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after Jill Stein voters successfully swung the election for Trump they all went to the national mall to make it the largest inauguration crowd of all time

From the second that was announced as the new Overwatch hero, I knew I had to cosplay her. I was first introduced to the character at Blizzcon 2015, when three new Overwatch characters were revealed during the convention’s opening ceremonies. I instantly fell in love with and the design of her mech suit, and came home from the convention already planning how to build the MEKA. Since I like to bring elements of engineering and incorporate electrical and mechanical pieces into my costumes, this was the perfect project for me. There were endless details to the design that I was so excited to create, and building the mech would allow me to incorporate my interest in robotics into my favorite hobby: cosplay!

This costume was the product of six long months of hard work, half of which was designing, and half of which was actual construction. I spent a long time making patterns and drafting up blueprints, taking lots care to ensure that everything was the right size and would function the way they were supposed to. I also set aside a large portion of time to design the moving parts of my costume, including fully puppeteer-able arms, LED lights, and motors that would make the mech’s guns spin. Once all the math and measurement was done, I begun work on the actual construction of the MEKA. Due to a busy second semester of school, I ended up making the majority of my costume ten days before the convention! Luckily, I was able to finish (albeit, with only a few hours to spare) by the time Anime Expo rolled around, though I plan to make some updates before the next time I wear it.

The reaction I received at Anime Expo from all the attendees and photographers really made all the hard work pay off. The reception I got was the best I’ve ever had for a cosplay. People were amazed at the functionality of the costume, and I was constantly being stopped for pictures and videos. They were even more wowed when I stood up to walk in the stilts of the costume, or when I turned on the rotating Gatling guns. I think the best reactions I got were by far from the other Overwatch cosplayers; it was great to chat with others in the same community about our favorite game and our costumes. I even had a few Overwatch employees and artists approach me, ask for a picture, and tell me that they couldn’t wait to share the photo with their coworkers at Blizzard! I loved the reaction this costume got from people just as much as I loved the process, and debuting’s MEKA, despite all the previous stress of trying to finish it, made for one of the best weekends ever.

Anime Expo, as known by both those who have and haven’t attended, is by far one of the largest (and most crowded) conventions in the world. Typically, I don’t mind crowds and large groups of people, but while in costume, it becomes a nightmare, in this costume especially. Trying to walk through the main lobby was a huge struggle, let alone the exhibit hall. I had a handler with me the whole time, who helped clear the way in front of me as I walked around so I wouldn’t bump anyone with my huge costume. Sometimes, though, one person was not enough to part the crowds, and I often ended up getting swept up in the current of people regardless. Interestingly, on three separate occasions I had random people jump in and help guide me through the crowds, which was extremely generous. It was great to have multiple people helping me avoid bumping into anyone. But I wouldn’t expect anyone to set aside their time and help me, let alone complete strangers. If anything, I think these incidents demonstrate the kindness and generosity of the cosplay community, and how helpful most people are to their fellow cosplayers.

Princess Helicopter 

This question’s been sitting in my askbox for WEEKS now, apologies for taking so long to respond to this!

To preface this post it’s important to note: I’m not a professional, and don’t have professional experience.  All thoughts are based on personal opinion, preference, and prior experience designing characters for personal projects!

Click the jump for a big post with me rambling about character designs I do and don’t like, and why I do/don’t like them!

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YOU'RE AMAZING pls do "e" i would love to read angsty bughead

e - “ever wondered what it would be like if you stayed?”
It was all the same, every last hallway and classroom. From the rusted water fountains to the graffitied hallways, Southside High hadn’t changed one bit, the only difference?

Jughead Jones was now 26 years old and he hadn’t been back to Riverdale since he had run from it eight years ago. the mere feel of linoleum under his feet was enough to send him into a fit of shudders, and the sound of his boots echoed through the empty hallways. He was back, he was back and it was just as terrifying as it had been when he left.

He made it to his locker, fingers tracing the permanently etched three pointed crown he had engraved so many years ago. This had been his school, his second home, for two years of his life. Lunch in the divided cafeteria, the row of lockers he had been jumped at, the hallways he and Toni had walked when she told him she was in love with Cheryl Blossom, Dances in the run down gym. It had been such a significant piece of his youth and he was back.

“Jughead Jones, isn’t this something else?”

