largest sand island in the world

Brisbane, Fraser Island and Myella Farm stay

Last Friday we left surfers paradise and made an afternoon stop in Brisbane. I wish we had more time there! It runs along the Brisbane river and there’s a man made Beach and park right in the middle of town. We went for some lunch and hung out in the beautiful sun and then we were on our way to catch the ferry to Fraser Island!

We stayed our 2 nights in Fraser Island in cabins and had a good time hanging at the nearby bar called the dingo bar. We also saw wild dingos running around quite a lot. They are adolescent and can be quite aggressive so we had to be pretty careful but it was cool to see them. On our full day on the island we went for a tour on a 4 wheel drive bus that can drive on the sand and rough terrain of the island.

Fraser Island is the largest island in the world made completely of sand. Despite the harsh climate and unique landscape it has many freshwater rivers and perch lakes. The water is beautiful and crystal clear. Some areas of the island also has rainforests. We went swimming in one of the creeks, saw a shipwreck, the pinnacle sand dunes and went to lake Mckenzie. The best part was I took a tour of the island in a small jet plane! It was so amazing to see the sand dunes meet rain forest and then to see the lakes and their crystal blue water. The plane also takes off and lands on the beach which is very rare. Our guide on the bus was Davy, who is truly passionate about wildlife and Australia. He’s one of the funniest people I’ve met, and reminded me of a much more crude version of Steve Erwin. I absolutely loved our time on Fraser Island.

The next morning we headed to a more rural inland area call balaba. We went to stay at Myella farm. This farm is run by an older couple and their daughter and her husband. They have a few hundred beef cattle, some calfs and milking cows, horses and chickens. There are also two young kangaroos called joeys that are living there right now since they were orphaned at a young age. The farm takes in many baby kangaroos and hand feeds them until they are ready to go into the wild. As a result of so many kangaroos in the area being raised at the farm, there are many mobs of them that hang around the area. My friend Stephanie and I were lucky enough to see a whole whack of them surrounding the farm on our walk!

Later that day we headed to emu park, on our way to Airlie beach and the islands!


Shot in Iceland, 2016.
I made this video to give creed to Iceland’s unique geology and how it contributes to the country’s renewable energy production. Iceland sources 100% of its electricity from the use of renewable energy - namely 75% from hydro and 25% from wind. And because the island is home to several volcanoes and sits over active tectonic plates, its abundant geothermal energy provides heating to nearly every home. This makes Iceland the largest green energy producer in the world.
Lava fields, glaciers, mountains, volcanoes, geysers, alien-like rock formations… Iceland was like another planet. Someone give me money to shoot a sci-fi film there! (Films like Interstellar, Batman Begins and Prometheus, as well as Game of Thrones have shot in iconic places like these in Iceland.)
Above all, I’ve dedicated this to my parents who came with me on this trip. We don’t live in the same country anymore but we try our best to make time and go on at least one trip together every year.
Places include (in order): Reykjavik, Black Sand Beach (Vik), Dyrhólaey, Thingvellir National Park, Strokkur, Gullfoss, Svartifoss, Skaftafell, DC-3 Plane Wreck (Solheimasandur)