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Don’t attack writers for their writing choices.

Don’t attack writers for their writing choices.

Don’t attack writers for their writing choices.

Don’t attack writers for their writing choices.

  1. Don’t attack writers for their writing choices.
  • Don’t attack writers for their writing choices.

Just don’t. They are not ruining their own story or characters. They are staying true to their own vision. They owe you nothing.

Fic writers aren’t machines, but if readers insist on thinking of them in that way, then I will make things simple.

What would happen if you didn’t charge your smart phone, tablet, computer, gaming device, etc.

They would die and stop working and your hours of joy and entertainment would be gone.

But if you charge them up or plug them in, the fun can continue.

So if you must continue to think of fic writers as machines, treat them like you would your electronics. Make sure they are charged with lovely and thoughtful feedback. When they get overheated, let them cool down for a couple of days.

If you treat your favorite fic writers with care and respect, and give them feedback or kind words, they will be inspired and feel functional and they will continue to put out new content that you can enjoy for hours on end.

But if you throw them against the wall, let them get overheated, or leave them unplugged, the fics will die, and everyone will be sad.

Okay, I know this is a weird thing to want. 

But I kind of want the book to be this magical entity that writes itself as a reflection of what happens to the people in it.

It doesn’t control fate, it just shows what happened.

If there is no author, then Regina, Rumple and the Queens of Darkness will realize that they have no one to blame but themselves for their lack of a happy ending.

It is really sad that Liam will never get to meet Emma.

It’s even more sad that we’ll never get Liam clapping Killian on the back after meeting Emma and saying “You did well, little brother.”

And it is the saddest of all that after everything Killian has been through, he’ll never get to hug his brother. He’ll never get to hear his biggest hero say “I’m proud of you, Killian. You’re a hero.”

You know what I’m 504% okay with the fact that Killian gave into the darkness, and that it took seeing Nimue choking Emma to snap him out of it.

I know people wanted him to be conning the darkness, and sure that would have been fine.

But to me, this is even better.

After three hundred years of giving into the darkness Killian Jones fought the ultimate darkness and won.This episode was the key point in his redemption arc.  He had the most epic heroic sacrifice in the whole damn show (the only comparable exception is Emma’s sacrifice in season 4), and if you don’t think that’s beautiful and amazing for his character, well I can’t help you. 


Dark One Killian’s vengeance is still rooted in his love for Emma, because he wanted to take Rumples Hand and heart (which would keep him alive presumably) for Milah and himself.

But he wanted to kill Rumple (taking his head) for putting the Darkness into Emma in the first place. 

So even though him wanting to kill Rumple is cold blooded murder and terribly wrong, it is a desire fueled by love (however twisted up.) Just like Emma wanting to kill Zelena to save Killian.

So Dark Swan and Dark Killian did/will do some bad things, but Zelena and Rumple are still alive, and The Co Dark Ones are motivated by their love for each other, however it is twisted up by the Darkness inside of them.

Just saying. 

Okay, I have been seeing many similar thoughts ever since It was announced that Maleficent would have a major arc.

And I’m just saying again:

Emma is the only Charming who hasn’t been under a sleeping curse.

Maleficent is the original owner of the sleeping curse.

Killian Jones 4A arc was how he still believes he cannot be a hero because his hand was still “dark” and he has been forced to do misserable things, and he thinks he will die and not get a happy ending.

Of course we know that won’t happen.

4A has been focusing on Emma’s development, and in a similar way I think 4B will focus on Killian’s development, because we already know we’ll be getting more back story and meeting his father.

I really think that 4B will be about Killian realizing that he is a true hero. (Of course he’s already done a lot of heroic things, but they have been on the down low.)

What better way to realize that he is a hero by saving the Savior, aka Emma Swan, aka his true love, with a True Love’s Kiss.

What if Belle discovers Killian’s heart, but she doesn’t know it’s his, and then later she has a hand in helping get it back.

And then we have a scene with Belle saying to Killian something like “I’m sorry. I was wrong about you. Your heart isn’t rotten at all.”

And then a bookish beautiful brotp begins.