He stiffened, his back rigid and his eyes forward as he kept his back turned. He knew that voice, could point that voice out of the largest crowds, that voice he still heard every night before he went to sleep, he turned slowly, hands shaking.

“Betty Cooper.” He whispered.

She was leaning against a row of lockers a dangerous smirk on her lips. She had grown up exactly the way Jughead had been imagining for so many years, her perfectly curvy body was wrapped in a pair of skin tight jeans and a tight blue t shirt, her honey blonde hair was long now, no longer confined to the air tight ponytail she had worn everyday of her teenage years it was left loose and wavy spilling over her shoulders. there was a peacefulness to her eyes, a resolution that only came with age.

“I didn’t know you were in town.” She spoke, shaking him out of his blatant ogling.

He looked up into those sparkling green eyes he remembered, she was just as perfect as the day he left.

“I just got in, I didn’t…” he cleared his throat “I didn’t know you were still in Riverdale.”

Betty laughed, one of his favorite sounds

“Sure am, I’m the English teacher here at Southside High. Going on four years now, rumor around the mill is that I’m a shoe in for teacher of the year.” She rolled her eyes playfully before something caught her attention behind Jugheads shoulder “Excuse me just one minute.” She pushed past him and walked towards the end of the hallway quickly successfully cornering a young boy in a ripped t shirt.


“Hey Ms. Cooper, what are you still doing here?” He smiled a nervous grin, he was handsome Jughead could tell from his place a few feet away, charmingly handsome.

“I’m grading your test which you passed with flying colors. Go home Noah, go home to your mother, to your sister.” She was at eye level with the young man and his shoulders instantly deflated.

“Ms. coop..” he whispered

“I know, Noah,just go home. It’s the only way, I want you in my office during lunch tomorrow and right after school. I’ll give you a ride home, if they ask you say “Mrs.Coopers gonna fail me if I don’t show up.” With a ruffle of his light brown hair the boy nodded quickly and headed off towards the exit doors. Betty made her way back to Jughead a tired kind of tilt to her smile.

“That’s Noah Grey, his father left them and the Serpents have been trying to Recruit him. He doesn’t want too but… I can see them pulling harder and harder…” Betty’s eyes fell to the exit door where the young boy had just walked out of

“You really work here? You work on the Southside?” Jughead questioned although he already knew the answer, of course she did. Betty Cooper went where she was needed and the Southside definitely needed Betty Cooper.

“Why don’t you come into my office, I’m closing up anyway I got stuck late grading some papers.” She began walking towards his old chemistry lab, it was silent for a moment before she spoke “I read your book. It was great, I especially loved the girl next door who the author was “desperately in love with” she snorted, a bitter scoff accompanying her words.

It felt like a punch to the chest, she didn’t believe the words he wrote, the things he had never been able to tell her he had written on the pages. She thought he never loved her.

“Thankyou, I… it’s true. All of it.”

Betty simply hummed, opening the door to her classroom, it was neat and organized but there were photos everywhere, her and students, students on field trips, Jugheads eyes landed on a framed photo on her desk, she was holding a baby and smiling, she looked exhausted.

“That’s yours?” Jughead questioned, his fingers curling around the frame as he tried to pick out Betty’s features on the little baby boy.

Betty glanced up from organizing her paperwork

“The baby? No, no that’s Parker. That’s Veronica and Archie’s baby. He turns three months next week. That birth was a tough one, we stayed up for 23 hours straight. We were all exhausted. He’s my god son. They…they named him after you, Parker Forsythe Andrews. He’s a doll.”

Another shot to the chest as he stared down at the photograph, tears pricking the corners of his eyes. He felt her presence, the unique scent of honey and peaches that he had tasted on her skin his entire childhood.

He cleared his throat as he glanced at her, she was propped up on a school desk staring at him.”so uh no kids for Betty Cooper, no husband.”

Betty snorted
“No, no not me. I’m way too busy.

Busy, he knew all too well, was just another word for damaged.

He nodded slowly
“Me too.” He whispered, a lump in his throat

It was quiet for what felt like hours before Betty broke the silence.
“Ever wonder what it would be like if you stayed?”

Jughead walked towards her, his eyes connected to hers

“Every day of my life.”

