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Source: Ishuhui Weibo

(On the left - From top to bottom)
The genius of Japanese movies, Ennoshita Chikara. An all-out special edition.
Cinema Haikyuu

“The World of Ennoshita Chikara”

Ennoshita Chikara (Screenplay, Director) x Hinata Shouyou - “Final Haikyuu Quest” is what I handed over
Kageyama Tobio / Tanaka Saeko / Tsukishima Kei
Aone Takanobu (Art Director) x Kamasaki Yasushi (Art Director) - The World of Art in Ennoshita’s Creations

Special Gravure
“Crow’s Angels”
Shimizu Kiyoko x Tanaka Saeko x Yachi Hitoka

Narita Kazuhito VS Yahaba Shigeru VS Izumi Yukitaka - The Genealogy of Ennoshita’s music
Azumane Asahi - Actor, and musician. A meeting that drew out many talents.

(On the right)
All of this will become a legend… (On left in black)
All of America (probably -> added in carrots) cried!! (In orange on right)
Hinata Shouyou / Kageyama Tobio / Michimiya Yui / Oikawa Tooru
Kozume Kenma / Aone Takanobu / Iwaizumi Hajime / Shimizu Kiyoko / Kuroo Tetsurou / Tanaka Ryuunosuke / Nishinoya Yuu / Others (Cast list at bottom)


Design concept that I just came up with today for a custom SNES Reproduction cart of Sailor Moon: Another Story. A fan-translated version of an RPG based on the classic manga and anime series. 

The first is a concept for something that looks like some kind of special, limited edition-style painted cart.

The second is a concept for a more traditional kind of Reproduction style with a non-painted cart.

And the third concept is for the people who would appreciate a more subdued, and subtle color for the label. Admittedly it is easier on the eyes, but not as attention grabbing. The style and the arrangement of the label is also by me.

Also, I should stress that I am not a retro game reproducer or anything. Nor are these available for sale or anything (though if a reproducer would like to use the design, I’m cool with it) I have a much larger, full source label version saved as a psd. I just like designing things and these were created in Photoshop.