Uno:The Movie! Drinking Game

Everytime lil j says “ Heres to you kid”: take a shot

Everytime they successfully stack (add on to a +2 or +4 card): Take a shot

Everytime someone doesnt call a UNO when they have 1 card: Take a shot

Everytime someone puts a reverse card ontop of another reverse card: Take a shot.

Everytime someone can place down a card BUT choses to draw a card: Take a shot.

Everytime someone says to “Challenge it”: Take a shot

Everytime Someone skips Gavin: Take a shot.

Everytime someone someone gets back their ORIGINAL hand: Take a shot.

Everytime someone says “Slut”: Take a shot

(thats all I got for now but feel free to add more if you think of anything)


I thought I saw the ghost of Christmeme past…

Alright but imagine this: FAHC Gavin as a very involved member of Anonymous.
The crew doesn’t know this about him until one day one of them goes into his room and they fine an Anonymous mask carelessly thrown on his bed. At first they think that its not real or a joke or something, but then a lot of things start to make sense.
Why Gavin was always away while the big Anonymous protests were happening. Why he always had some sort of not-crew-related project he was working on at any given time. Why he never commented when the organization came up in conversation. Why he always felt so strongly about protests and political disagreements.
When Gavin finds out that they know, he kind of just laughs and says that a notorious and well known criminal couldn’t possibility be a member of an anonymous organization.
None of the rest of the crew believes him.


Ryan: My murder break is over. Whoops.

Jack: *sigh* I’ll come get you. Coords?

Ryan: I broke into the airport, it’s best you don’t come get me. However, I might need to get taken out of custody later.

Jack: Right. I don’t even want to know. Gavin, get rid of his file. Michael, distraction.

Gavin: Only if he brings me back snow globes

Ryan: You should’ve said you wanted snowglobes before I left. I hit plenty of bikers for you, anyways.

Jack: File, Gavin. I’m taking your Zentorno, Ryan.

Michael: We talking a lot of boom or a lot of fire kind of distraction?

Gavin: I love it when you murder bikers for me Rye-bread. Consider that file gone

Ryan: Michael, do whatever the fuck you want with the distraction. I want my exit dramatic.

Michael: Got it.

Jack: I got the bail, just let me know where you end up, Ryan.

Ryan: Michael’s distraction did well enough, I took a car. Gonna lose the heat and hide out for a few days, just in case.

Michael: See you in a few days, man.