She squeezed her eyes shut,
“But You didn’t, you left. Left me. You didn’t call, you didn’t write. You didn’t tell me. I hated you Jughead Jones, I hated you so much.” When she opened her eyes they were flooded with tears, enough to drown Jugheads already sinking heart.

“I know, you have every right too, but I want you to know. I never stopped loving you. I wanted to stay, I wanted you to come with me. They wanted me to take over the Serpents they said they would kill me if I tried to leave the gang, I couldn’t become my father. Every day, every year that went by, I missed you. I’ve never been with anyone else because it will always be you. I don’t expect you to want me but I want you to know that I love you. I am still so in love with you.” He whispereD, his voice breaking as he stared at her flowing tears, breaking into her deep blue t shirt.

She got off of the desk, her feet hitting the floor as she began walking towards him, her eyes set on his

And then, almost in a dream, her lips were on his. It wasn’t crazy or passionate or fast and sexy. It was slow and uncertain, but familiar and warm. The kind of kiss you give a lover before you take them to bed, the kind you hold on to, It was safe, it was comfortable

It was home.


I love this moment because in this moment Taylor stands back and just let’s Rachel go all out. Taylor watches Rachel get lost in her own lyrics, as she’s belting them out to a crowd of 50,000, probably the largest crowd she’s ever been in front of. Taylor does not try and steal her light or join her, Taylor gives this moment to Rachel. And I think it’s so beautiful.

Rocket Queen

When Pearl makes an offer to babysit Onion on the night of a local rock concert, she thinks nothing of it… until she learns that one of the opening acts is a band led by the Mystery Girl. Pearl tries to find a way out of babysitting and into the concert in order to meet up with her again. Meanwhile, the Mystery Girl attempts to work up the courage to get in front of the largest crowd her band has ever seen, and to perform a brand new song for the first time: a song inspired by Pearl herself.

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How do you think ATLA "high school" AU would be like? How each character would look like as a student or teacher?

starting with the gaang, I’ll put the rest under a cut


Aang: The good kind of popular kid who throws parties and invites everyone, even the people who don’t like him very much. His grades aren’t always the best because he’s a terrible procrastinator, but works very hard with incentive, though he has great grades in sociology and takes his spirituality very seriously (studies a lot of works on famous philosophers). 

Katara: The volunteer kid, AB student. Always the one pitching in to improve things around the school, but tends to clash a lot with the teachers when they pull policy (and when an extracurricular event needs her help, she’ll hold it over them forever). Pretends not to be into the latest gossip circulating around, but always is. 

Sokka: The Brilliant but Lazy kid who would be competing with Azula for grades but usually has to have additional motivation to try, but he studies like crazy for big tests. He can be kind of pretentious sometimes when it comes to science, and reads too many mystery novels, but opens up over time to become a more fun individual. Has a following of crushes he’s only vaguely aware about. 

Toph: The rich delinquent, she’s rumored to have been engaging in gambling around campus, but so far, no one’s been able to catch her at it. Her out of school life is shrouded in mystery, yet always seems to have money to spare. Her grades are mostly Cs because in her words “passing is fine.”

Zuko: Resident teen rebel, he doesn’t get along with most of the teachers at all and prefers to keep to the back of the class. Frequently failing several classes and doesn’t know what to do (too proud to go to his sister for help), but a crumbling home life factors into it as well. Too outspoken about his opinions to be much fun in a debate. 

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Friday night dinner with the LA institute

What would happens if the blackthorns and the other residents of the LA institute venture outside for dinner (in a world where no one dies)

- They grab the largest table in the crowded restaurant and amp up the overall volume by 600%, except Arthur who takes his seat quietly reading

- Cristina ends up sitting squished in a booth seat between Mark and Kieran, all their shoulders touching *best awkward turtles*
(Emma was originally sitting between them but then pointed to a cloud and mysteriously disappeared *emma go bye bye*)

- Heline are set up on Ty’s phone Skype and eat at the same time “Position me a bit to the right, Ty, I wanna see Tavvy..and Livvy whats under the table?”

