Here is another picture of Larimer County’s amazing beauty! There are many animals that travel through out county’s borders, but elk and deer are some that people travel from afar to see as the fall starts changing the leaves. Here is a picture of an elk taken in Rocky Mountain National Park! Photographer Charlie Humpal allowed me to use it!

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Freedom and Opportunity For All

This is the Avery House. Located on Mountain Ave. this house symbolizes how far our county has come. Most elementary school classes visit this Fort Collins landmark to trace back our towns history. Built in 1874 for $3,000, you are taken world’s back to a time many of us have only read about in books when you step through the front door. On holiday’s such as the 4th of July and Christmas, decorations are placed to add character to the already historic house. In many ways this house is a test of time, built by a family who only thought of Fort Collins as a town, and now global companies have headquarters just a couple blocks away.This house proves that we all started somewhere, and even though we are different in many ways, and the now city of Fort Collins is growing and gaining more recognition as a top place to live, being in Fort Collins makes us family, we have historic and modern, everyone has their own niche and Larimer County is the perfect place to find yours!  

Larimer County Economy

Larimer County has been rated one of the best cities to raise a family in, there is a constant growth of small businesses, and musicians sprout left and right. In a County where everyone supports everyone, its not hard to find a place to work, that is enjoyable, safe, and reliable. From the mom and pop shops along college avenue, to the accessibility of help for those struggling to get by sourcing from organizations such as The Matthews House. There is a place for everyone here in our giant family.

Mountain Avenue, Fort Collins

Many places in Fort Collins hold a ton of beauty! In Larimer County there are even more! I am in awe of the beauty that Larimer County has, it goes to show the history behind the landscape.

One place that I personally admire is Mountain Avenue. Located downtown, this street has trees that tower over the street. When you drive down towards the heart of downtown, you cannot help but stop and admire the height of the amazing landscape that has remained throughout the years.

Mountain avenue has history written not only in the landscape, but also the houses. This street has houses that still have the “old history” inspiration as you drive down this historic street.