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bookoflostthings  asked:

I just finished reading all of your Grand Larsony fic and my heart has so many feelings. It was A Lot of emotions to undertake in one go but so worth it. Thanks for writing such a stellar universe :)

((sorry for the late response, had to work through a long queue in my inbox)) 

I’m so happy you enjoyed it! It accidentally became one of my favorite things I’ve ever done. It’s how I piece together my adventures in adulthood, so I’m glad it resonates with you. 

When we last left our heroes (oh who am I kidding? when I last left our heroes): Adam’s hearing back from his agent. 

So he’s def getting traded. I just haven’t decided what team yet (lemme tell you, I’ve cycled through MOST of the western conference with these three). BUT it was important to me that Larissa met Jerome and Maria before they move because that’s life, y’know? You meet people in the eleventh hour and maybe they won’t matter in the grand scheme of things but maybe they’ll be your best friends later on. 

Meanwhile, Larissa SORTA has an idea of what she’s gonna do. And Justin’s like…me tbh. Trying out a bunch of different things, waiting for something to stick (I have also cycled through SO MANY career paths for him. Still don’t know what he’s doing. Or what I’m doing for that matter but, *shrugs*)  

I’m also still up in the air about how much I’m gonna show Polyfarms, but there story is fantastic. (all of their stories are, I just don’t talk about the other ships as much. I could talk for days about how much Shitty loves Jack. Actually, ugh Jack’s whole…thing should be a fic in itself. Like, at some point I need to do more offshoots for this series and tell EVERYONE’S stories. But for now, Adam Justin and Larissa are my OT3 and I want them to be happy semi adjusted adults together) 

anyway, thank you for listening to me ramble and thank you so much for reading!