- Livvy and Kit argue about the photos on the menu - “of course its a pancake…”

- Ty finds a tiny garden spider on his way in “I’m going to adopt it and call it…christopher” *smiles shyly*

- Dru covers her hands with tomato ketchup and tries to convince Tavvy its blood like a gore film, and Tavvy tries to convince Julian of the same 

- Food arrives and Emma gets into a ‘disagreement’ with the waitress about the type of cheese on her sandwich “I kNOW this is Cheddar not Tasty - COME AT ME” and pulls out Cortana

- Mark warns Kieran not to eat the faux strawberries in the restaurant decor “these LA fruits are terrible, trust me”  

- Livvy stands up and says “Can everyone please try to look normal and smile for my fam selfie please?!”

- Dru is busy ketchup-hugging a squealing Tavvy 

- Julian is obsessing about how Emma casually touched this hand when reaching for the salt “Sure i’ll pass the salt…*in his head* i love you more than all the salt in the land” 

- Cristina suddenly turns - “Mark why are you putting your food under the table…wait wait ARE YOU FEEDING A LAMP?!?!!?”

- Diana vanishes out the window with Gwyn 

- In the excitement, one hair on Diego’s head goes slightly astray 

- Arthur is still sitting in the corner seat reading 

- Despite the havoc they caused Julian convinces the restaurant manager to give them a discount and promises to be back next week! 

Klangst Week: Day 2 - Mistakes/Faith


Summary: Lance can’t remember faces. Not even family members. Not until he met Keith. Why did he have to fuck it up? Lance’s POV:

I couldn’t tell anyone I was sick. How would they treat me?
No one would let someone like me be a paladin of Voltron. They’d misunderstand; think I would hurt someone. People underestimate me enough as it is; I could never let anyone know my secret.

I can’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t have prosopagnosia.
This basically means that I can’t remember faces, even family members.

We found out when I was young. Mum and Dad thought I was just getting confused between people because we had such a large family; but when I got older and still had to ask the names of people when they walked in a room we knew something was wrong.

I have little things that help me. Like pointers. Mum had very long dark hair and it was always braided.
Dad was the only one old enough to have a beard.

When I see someone, even siblings, it is like they are a stranger to me. I have learnt how to identify most of my family, but it takes a while.

We decided not to tell Garrisons when I applied about my disease. They would never let me in.

After a few months I could point out the smallest person and the largest person in the crowd to be my team mates Hunk and Pidge.

But then I saw him.
A black mullet, seemingly purple eyes and a deep frown.

I didn’t know what it was but his face stuck with me. I could see him. FINALLY someone I didn’t forget.

I wanted to be near him at all times. Remembering someone felt amazing.

But one day, I walked into class, a sea of strangers. Instead of identifying the mullet and taking a seat behind him. Instead of being obnoxiously loud so that maybe he would turn around. I saw no one. I had been told that I had moved up to fighter pilot but I didn’t know that this was the cost.

My one face. The only one that I remembered. Gone.

The night that I spotted him. The night we rescued Shiro and Voltron was reformed was the best night of my life. I had my face back. My one face. Keith’s face; his beautiful, gorgeous face!

I grew close with everyone on that ship but no one as much as Keith.

I still never told anyone about my disability, not even when Keith and I started dating.

It was fine mostly. Everyone had their colours. I could identify a Galra or alien rather quickly. It was easy enough.

Until one night when it all came crashing down.

Growing up, I had never had alcohol before. I had joined Voltron as a teenager had never had a drop in my life. Two years later I am still here and am a legal age. I had never experienced the effects of alcohol on my brain and no one knew of my disease so couldn’t tell me that drinking it was a very, very bad idea.

“Come on, babe. We’ll be late to the party.” Called Keith as he stood at the door of our shared room looking at his watch.

I sighed waking over to him from my spot on our bed and began adjusting his tie.
“I know, sorry, you jut look so good in a suit.”

Keith rolled his eyes and slapped my arm away from his collar.

“Agh! be good. We are meeting the elders of the Blade tonight. Leave your horniness behind.”

“Fine… love you.” I said hopefully, moving my arms back around Keith’s neck and resting then on his shoulders.

“Love you.” He sighed and leaned in to peck me quickly. “But we have to go. You coming?” He said as he stepped away from me and started to walk down the hall.

I ran to catch up with him and grabbed his hand in my own.
“Did I ever tell you that you have the most beautiful face.”

“Only every day, Lance.”


The ground was moving, the room was spinning. Was everyone swaying or was I? This was a bad idea. I couldn’t see who anyone was and my brain was pounding against my skull.

