larger than the others

The Astrology Behind Visual King: Kim Taehyung

Sun in the 1st House

  • 🌟 a born superstar 🌟
  • these people walk with their heads held high  
    an imposing, regal presence. you know you’re dealing with royalty™
  • the sun is your true identity so people with it in the 1st house are very confident and self-assured!
  • charisma is in their second nature 
  • either friendly or quite intimidating, depending on rising sign
  • but usually very warm and inviting, others feels reinvigorated in their presence 

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  • the sun represent the father and male figures so people with this placement often have very masculine features 
  • and strongly resemble their father 

(his family is so precious i cri!!)

  • bones structure for daysss 📐📏
  • faces are symmetrical af how tf do you guys do that 
  • feline features 🐯🦁
  • above average height  
  • powerful eyebrows (have mercy)
  • and most importantly:
  • ☀️ sun kissed skin ☀️

Jupiter in the 1st House

  • jupiter rules youth, luck, and everything fun and playful 🌈
  • the biggest goofballs ever!!
  • a humorous demeanor
  • experts at making other laugh with their larger than life attitudes 
  • always have a mischievous glint in their eyes 
  • their overall movement is grande and carefree. very animated
  • speech and mannerisms 

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  • jupiter also brings excess so you could they have a little extra junk in the trunk if u know what i mean ;)
  • a thicc bih 🍑💦💦
  • big huGE smiles that light up their entire face 💕💞💘
  • full, round faces 
  • tend to gain weight easily/weight often fluctuates
  • chubby cheeks! 🍞
  • large eyes, foreheads, and other big features 
  • exotic, ethereal looks, as if they come from a far away place 🍃

Because of Trump’ s visit to Israel, I feel the need to reiterate that American Jews voted for Hillary by a larger margin than any other polled religious group, and by a larger margin of ANY subset other than Black voters. Jews, at least those in America, do NOT support Trump. He will try and pretend that we do, and use Ivanka and Jared to the effect, but he is, as always, lying.

Caracal also known as desert lynx, can survive for long periods without water. Their ears are larger than other big cats, allowing them to navigate preys and escape danger better. They are known for their bird-catching abilities and because of their good sense of hearing they can easily detect birds flying, even birds with specially adapted feathers for silent flight like owl. Altogether, with their long legs and big paws they can leap up into the air to successfully catch their prey.


Most frogs are extremely vocal during the mating season, but the goliath frog is not.  In fact, it has no vocal cords, despite having excellent hearing!  During the breeding season, males will push rocks together into semi-circular nests where they will battle with other males to attract females.  The females will lay strings of several hundred eggs attached to masses of a single aquatic plant on the river bed.  Her tadpoles will feed only on this species of plant for the first three months of their lives before they metamorphose.  

Oddly, considering the adult frog’s giant size, the eggs and tadpoles are no larger than those of other frogs when they are young, though they grow to be quite large as they approach metamorphosis!

11 Electrifying Facts about Jellyfish

Some are longer than a blue whale. Others are barely larger than a grain of sand. One species unleashes one of the most deadly venoms on Earth. Another holds a secret that’s behind some of the greatest breakthroughs in biology. In every way, jellyfish are fascinating creatures and today we’re celebrating them with 11 wild facts!

1. Jellyfish have inhabited the ocean for at least half a billion years, and they’re still flourishing even as the sea changes around them.

2. Jellyfish are soft-bodied sea creatures that aren’t really fish. They’re part of a diverse team of gelatinous zooplankton, zooplankton being animals that drift in the ocean.

3. A noted feature of jellyfish is a translucent bell made of a soft delicate material called mesoglea. Sandwiched between two layers of skin, the mesoglea is more than 95% water held together by protein fibers. The jellyfish can contract and relax their bells to propel themselves. They don’t have a brain or a spinal cord, but a neural net around the bell’s inner margin forms a rudimentary nervous system that can sense the ocean’s currents and the touch of other animals.

4. Jellyfish don’t have typical digestive systems, either. These gelatinous carnivores consume plankton and other small sea creatures through a hole in the underside of their bells.

5. The nutrients that jellyfish consume are absorbed by an inner layer of cells with waste excreted back through their mouths.

6. One species of jellyfish glows green when it’s agitated, mostly thanks to a biofluorescent compound called green fluorescent protein, or GFP. Scientists isolated the gene for GFP and figured out how to insert it into the DNA of other cells. There, it acts like a biochemical beacon, marking genetic modifications, or revealing the path of critical molecules. Scientists have used the glow of GFP to watch cancer cells proliferate, track the development of Alzheimer’s, and illuminate countless other biological processes. Developing the tools and techniques from GFP has netted three scientists a Nobel Prize in 2008, and another three in 2014.

7. The jellyfish’s sting, which helps it capture prey and defend itself, is its most infamous calling card. In the jelly’s epidermis, cells called nematocysts lie coiled like poisonous harpoons. When they’re triggered by contact, they shoot with an explosive force. It exerts over 550 times the pressure of Mike Tyson’s strongest punch to inject venom into the victim. 

