I was cleaning my computer and found this idiocy.

I think it’s safe to say that if Karai had stayed with the boys the entire plot of Dexter’s Lab would ensue.


So I was watching E.T. yesterday… and this happened.

In this AU April finds a new friend and hides him in her room. Unfortunately, Mikey, who can only speak Japanese, doesn’t stay secret for long…

Also, Irma was supposed to be in this picture, but I got lazy.

anonymous asked:

Sokka 11 for the palette thing? Or else Raph 25 if you don't want to do Sokka.

Oh Gosh I haven’t drawn Sokka since… wait… this is my first time drawing Sokka.

Hope you like him Anon! <3

Even if he kinda looks like he just died from hypothermia xD 

Also, just because I love you, my lovely anons… Here’s another little sarcastic dude. 8’D