I tried to hard to focus on just one face but I couldn’t keep myself still.

I tripped and fell trying to get my balance as I searched for anything to hold onto to keep myself upright.

Then I saw him.
Black Mullet… check.
Suit… check.
Small… check.
Keith. Over by some old people looking very serious.

It must be him. He’s the only one I remember. And everything seems to check out.

In my drunken state I forced my way over to him and just as I was about to collapse I fell into his safe, strong arms.

“Wow, you okay there?”
His voice was so deep. Deeper then usual. I must be pissed.

He looked good though even if he was a little blurry.

So I did what I always did when I was with Keith. I leaned over and kissed him. He was so warm.



I let go of Keith and turned to where I heard his voice.

‘Two Keith’s?’

The music had stopped and everyone was looking at me. Hundreds of strange faces that I should know but didn’t.

“Wait Keith?” I called out to my boyfriend, searching for him.

“Yeah, Keith.” His voice said coldly. “Or did you forget I existed while you were making out with this alien?”
He yelled, clearly hurt.

“What!?” I stumbled up to face the Keith that I had been kissing.
Black mullet.
Black clothes
And… green skin, three eyes, seemingly female and is definitely not Keith.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck!“

I searched for the real Keith in the crowd, instantly finding my one face. It was distorted in the angriest expression.


‘Not good.’


Sorry it’s late. Thanks to my mental illness… yay

The Killers just headlined Glastonbury 2017 from a mid afternoon John Peel Stage secret set

It may still be light out, but make no bones about it – Brandon Flowers just planted his flag firmly in the Worthy Farm turf.

Their appearance on Worthy Farm has been whispered for a while now, but the closer we get, the more certain their appearance becomes. Still, it can’t really be happening, can it? The Killers – a band who can headline festivals this size, playing midway through the day in the John Peel tent?

Mere seconds before they hit the stage, with the largest crowd the stage has seen all weekend (and perhaps ever) waiting with baited breath, that iconic K is uncovered. Its light shines out. This is happening.

If any band claims to have more indie bangers in the last fifteen years than The Killers, they’re lying. Not just a little bit, either. Kicking off with ‘When You Were Young’, they follow it up with ‘Somebody Told Me’. Not long later there’s ‘Human’ and ‘Smile Like You Mean It’, before unleashing new single ‘The Man’ – a track with so much disco fever it’s a surprise Barry Gibb isn’t summoned from his main stage Pyramid legends slot. Radiohead left their big songs to the end, Foo Fighters made each one last ten minutes – The Killers are going to headline this thing regardless of the slot they’re booked in.

‘Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll’ recalls an era where, even on their debut album, the Las Vegas troupe felt like they had stardust running through their veins. ‘Runaways’ feels like a bonafide anthem, the crowd singing back every word, but that’s nothing compared to ‘All These Things That I Have Done’ – a song that provokes a singalong so extreme it’s refrain doesn’t even need a prompt to come hurtling back at deafening volumes.

And then there’s ‘Mr Brightside’.

When you’re younger, sometimes you’ll come across grown ups who tell you that your music is throw away. That the bands you like, they’ll never go down in legend like the bands they did. In ten, twenty years, they’ll be forgotten. ‘Mr Brightside’ is the cherry on top of the cake for a band who take that backwards logic and stomp it into the dirt where it belongs. There’s quite probably not a song in the last fifteen years that can touch The Killers’ iconic calling card, and Glastonbury knows it. The Pyramid Stage would tremble in the face of this reaction.

There may be a few hours of 2017’s left festival yet, but the results are in. The Killers are back, and boy, do they mean business.

📝Dork Magazine • Dan Harrison
📸Alicia Cantor
My First Day of Japanese High School!


{Warning- this is an extremely long post. I apologize for the giant text wall!}

Today was my first day of school here in Japan! Well, almost first day- today I was just there for a few hours to take a tour and give my self introduction. But I still count it as my first day because I am now officially a student of Fujimigaoka.

