Fitness Journal Day #1

Okay so I’ve gotten to the point where I cannot stand the fact that I’ve let myself get so out of shape in comparison to where I was a little less than two years ago. I was at one point (before I realized the nutrition facts of cheese) my ideal weight and had very little fat and lots of tone. When I ducked below my “happy weight” I started eating terribly and the downward spiral has never really ended. Two years and 20lbs later I have hit the breaking point and I want my body back. I’m still a healthy weight but am not thrilled with my lack of definition and stamina.

Today was my first day jumping back on the horse with full intentions to get my ass back in gear.

Step 1 - Grocery shopping for a variety of healthy foods that can be used in many delicious and healthy combinations. Examples? All kinds of veggies, bananas, apples, almond milk, flax seeds, oatmeal, chicken breasts etc. I’ve heard that abs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen and as far as experience goes, it is 100% accurate.

Step 2 - Figure out what kind of workouts I’d like to start off with. For me I wanted to target all over my body with special attention on the legs because lets face it, firing up the quads and hamstrings burns more calories than any other muscle groups in one go. I previously used to a lot of Tone It Up workouts and still love them and shall probably do one of theirs tomorrow. Today I was all about Blogilates, I did the Food Baby HIIT Cardio workout which was pretty brutal for getting back on the horse. I struggled a lot with the scissor lunges that kept knocking me off balance. This was followed a few minutes later by the Plank-A-Thon Pilates Workout which let me tell you, a whole different type of brutal. Definitely challenging, I literally could only do half sets of some of the moves. Obviously they will come with time and practice but WOW. Cassey makes it look so easy, how she manages to smile and talk during the workout videos is beyond me.

Step 3 - Write a journal/blog about my “new” endeavor. My roommate ( ) has inspired me so much to start getting back into shape from her dedication to her workout regimen aka the insanity that is P90X. Her success is amazing though and she is awesome and has helped to motivate me to work toward my fitness goals.

Step 4 - Well I guess now would be a great time to establish some fitness goals.

I want to lose 20lbs before the end of March aka get back my wicked 6 pack and defined arms/legs/back

Step 5 - Make a list of ways that I will achieve my goals.

No more pub food at work. Nope, no more. Poutine I love you but we’re breaking up.

Eat clean, portioned out (mostly) whole foods, eat lots of fibre (YAY flax seeds) and seriously up my fruit and vegetable intake. 

Eat every 2-3 hours, weird how I used to eat way more, more often and it caused me to loose weight by kicking up my metabolism AND nourishing my body with actual nutrients

Workout 4 days a week (let’s face it, I have the time and get distracted by Netflix)

Drink AT LEAST 2L of water every day

Cut WAY down on sugary booze drinks ex. Whiskey Sours, Jagger Bombs etc. and only drink 1 day a week if at all. Preferably red wine or a Jameson on the rocks here and there

Plan meals or keep stocked on ingredients for quick snacks or meals around

Eat less beef, and more chicken and fish

Get enough sleep!