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Image: Tig Notaro performing in Hollywood in April. (Rich Polk/Getty Images for Waterkeeper Alliance)

In 2012, Tig Notaro walked onto the stage at LA’s Largo Theater and said, “Good evening hello, I have cancer, how are you? Hi, how are you? Is everybody having a good time? I have cancer. How are you?”

Notaro was in the middle of one of the worst years of her life, dealing with serious illness, a breakup and the death of her mother.

 “Of course I was scared,” she tells NPR’s Kelly McEvers, “but it really did reach a breaking point. … I don’t prepare too much before my shows. Usually before, when I’m showering, is really when I’m thinking things through, and that’s when I came up with that line … I thought it was the funniest line.”

Notaro is now in remission. She’s also recently married and the author of a new memoir, I’m Just A Person.

Tig Notaro On Her Terrible Year In ‘I’m Just A Person’