I woke up at 5:30 (which is the same time I woke up in America) and went upstairs to eat breakfast. After eating I went to get ready. Right now all the students are still wearing their summer uniforms. I will make a video all about my uniforms, but I don’t have everything yet so I will wait until I have all the pieces to make the video. The belt was too big for me, so I didn’t wear that. In the summer you can either wear long-sleeve or short-sleeve blouses, so I chose the short-sleeve one for today (Japan is so humid!). On top of the shirt is the sweater vest, and although it’s cute I don’t understand why it’s necessary in summer! Everything seemed to fit, but the vest was a little baggy around the arms- at the fitting they kept giving me bigger sizes even though I told them that the medium was fine. But the story about my uniform fitting is for another time (^ u ^)

At around 9:10, my host mom and I left the house; but first we took some pictures. I look so awkward (> u <) Of course on my first day it happened to be raining- only lightly, but I was hoping for some sun. Just as we stepped out of the house and onto the sidewalk, my host Rotary counselor pulled up in his car. Even though the train station is only a three minute walk, he offered to drive us there; we were all going to meet up at the station anyways, so we thought that we might as well go together. At the station my host mom charged one of the older train cards my host family had so I didn’t have to buy a ticket every time. This is what the card looks like (it’s a popular train pass brand here):

As you can see, mine’s a little beat up! Oh well, it still works and that’s all that really matters. Tokyo train stations are so busy and crowded, especially in the morning rush. The previous night my host dad explained to me my train route to school. I have to take two trains, but the entire journey only takes about ten minutes. The maps of the train lines are a little confusing, even though all of the stations and routes have the names printed in English. I guess it’s difficult because there are just so many train lines. At the station I also met my counselor’s assistant- she is such a sweet lady. Everyone was commenting how cute I looked in my uniform (I disagree- I don’t think it looks good on me!). The route to my school is so confusing, even my counselors and host mom struggled a bit to navigate the stations. But somehow we finally made it to the right area. From the last station it’s about a five minute walk to my school. My host mom held the umbrella over me so I could film the walk there (I filmed it not only for YouTube but for me to watch it and memorize the route). Everyone here has been so supportive of my YouTube channel- I’m so happy!

When we entered the school, one of the ladies at the desk showed us the cubby slots to place our shoes in. We had to change into these really attractive (can you feel my sarcasm?) indoor slippers which had the school name printed on them. The front mat had the school crest on it (almost everything at Fujimigaoka seems to have the school crest!).

We were all led into a conference room, and in a few minutes the school principle and vice principle came in to go over the basic formalities. They had my Rotary application and proceeded to ask me questions about myself. Some of the questions I could have answered in Japanese, but I was so nervous that my mind blanked and English came out of my mouth before I could stop myself. The principle asked me what I like to do, what my parents do, and if I knew Japanese. When I said my mom is a doctor, he looked stunned. He said I come from a very respectable family. I told them I’ve been studying for six years, and took one Japanese course at school; he almost rolled off his chair in surprise. They told me that I didn’t have to worry about the self-intro speech, and that I could do it in English or a mix of Japanese in English. I surprised everyone, including my counselors, when I said that I was going to do the entire thing in Japanese. The principles said they looked forward to hearing it, and then they took their leave to prepare for the opening ceremony. My counselor asked me if I wrote my speech in romaji (Japanese wrtitten with the english alphabet), and my host mom stepped in and said it was all in Kana and Kanji. I passed them my notebook, and my counselor’s jaw hit the table.

I was getting a little more nervous as I heard the all the chatter of the other students on their way to the auditorium. Soon I would be in that auditorium, in front of everyone, giving my speech. Everyone kept telling me to relax, and I did my best but I was still on edge. When one of the teachers came to escort us to the auditorium, I almost tripped because my feet were unsteady. This was going to be the largest crowd I have ever spoken in front of. The building itself is huge, and it’s six stories high- I barely saw even a quarter of the entire campus. I had seen pictures of the auditorium online, but it was even bigger in person. The bleachers were almost entirely filled; all of the girls were chatting and sharing stories of what they did over the summer. Many of them noticed me standing awkwardly in the doorway. I sat down off to the side with my host mom and counselors; my moment was approaching quickly. But first the principle said his opening words. After him, the two new English language teachers from the UK gave their self introductions. It didn’t sound like they knew Japanese that well; my host mom leaned over and said my speech was much more advanced.

