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I´ve been wanting to do a the 100 hogwarts au for a while and i finally had the time!! I wanted to make many more but i´m tired and i´m traveling this friday so i´m a bit busy now.. It was really fun 

“Say you love me”

“I love you”

So yeah, it’s been a week and I’m not a dash closer getting over Jasper’s death. That scene totally wrecked me and I won’t shut up about it for a while. I therefore decided to paint this and try to cope, but honestly it only made me feel more sad. So now I’m posting it, and you guys can hopefully suffer too muahahah. (btw this is actually the first time ever I post art -if this can be defined art lol- on tumblr and I’m kinda nervous hahaha)

favorite solos of the ‘16-’17 season by age

I’ve done this the last two years and people seemed to like it! So here goes again :) Youtube vidoes are linked for all! If you want, feel free to comment some of your favorites so I can watch them. 

age 8: Cameron Voorhees (Evolve Dance Complex) - The Way

age 9: Savannah Kristich (The Rock Center for Dance) - Dance in the Light

age 10: Brooklin Cooley (Club Dance Studio) - Solitude

age 11: Kiarra Waidelich (The Rock Center for Dance) - River

age 12: Ella Horan (Creative Arts Academy) - Risiko

age 13: Tate McRae (YYC Dance Project) - Stillness

age 14: Eva Igo (Larkin Dance Studio) - River

age 15: Talia Seitel (Murrieta Dance Project) - Natural Woman

age 16: Camryn Mandelbaum (Expressenz Dance Center) - The First Time

age 17: Justine Kaneda (West Coast School of the Arts) - Wild in the Wind

age 18: Simrin Player (Club Dance Studio) - Good Girl

bonus favorite groups:

mini: Landslide - Evolve Dance Complex

junior: Vibeology - Club Dance Studio

teen: Hideaway - Murrieta Dance Project

senior: La La Land - Larkin Dance Studio

In case you want to check the past years out:

Favorite Solos 2015 - 2016

Favorite Solos 2014 - 2015

Junior Group Results

Junior Group

5th: Le Corsaire (Club Dance)

4th: The Singer (Project 21)

3rd: Rhapsody (Project 21)

2nd: Easy Love (Danceology)

1st: Odonata (The Rock Center for Dance)

Junior Line

5th: What They Call Love (Creative Arts Academy), Strings (Club Dance)

4th: So Blunt (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts)

3rd: Birds (Danceology)

2nd: Someone to Stay (CSPAS), Arsonist’s Lullaby (Larkin Dance Studio), Humans (Creative Arts Academy)

1st: Awakening (Club Dance)

Junior Ext. Line

5th: High Stakes (CSPAS)

4th: Danke Schoen (The Rock Center for Dance), Awake O Zion (Danceology)

3rd: SWERVE (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts), Sit Down You’re Rockin the Boat (Club Dance)

2nd: Fresh Prince (CSPAS)

1st: Vibeology (Club Dance)

Junior Production

4th: Buzzin (Maries Dance Studio)

3rd: Zombies (Maries Dance Studio)

2nd: Cookin (Danceology), House For You (Aspire Dance Academy)

1st: No Mercy (Club Dance)

High Score Ballet

5th: Octect (B-Discovered Dance Company)

4th: Allegra (Creative Arts Academy)

3rd: Chambermaid Swing (CSPAS)

2nd: Sleeping Beauty (Maries Dance Studio)

1st: Le Corsaire (Club Dance)

High Score Contemporary

5th: What They Call Love (Creative Arts Academy), Strings (Club Dance), House For You (Aspire Dance Academy)

4th: Unmasked (YYC Dance Project), Danke Schoen (The Rock Center for Dance)

3rd: Arsonist’s Lullaby (Larkin Dance Studio), Someone to Stay (CSPAS), Humans (Creative Arts Academy), The Singer (Project 21)

2nd: Odonata (The Rock Center for Dance)

1st: Awakening (Club Dance)

High Score Hip-Hop

5th: Party (Larkin Dance Studio)

4th: Cookin (Danceology)

3rd: SWERVE (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts)

2nd: Fresh Prince (CSPAS)

1st: No Mercy (Club Dance)

High Score Jazz

5th: So Blunt (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts)

4th: High Stakes (CSPAS)

3rd: Happy Birthday (Larkin Dance Studio), Awake O Zion (Danceology)

2nd: Rhapsody (Project 21)

1st: Vibeology (Club Dance)

High Score Lyrical

5th: Sky Full of Stars (Club Dance)

4th: I Remember Her (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts)

3rd: Moana (Pas de Deux Hawaii)

2nd: Viva La Vida (B-Discovered Dance Company), Cathedrals (Aspire Dance Academy)

1st: Afterglow (Club Dance)

High Score Musical Theatre

5th: Raunchy (B-Discovered Dance Company)

4th: Willy Wonka (Maries Dance Studio)

3rd: Devil in Disguise (Danceology)

2nd: Diamonds (CSPAS)

1st: Sit Down You’re Rockin the Boat (Club Dance)

High Score Specialty

5th: Caught (Dye’n 2 Dance)

4th: You Are A Memory (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: My Angel That Rocks Me (Danceology)

2nd: Did I Mention (Club Dance)

1st: Superego (Club Dance), Enclosed Spaces (Bobbie’s School of Performing Arts)

High Score Tap

5th: Pokemon (Larkin Dance Studio)

4th: Smooth Criminal (Maries Dance Studio)

3rd: Crabbuckit (The Rock Center for Dance)

2nd: Birds (Danceology)

1st: Easy Love (Danceology)


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PeeWee & Mini Group Results

 PeeWee Group

5th: Proud Mary (CSPAS)

4th: Move (CSPAS)

3rd: The Fall (Larkin Dance Studio)

2nd: Silent Night (Club Dance)

1st: Swept Ashore (Larkin Dance Studio)

PeeWee Line

5th: Halloween (Danceology)

4th: Old School (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: If I Could (Modern Conceptions of Dance), Disco Fever (Modern Conceptions of Dance)

2nd: Lullaby (Club Dance)

1st: Hanami (The Rock Center for Dance)

PeeWee Extended Line

4th: Tarzan (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: Hard Knock Life (Club Dance)

2nd: Big Bad Wolf (Larkin Dance Studio)

1st: This Is What You Came For (CSPAS)

PeeWee Production

1st: Cookin’ With Grease (Club Dance)

Mini Group

5th: Can You Do This? (Project 21), Don’t Worry About Me (Club Dance)

4th: Til Morrow (Club Dance)

3rd: Open Road (Larkin Dance Studio)

2nd: Shadow Journal (The Rock Center for Dance)

1st: Smoke and Mirrors (CSPAS), Come To Me (CSPAS)

Mini Line

5th: We Run This (Club Dance), No More Fear (Club Dance)

4th: Wanting (Club Dance)

3rd: Lost It All (CSPAS)

2nd: Lady Marmalade (CSPAS)

1st: Dance Like Your Daddy (Project 21)

Mini Extended Line

5th: Undertow (Danceology)

4th: Smooth Criminal (Larkin Dance Studio)

3rd: Make Haste Precipitate (The Rock Center for Dance), Ninjaz (Creative Arts Academy)

2nd: Capture the Flag (Creative Arts Academy)

1st: We So Meek (Club Dance)

Adjudications below the cut!

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