8. The venom of one box jellyfish can kill a human in under five minutes, making it one of the most potent venoms of any animal in the world.

9. Jellyfish who may be the most successful organisms on Earth. There are more than 1,000 species of jellyfish, and many others that are often mistaken for them.

10. Ancient fossils prove that jellyfish have inhabited the seas for at least 500 million years, and maybe go back over 700 million. That’s longer than any other multi-organ animal. And as other marine animals are struggling to survive in warmer and more acidic oceans, the jellyfish are thriving, and perhaps getting even more numerous.

11. Some jellyfish can lay as many as 45,000 eggs in a single night. And there’s some jellyfish whose survival strategy almost sounds like science fiction. When the immortal jellyfish is sick, aging, or under stress, its struggling cells can change their identity. The tiny bell and tentacles deteriorate and turn into an immature polyp that spawns brand new clones of the parent.

From the TED-Ed Lesson Jellyfish predate dinosaurs. How have they survived so long? - David Gruber

Animation by Silvia Prietov


I’m sure aliens have some sort of concept of a never-ending thing, so when they learn about infinity, they aren’t too surprised. But what would they think about everything we do with infinity? 

For example, the concept of multiple infinities, with some infinities being larger than others?

Alien: But, aren’t these sets both never-ending? If so, then, this can’t be larger than the other infinity.
Human: Yes, they’re both infinite, but there are more numbers between 0 and 1 than there are counting numbers.
Alien: I dont understand.
Human: So basically, if you were to try and pair the counting numbers with a number between 0 and 1 you’d always have a new decimal even after you’ve exhausted the counting numbers.
Alien: But??? They’re never-ending sets? You can’t exhaust them??
Alien: *exhasperated screeching*

When aliens try to find a reason as to why humans do this with numbers, they get even more confused, because there are humans who believe that all the stuff about infinity is useless nonsense. 

Humans are weird

So I recently got into the whole “humans are weird/space orcs” thing and it got me thinking, what if we are one of the only intelligent species that lives in large groups? Like, that would be a MASSIVE advantage. Not only would it make us more of a threat to species that live in groups of a dozen or so, but it would also probably boost our technological advancement to a ridiculous speed. But even so we lack a biological caste system which means we have much greater social flexibility than other high population species might. We might be terrifying to other species because a human crew is larger than their city, but none of the humans are unable to do another’s job. Imagine the aliens make a last ditch attempt to stop the human invasion by killing the commander. They succeed and begin to celebrate their victory over these monsters. Then a week later the humans launch a counter attack as revenge. Their superior weapons and ability to take up the responsibilities of their comrades leave the aliens completely unprepared. The result is a massacre.

I wanted to correct some things and explain everything

Aries is of course full of heart, Mars rules the blood and desire and passion, the Aries is lead by the instincts of heart, purely innocent and childlike, unashamedly devoted and loyal, the heart of a child 

And Venus is ruled by Taurus, the heart could only be overflowing, to full, because everything is pure, sensual love reflected back at Taurus

And Gemini is full of love because there are two in there, two people full of love, double the heart 

Compassion, motherly love, and devotion guides Cancer, they have romantic and sensitive hearts, they see soul and innocence in everybody, they want to repair everyone’s heart 

And Leo rules the heart, the Sun rules Leo, everything orbits the sun, which is the heart of the solar system, the Leo vibration is the pure, creative love of God

Virgo’s soul ruler is the moon, the motherly love that transcends all space and time, Virgo operates on behalf of others, devoting themselves to larger-than personal causes, their labour is that of pure love

Libra is of course, the pearl of Venus, the radiance of love, acceptance, kindness, and relationship. Libra is the channel of heavenly love, a romance with angels

There is nothing Scorpio approaches without heart, its so powerful and intense it consumes and devours anything tempting, love, passion, people, the heart’s desire expands infinity 

Sagittarius exhibits the heart of the universe, God’s secret lover, they fall in love with everything, they make love with sunrises and salt water and culture and music 

Capricorn exhibits the noble heart, devoted to larger-than personal causes, a motherly heart that is programmed to beat o behalf of others, brave and big, innocent 

Aquarius is the heart of humanity, the lover of the natural kingdom, mystical life, and the collective, there is so much love in Aquarius that it must be bottled, preserved and scattered across humanity 

Pisces is the vibration of pure love. Neptune is the spiritual sun so Neptune is the beat of the heart drum that echoes through the whole universe, Pisces finds true love, pure true love, with anything and everything, love surrounds Pisces when they truly cherish those soul eyes…

Kennel Career

Cynn was new to the kennel. She had just begun her job there four days
earlier. In general, only staff who had worked at the kennel for three or more
months was tapped for overnight duty but due to recent budget cuts and a
staff and volunteer shortage, all staff were eligible for overnight duty. One
Friday night, Cynn’s boss asked if she would volunteer for extended overnight
duty. There were no other staff available and the kennel would not be open to
customers but he needed someone to look after the dogs for the next three
days and four nights–he was going on vacation. Cynn agreed. Little did she
know, this would be the start of her Kennel career.

