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It’s #PenguinAwarenessDay! This diorama features “the worst journey in the world,” Apsley Cherry-Garrard’s evocative name for the dangerous five-week expedition he undertook with Dr. Edward Wilson and Birdie Bowers in the heart of the austral winter of 1911. Their sole purpose was to collect eggs of the largest of all penguin species alive today, the emperor penguin, for scientific study and analysis. © AMNH/D. Finnin

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O' wise Dinomancer, Please tell us of some cool but lesser known birbs.



(All images that are not mine are from Wikipedia)

This is the Blue-Billed Curassow. It’s somewhat related (in that, it’s distantly related) to things like chickens, and it is only found in Colombia and is quite threatened. The one I encountered at the zoo was amazingly curious and friendly, which has given it a very special place in my heart <3 

This is the Elf Owl, living in Southwestern USA. It is the lightest owl, only about 40 grams in weight. it’s absolutely adorable. Holy shit. They are not very aggressive and will play dead when in danger, which contributes to how adorable they are. 

This is Icadyptes, a penguin that is now sadly extinct, but is one of the largest known penguins, about 5 feet tall - and it lived in balmy, warm climates as well, which is rare for modern day penguins. 

This is the Jenday Conure and it’s a parrot and I want one. Like this is my ideal pet. Holy shit. It is extremely social, intelligent, and friendly. Ideal. Ideal adorable dinosaur. 

This is the Palestine Sunbird. It is so pretty. With its iridescence and long beak you might mistake it for a Hummingbird but it is not - it is a Passeriform that feeds on insects and nectar - it can actually hover to get nectar, which is just a really cool example of convergent evolution! 

These are just some very cool modern dinosaurs - feel free to send me more guys! I certainly don’t know all of them [yet ;)]

Newly discovered fossil sets record for largest known penguin
  • 130 lbs. the weight of a considerably colossal, ancient penguin, as extrapolated from a recently unearthed fossil
  • 5 feet the portly penguin’s height, making it both the tallest and heaviest penguin known to science source

» Move over, Emperor penguin. While you may be the largest penguin left in these modern times, 27 million years ago you would have been dwarfed by science’s latest fossil discovery, the Kairuku grebneffi, found in New Zealand. It’s believed that their longer, curved beaks allowed them to easily spear fish for food. As described by Otago University’s Ewan Fordyce: “…relatively longer bills and a more slender body than in living species. The wing was probably able to flex a little more.”

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Thaw reveals photographer’s notebook from Captain Scott’s Antarctic hut

Notebook belonging to George Murray Levick remarkably legible after conservation work

A photographer’s notebook lost for more than a century has washed out of the melting snow at Captain Scott’s hut in the Antarctic, the base for his fatal 1911 Terra Nova expedition. It was left behind when George Murray Levick, a photographer, surgeon and zoologist, returned safely with the surviving members of the party after Scott and two others had died in their tent on the Ross Ice Shelf in March 1912.

Levick had endured a horrific winter when he and five other members of the expedition spent months studying one of the largest penguin colonies in the world, only to find that early pack ice made it impossible for their ship to collect them. They survived the winter of 1912 in a cramped ice cave which they dug on Inexpressible Island, using blubber for food and fuel, and finally escaping by walking 200 miles back to Hut Point. Read more.

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Dear Santa (Uncle Mycroft), if it wouldn't be too much trouble could you bring my parents a nice murder for Christmas? Father has been really bored lately and has taken to doing all sorts of crazy experiments, there's barely any space in the fridge for food. If you can't bring them a murder can you maybe bring them a second fridge? I'm sure they would appreciate it. Also, I'd like a set of encyclopedias, a train set and a stuffed penguin. Sincerely, Hamish Watson-Holmes (6)

Hamish rushed down the stairs on Christmas morning.  His dads were just waking up and came out of their room, Papa rubbed his eyes sleepily and Father yawned as he ran his hands through his hair. 
“Come on,” Hamish danced eagerly as he looked in the living area.  A vintage train set circled the tree, complete with a Christmas village.  A set of encyclopedias were set up and a several notebooks with pens nearby for notes were arranged neatly on the table.  And the largest stuffed penguin any of them had ever seen was sitting perched neatly in John’s chair.  
John smiled as Sherlock begin to show Hamish how to operate the train on it’s track.  He gasped when he walked in the kitchen and saw the second fridge labeled “Food only”.   He peeked inside and saw that it was fully stocked for a Christmas breakfast.  Mycroft chose that moment to show up and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  John pulled him aside.
“Thanks for letting us know what was on Hamish’s Christmas list and finding Sherlock’s old train set.  He’s like a kid again with it.  But you didn’t have to get us anything,” said John.
“Well,” Mycroft pulled out a small slip of paper, “It was actually on Hamish’s list but I thought it best to surprise you with this gift as opposed to the first request.”
John read the letter and sighed.  "Thank you for not granting his first wish.“
And since timing is everything, at that moment Lestrade bounded up the stairs. Mycroft and John both groaned in dismay.  
"What?” Lestrade asked, “I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and drop off my gift for the kiddo.”  Sherlock glared at the affectionate moniker.  Lestrade handed Hamish a brightly wrapped box.  The boy ripped into and revealed a special edition Cluedo game.  John groaned again.
“Why couldn’t you have just brought us a nice murder instead?” he asked.