Contemporary Jewels: 500 Gemstone Jewels

This is one of the Lark book collections of jewels, they do a number of them, and it is simply a collection of perfect pictures of beautiful contemporary jewelry. Forgive my pictures for not being perfect, but I think all that shiny gold can throw off the IPad camera. In any case, you will marvel at the work of goldsmiths doing work that harks back to the past and other work seems to send us jetting into the future. These are earrings, necklaces, brooches and rings, all beautifully displayed in detailed images.

Things Crafty Episode 5 Lark Books Reviews
In this episode we review 2 books on beading by Lark Books. Sherry Serafini’s Sensational Bead Embroidery & Laura McCabes’s Embellished Beadweaving. These 2 wonderful bead books have something for everyone. Enjoy!

New Pendant - Conjoined Chimeras

Photographer Tom Bloom recently took some excellent photos of my work for the Lark Books 500 Necklaces call for entry. Most of the images are of pieces I’ve already posted about, but I made this pendant especially for the shoot. It’s so nice to have quality images, and Tom did a great job.

I’ll post the full set to my Flickr feed in a couple of days, when I get back home from Providence.

open call for submissions from Lark Books: Manifesting the Female Epic

“I’m particularly interested, right now, in visceral feminism, and in three terms I recently coined: the artemis zeitgeist (I’m actually not certain I coined this one first), which is reflected in everything from Brave to the Hunger Games, and is about the liminal space between the city and the wild, the story and the dream, and about girls and young women maintaining and reclaiming their power, their full awakened embodiment and intelligences and agencies; gorgon poetics, which is about the restoration and integration of all the aspects of the feminine which have been fractured by cultures’ overdetermined senses of variety, binary, and separation; and holographic feminism, which is about the ways in which knowledge and identity can be transmitted and known through suprarational means, through intuition, through readings and experiences of the world unknown in patriarchal philosophies.”