larkin art


I´ve been wanting to do a the 100 hogwarts au for a while and i finally had the time!! I wanted to make many more but i´m tired and i´m traveling this friday so i´m a bit busy now.. It was really fun 

“You’ll never take us alive…”

i drew @technotantrum ‘s 8 month anni gift! i rlly like it tbh. its our kin kanons

on an unrelated note im uploading this early but our 8 months is on my birthday (tmrow) :-0

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Some of the classic covers collected in The Art of Painted Comics, featuring Mitchell Hooks, Frank Frazetta, James Bama, Bob Larkin, Bernie Wrightston, Bill Sienkiewicz, Scott Hampton, Alex Ross, Phil Hale, Tara McPherson and dazzling dozens more!