So I fell in love with padalickingood’s Hybrid AU and I made a bunch of sketches. I started coloring them but I’m taking forever (big surprise there) so I thought I might as well post this now.

P.S. I know rabbits aren’t classified as rodents but it just sounded like something Ray would say.

no shading because f— that

I like to imagine that all the bird brains of the RT office that are capable of sustained flight will go out every once in awhile and fly around Austin for the fun of it. They make a small mixed flock and just go hit up bars or whatever.

don’t look too closely, it looks much better far away

Fur Feather or Fur Worse [Chapter 12/?]

Summary: Gavin freaks out and takes off.

Rating: Teen

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In the RTHybrid!AU, a lot of people seem to think that Gavin is a lyrebird. However, I argue that he’s a Crested Lark. I mean look:

It’s got the hair, it’s got the nose, and it can be found in Europe and occasionally Britain. Gavin is Italian in heritage, so it works pretty damn perfectly.

Look at that face, that is a god damn Gavin face don’t tell me otherwise. 

Plus, those wings are so damn pretty and the color of his hair. Don’t test me on this.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your AU. I was wondering if maybe you post a master post of the all the employes so people can write/draw them? Thanks

Big thanks to Pumpkinpiearsonist for letting me use their adorable pixels! ;v;

Achievement hunter:

Jack- Lion

Ray- Rabbit

Geoff- Ram

Ryan- Longhorn

Gavin- Bird (Lark)

Michael- Cat

Lindsay- Red Husky

Caleb- Border Collie

Kdin- Red squirrel

Kerry- mouse

Matt Bragg- Badger

Jeremy Dooley- Chinchilla 

Trevor - Anteater (Northern Tamandua)


Burnie- Bison

Gus- Beaver

Matt- Rooster

Miles- Malamute/Lab mix

Josh- Alligator


Arryn- Raven

Kara- Caracal 

Barbara- Caribou

Ashley- Turkish Angora

Griffon- a White Hawk for hybrid AU, but a bearded vulture for catboy!michael AU

Millie- Piebald deer

Meg- Scarlet macaw

Caiti- Quoll 

Cesar- Bird (motmot)


Brandon- Skunk

Adam Ellis- Bear

Monty- Red panda

Joel- Ferret

JJ- Silver cross fox

Chris- River otter

Patrick- Racoon

Blaine- Horse

(Tiger in catboy!Michael AU


rtaa Jordan- Giraffe

Kyle- Wolverine

Dan- Wolf

Mica - Wolf


Tina - Civet

Markiplier - Mutt (Spitz, collie mix)

Jacksepticeye - Stoat

Rhett- Elk 

Link - Silver Fox

Game grumps and friends

Arin - Striped Hyena

Danny - Alpaca

Ross- Squirrel Monkey

Barry - Asian Black Bear

Suzy - King Cheetah

Holly - Eurasian collard Dove

Kevin - Cat (snowshoe)

Jon - Kakapo

Fur Feather or Fur Worse [Chapter 14/?]

Summary: Gavin can’t reach those feathers.

Rating: Teen

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Fur Feather or Fur Worse [Chapter 15 - FINAL CHAPTER]

Summary: Ray doesn’t want to go to work, not today.

Rating: Teen

[First Chapter] [Previous Chapter]

Notes: I know, I don’t want it to end either, but all good things must!! I love everyone who read this, and you will definitely see more work in the future <3 And what better note to end on then Bunny Ray?

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Dan and Jack being a wolf and lion respectively makes me so happy. Both those dudes are pretty friendly and gentle, and the turn around of a lot of predator stereotypes is one of my favorite things. Just imagining things like what people's faces must look like when they see lanky lark Gavin bossing around military wolf Dan for the first time sends me into fits of laughter.


This is everything that is important to me.

Like I feel like I haven’t expressed enough how much I love wolf!Dan for so many different reasons. SO LET ME JUST TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO TELL YOU HOW GREAT WOLF!DAN IS. *backflips onto stage* and continue saying how great lion!jack is also

TL;DR in readmore!

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