One of the teachers is from London, and the other is from Scotland. They both seem really nice and energetic- I hope I get to meet them in person later. The Scottish teacher had spent a year of university in New York, so maybe I can ask him about that later. They both went through powerpoint presentations about themselves, and the students seemed pretty enthusiastic about it. Finally, after all of that was done it was finally my turn. I gave my camera to my host mom so she could film, and I waited to go up on stage while the principle introduced me. He said a little about me, and the second he mentioned I was from America I heard a squeal from the girls. But the the thing that surprised me the most was the reaction I got when he mentioned my mom is a doctor. There was a loud gasp of awe from the entire auditorium- I think being a doctor is a pretty big deal here in Japan. I was ushered onto the stage and told to go to the podium. Because the indoor slippers had no grip, my sock-covered feet kept sliding out of them, so I had to concentrate really hard on not losing a slipper as I made my way up the stage stairs.

The lights felt way too bright, but as I looked out at the crowd, everyone looked really friendly and eager to hear what I had to say. I took a deep breath and began. There were a few parts I stumbled over, but the crowd was hanging onto my every word. When I said my Japanese isn’t very good, everyone started making sounds of disagreement. I think they thought I was joking, because there was a little laughter too. There was a huge roar of applause when I finished, but when the principle mentioned that I would be studying here for a year one group in the crowd started clapping and bouncing in their seats- they looked really excited and happy that I am going to stay for so long. I bowed to everyone and returned to my seat. Everyone congratulated me on my speech, and I left the auditorium feeling a little lighter. But I wasn’t done quite yet. Later I would go to my class and make another self-intro speech.

We went back to the same meeting room to leave our things, and then I went with the teacher, my host mom, and my counselor’s assistant to a room where I would be fitted for my gym uniforms. There are so many pieces to a Japanese school uniform; I have so much Fujimigaoka merchandise now! I had to change into the uniforms to try them on. Again, no one believes me when I said I needed a size medium, and they gave all larges. But once I emerged from the dressing room looking like an oompa-loompa in the oversized clothes they immediately gave me the right sizes. I have a summer and winter gym uniform, and a separate gym skirt for dance class. Ugh, I hate gym class because I am terrible at sports. Back in America I wouldn’t have to take gym anymore, but it looks like I will never escape PE! I also got fitted for my cleaning apron- in Japan the children clean the schools; there are no janitors. Finally I was allowed to change back into my regular uniform. I hope we have a lot of time to change, because it takes forever to button and unbutton my shirt!

After I changed back we went to my classroom. The room itself is pretty small. All of my classmates were there, and they started squealing as soon as I came in. I gave a very short introduction, because they just heard my long one, and then I said goodbye (I won’t be going to school again until Monday, September 7th- that will be my first full day). In the next class over, there is a girl who will be coming with me on the train every day and helping me out for the first few months. I am so grateful for that- she is so nice! I hope we become good friends. For the next hour or so we were talking with my teacher in the meeting room. My host mom and counselor were asking different question, and because it was all in really fast Japanese I kind of zoned out. I know I should have been more attentive, but I was exhausted and I felt a headache coming on. I knew my host mom would explain everything to me later. I also got my school schedule- I will explain it in another post once my classes are finalized. I was asked what clubs I want to join, and I said calligraphy, flower arranging, or tea ceremony. Because I said I like art, sensei (teacher) asked me to help paint things for the upcoming school festival.

Finally around 1:00 PM we were ready to return home. I bid my teachers farewell, and my host mom and I started our journey back. My host mom got me a nice new train card, and she said we have to find a cute train card pouch for me to keep it in.

 On the way we stopped at the store and picked up some bento meals for lunch; I chose オムライス (omuraisu- omelette rice). Its an omelette on top of a bed of rice with sauce drizzled on it. It is so yummy!

We got home around 1:30 PM, I ate, and I fell asleep on the couch. It was a long, tiring day- but it was a great first day of school. I’m excited to see how the rest of the year goes!

(Video of my first day will be posted soon!)

Emerald Eyes

Title: Emerald Eyes

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3k (go me!)

Warnings: language, angst, mention of a break up and related emotions, fluff, kissing, dry humping, threatening, mild violence.

A/N: This fic is inspired by the song “Song on Fire” by Nickelback. I’ve been listening to them a lot lately because I’m going to see them live in September, and I’m stoked. Anyway, this just came to me when I listened to the song for the first time. Italicized and bolded words are lyrics. Sorry I do so many song related fics. Music is just a huge part of my life. And this didn’t quite come out as planned. It’s a bit of a babbling mess. But, whatever. Anyway, here’s this. Enjoy.

