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33 Science Facts We Didn't Know At The Start Of 2016
Good news for Einstein, bad news for anyone who likes red squirrels.
By Kelly Oakes

1. Gravitational waves exist.

2. There’s an Earth-like planet just four light years away.

3. It’s possible for a computer to beat a human world champion at Go.

4. The Zika virus does indeed cause microcephaly, a medical condition in which the brain doesn’t develop properly.

5. It turns out there are actually four species of giraffe, not just one.

6. Some red squirrels in Britain carry a strain of leprosy seen in humans in the Middle Ages.

7. There’s a 54 billion cubic feet reserve of helium gas in Tanzania.

8. There’s an underwater “lost city” off a Greek island that is actually just a group of naturally-formed weirdly uniform rocks.

9. There’s a mysterious, slow-moving deep-sea shark that has been found to live for nearly 400 years.

10. Human penises might have lost their baculum, aka penis bone, when our species became monogamous.

11. The largest prime known prime number is 274,207,281 − 1. It’s 5 million digits longer than the previous record prime number.

12. There might be a ninth planet in our solar system, 10 times bigger than Earth and orbiting 20 times farther away than Neptune, on average.

13. Earth has got a sort of second moon (more accurately, a quasi-satellite) with the catchy name (469219) 2016 HO3.

14. Ninety-nine million years ago a little dinosaur got its tail trapped in amber, and its tail feathers were preserved.

15. Pluto’s atmosphere is more compact and cold than we previously thought.

16. And around the dwarf planet’s famous heart-shaped region, there’s a huge variety of terrains.

17. A bunch of stars went supernova close to Earth 3.2 and 1.7 million years ago.

18. The lost Philae spacecraft’s final resting place on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is in the shadow of a boulder.

19. There is a giant planet with three suns 320 light years away.

20. Ducklings can recognise the concepts of “same” and “different”.

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The whole bit with Hodge Podge is one of my favorite things in the whole podcast. The music, the Hodge Podge voice filter, the call to Pan, the boys trying to figure out what to ask to stump the robot. It’s gold. There are few moments that make me laugh as much as them asking what the largest prime number is and Hodge Podge cheerily responding, “It’s up there!”

The Crystal Kingdom Part 4: TAZ Pre-Finale Relisten Recap

I am Not Ready™ for tomorrow, but here’s more of the Crystal Kingdom in the interim.

  • “Griffin I love you, you’re my brother, but if my skill called ‘history’ does not literally help me with history trivia questions in a category called history then what are we even fucking doing here? This is Calvinball!” — Justin McElroy
  • The inventor of math in the Adventure Zone universe is canonically Doug Math.
  • Mood: Griffin McElroy repeating the phrase “all knowledge that exists in the world” seven times in a row in the hope that my family will understand what the fuck is going on
  • “What’s the largest prime number?” “… it’s up there!”
  • …I forgot about the god damn communion scene with Pan.
    • Pan literally goes “new phone who dis” when Merle first contacts him, which is probably not the most comforting thing to hear from your patron god
    • Merle: “I prostate myself in front of you— ”

      Justin and Travis: “Nope.”

    • To be fair, Pan does do his best to help the boys despite being limited to yes or no answers (spoiler alert: that rule goes out the window real quick) and Merle’s questions kind of being well shit. To put it generously. So good for Pan I guess?
  • First introduction of No3113! Now I’m sad!!!
  • Ernest the Nitpicker is the best because he’s pretty much an outlet for Griffin being just slightly fed up with his family
  • The imagery that Griffin uses to describe the scenes from our world that Magnus sees in the emerald compact in Lucas’s room is incredible and I’m actually going to try to crappily transcribe it because I love it so much. Definitely won’t totally capture the ambience, but I’ll do my best.
    • Two men sitting on a comfortable looking sofa, with a big pit bull splayed out on top of them. They’re looking at a flashing, illuminated box on the other side of the room.
    • An older woman sitting in the driver’s seat of some sort of vehicle, listening to the smoothest jazz, and a line of other vehicles in front of a building with a sign with a big burger on top of it.
    • A young woman who’s curled up in a bay window nook, in a dark house. She’s watching a heavy snowstorm outside, she’s drinking tea, and she’s tinkering with some sort of handheld device with two glowing panels on it.
    • A seedy bar, where a three-piece rock band is playing to a pretty small crowd, but everyone in the crowd is singing along to every word of their songs.
    • An old man who’s asleep, he’s wearing what appear to be earmuffs. He’s in a large metal tubular room with rows of mostly full seats, and there’s a loud whirring noise.
    • A bundled up woman hiking up a steep hill, and behind her you see a brightly lot city skyline that’s towering over this massive harbor full of boats. The buildings are taller than any you’ve ever seen.
    • I’m a sucker for kickass prose. Bite me.
  • Travis suggests that the compact is a very convoluted way for Griffin to justify the existence of elevators in the Adventure Zone universe. Interestingly enough, it later becomes a way for Griffin to justify the introduction of tacos as well.

T-MINUS 1 DAY! These recaps are still tagged as ‘Lauren pounds some TAZ’!

Try not to mix up prostate and prostrate and have a lovely day!

I like in the Crystal Kingdom arc when they have the bit with how the robot Knows Everything & Can Answer Any Unvoidfished Question but then they start asking questions that Griffin cannot reasonably be expected to have an answer to so it’s like “hey, robot, what’s the largest prime number?” “it’s up there” & you just have to accept that as an answer.

In mathematics, a Mersenne prime is a prime number of the form M_n=2^n-1. This is to say that it is a prime number which is one less than a power of two. They are named after Marin Mersenne, a French Minim friar, who studied them in the early 17th century. Many fundamental questions about Mersenne primes remain unresolved. It is not even known whether the set of Mersenne primes is finite or infinite.

Édouard Lucas proved in 1876 that M_127 is prime. This was the largest known prime number for 75 years, and the largest ever calculated by hand. It has 39 digits.

As of October 2014, 48 Mersenne primes are known.