendant
- angular house (self and relationship)
the breath of god, self-discovery, self-expression
the home of aries. favourtised by the mars, sun, leo. mercury also likes the 1st house because it’s easy to get the message out and interact with people using the immediate expression   
conflicts with venus, libra, uranus, aquarius 

5th house - succeedent house (material development, life experience)
ego demonstration, personal amusement, creativity 
the home of leo. favourtised by sun, mars, aries. jupiter is comfortable in the 5th because it doesn’t have to moderate and seeks joy.
conflicts with aquarius, uranus, libra, venus 

9th house - cadent house (combining internal and external views of reality)
quest for answers, physical and cerebral travel, cosmic context of self
the home of sagittarius. favourtised by jupiter. also expresses well with the independent, solo-activated self-discovery of mars and the inclusive, psychic perception of neptune, pisces. 
conflicts with mercury, gemini


(marie larkin art)