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It had been eight months since you had left for good. Since you left hunting, life on the road. Eight months since you had left Dean Winchester.

It wasn’t one fight or one incident that urged you to leave. It was the endless travel, never having a home base, and most of all, watching each other die. The last time Dean had died, you vowed to never let yourself watch someone you love so much suffer. So, you moved to Nashville to pursue a career in your other talent, music.

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MCU Photoshoot


You tried to stop him, but he was gone, disappearing into the crowd, an immense crowd, the largest crowd of actors outside of an awards show that you had ever seen. Everybody was there, and when you said everybody, you meant everybody. Even actors whose films weren’t even filming yet were there, every phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s heroes and villains all gathered together in one place.

You scanned the crowd, trying to find Chris. You saw him for a brief second standing beside Chris Pratt, their heads together, sharing some secret, but then he was gone, moving onto the next group of people - Chadwick and Don, but he didn’t stay there long, darting away to say hello to someone else.

He was all over the place, bouncing around like an excited puppy, trying to talk to everybody at once, his blue eyes flashing with glee, his laughter echoing off the walls of the immense space. You finally caught up with him when he stopped beside Jeremy, Scarlett and Mark.

Mark had his phone out, of course, filming, which you were pretty sure was against the rules, but that didn’t usually stop Mark. You waved at the camera when it panned your way, Robert right next to you. Chris was waving like crazy, murmuring “hi, hi, hi” repeatedly, making you giggle. He swung around and hugged Robert before darting off again.

“Sheesh, calm down, Dorito,” Robert chuckled.

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On this day in music history: November 20, 1984 - Pop superstar Michael Jackson is awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Presented by then Hollywood, CA mayor Johnny Grant and Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce President Bill Welsh, Michael Jackson receives the 1793rd star on the walk of fame. The star is located at 6927 Hollywood Blvd in front of the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The singer is able to stay at the ceremony for only three minutes. With members of his family and more than 6,000 fans in attendance, it is one the largest crowds to show up for a star unveiling. Jackson’s safety becomes a major concern when the crowd begins to get out of hand after his arrival. It is actually the second time Jackson receives the honor, having been awarded a star as a member of The Jacksons in 1979. The event  caps off an incredible year that seed Jackson sweep the 26th Annual Grammy Awards and earn a place in the Guinness World Book Of Records for having the largest selling album of all time for “Thriller”.  After Jackson’s death in 2009, his star becomes one of the most visited by tourists and fans.

The Entertainer

I am the entertainer
And I know just where I stand
Another serenader
And another long haired band
Today I am your champion
I may have won your hearts
But I know the game, you’ll forget my name
And I won’t be here in another year
If I don’t stay on the charts

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Songs mentioned in this chapter:
Eagles - Take It To The Limit
Heart - (Love Me Like Music) I’ll Be Your Song
Paul McCartney & Wings - Rock Show
Three Dog Night - Joy To The World

Track 07 - Let’s Hit The Road

It was mid October when Halo and I packed up my little Volkswagen Beetle (that I’d named Lovely Rita three years ago) to hit the road for Wildfire’s first west coast tour. Their album had been released a couple weeks prior and was already getting decent reviews. Their first single was also getting airplay and it always made me smile with pride when I’d hear it. As a combination release party and farewell/good luck, they had another show at the Troubadour where I finally got to meet Mr. Irving.

That’s what I called him, Mr. Irving. He’d insisted I not call him Mr. Azoff but simply Irving, but I just couldn’t let the Mr. go. Because despite his small stature, he was most definitely a Mister. He seemed to be very fond of Harry though, which made me feel at ease.

“Don’t forget your camera!” Halo called to me from her bedroom.

“I’ve got it,” I called back.

I’d almost forgotten it, actually. When I had begun packing my suitcase, I suddenly remembered that it was still in my duffle bag that I’d taken with me to Chula Vista. I’d also forgotten about the film in it. Harry had used the rest of it taking photos at the Holiday Inn, but I had yet to get them developed. I was itching to know what they were, but it was too late now, so I’d have to wait even longer. Grabbing my new roll of film that Harry’d bought to replace what he’d used, I tossed it along with my camera in my tote.

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