lari for ts

So moving forward, the show is gonna have Killian (without his true love) Regina (without her true love–assuming that West isn’t older Henry) and Rumple (without his true love, although lbr, Rumple has pretty much always chosen power over true love before so he’ll probably be the same anyway). And that is supposed to keep the current audience watching and attract new viewers?

Very hopeful. Very happy.

A bunch of former/current/in-the-middle villains, running around without their TLs with some jaded broody man and a little girl. 

Like I want to reserve judgment, but that’s a tricky thing.

Why. Just why.

They should have let the story end.

The main reason that I have a tiny bit of hope that there will be at least a few really good episodes of OUAT in season 7 is because of The Crocodile.

JMO/Emma was not in that episode, but it was still amazing. Bobby and Colin killed it.

So it can be done.

(That being said I don’t expect more than one or two episodes without Emma that are as good as The Crocodile was, but we’ll see.)