The first night, Cynn went through the normal round of checks–she made sure
the cages were clean, the dogs had plenty of water, the cages were locked, all
doors were locked, and the dogs were clean and fed. Earlier, when she had
walked the dogs, four had gotten loose and rolled around in the mud. She was
going to have to bathe them before she put them in their cages for the night.

The first dog was an Irish Wolfhound. He was pretty big but fairly easy to
handle. Unfortunately, he seemed to want to play instead of get his bath. By
the time Cynn got him into the shower, she was soaked. So she decided to
take off her clothes and shower with the dog. What could it hurt? He was just
a dog. So, after pulling off her wet clothes she went to the Irish Wolfhound’s
cage and led him into the shower. The dog was frisky and slippery. She
dropped the brush she was using to clean him and it fell into one of the side
traps in the floor. To retrieve it she had to get on all fours.

She almost had the brush when the Irish Wolfhound jumped up on her back.
She tried to throw him off and stand up but he growled and lightly bit her neck.
She felt something pointy and hot poking at her backside. She looked between
her legs and saw the biggest dog cock she had ever seen. The Wolfhound was
desperately trying to get his cock into her. She froze. She had heard about
people having sex with animals but she never really believed it. She even had
to admit she was turned on by stories of animals banging women. Instead of
being scared, she was now turned on. She spread her legs a little giving the
dog better access to her cunt. Success! The dog’s cock slipped right into
her. He was soooo big! His cock must have been 9 inches long and 3
around. It was also very hot. The dog began humping her for all he was worth.
No man had ever pounded into her as fast and as hard as this dog was. She
could feel some of his cum inside her but knew there was more to come. Then
she felt something huge banging at the door to her cunt. She looked between
her legs again and saw the dog’s knot. It was the size of a grapefruit! She
wasn’t sure she wanted that inside her. But she didn’t have a choice. The
wolfhound gave three massive lunges and the knot jammed inside her. The
dog thrust four more times, trying to bury into her and then she felt a surge of
hot liquid erupt into her. The dog had cum inside her! Now that the dog had
quite pounding her and the pain from his knot was subsiding Cynn thought
about what had just happened.

She had been fucked by a dog. And she liked it! She hadn’t cum but she
loved the feel of the dog pounding into her; she could even get used to the
knot being inside her; and the cum! It was hotter than anything she had ever
had inside her.

By now the dog grown tired and turned so they were butt to butt. Five minutes
later, his cock dropped out of her cunt with a loud pop. She was getting ready
to stand up when suddenly another dog jumped on her back. She looked
around and realized she had left the cages for the other three dogs open. They
were now crowded around her and each had a massive cock hanging between
its legs.

The dog on her back now was a large dog named Buster. Buster had no trouble
finding her cunt opening. His cock jammed right into her and he became
ramming into her. He was like a jackhammer. Fast, hard thrusts. He was
about the same size as the first dog and since she had survived that fuck
alright, Cynn decided to let herself go with this one. She opened her legs,
leaned down on her forearms, and put her ass high in the air. Buster took this
as accent and began ramming her even harder and faster. She could feel
something building in her. With each of buster’s thrusts she tingled more and
more. When he began ramming her hard trying to get his knot into her she
began pushing her ass back on the dog cock. As Buster jammed his knot into
her, Cynn experienced her hardest orgasm ever. She screamed with its
impact. And has Buster poured his dog cum into her, her muscles milked his
cock for every last drop!

Once Buster was done, Cynn quickly contemplated whether she could handle
two more dog fucks. She was very tired and her cunt ached. But, she thought
just a little too long. The huge Alaskan Husky that had been impatiently
pacing around her and Buster jumped on her back. His cock kept stabbing at
her but never seemed to reach the right hole. She finally reached back
between her legs and grabbed hold of his cock. It was then she realized this
cock was substantially larger than the previous two. It was at least 11 inches
in length and a good 3 to 4 in girth. If it was this big now, how big would the
knot be? She quickly tried to push the dog off her but he weighed a good 90
pounds and was lust-crazed. He growled and bit her shoulder. Realizing she
was stuck, Cynn placed the tip of his cock at the opening of her cunt. He
reared back and slammed all of it into her in one thrust. She screamed. The
dog went wild. He was pounding into her so hard and deep he was actually
moving her closer to the wall. She steadied herself and positioned her arms to
take the pressure of his pounding cock. As he fucked her, the dogs cock got
bigger, it was now tearing at the walls of her cunt. If she didn’t
have two loads of dog cum in her she knew she would have been in a world of hurt. As it was,
she wasn’t sure what she felt most…Pain or pleasure. She had never been so
full. The dog cock filled her up completely. The friction created by his
increasingly fast humping was driving her crazy. The dog was going crazy.
She felt his drool on her back. He was emitting this deep grunts with every
thrust and he kept humping her faster and faster. For the second time in her
life, Cynn had a mind blowing orgasm. She screamed her way through it and
thought she would pass out.

Then the dog succeeded in shoving his knot into her. Instead of stopping his
thrusts, he continued to hammer into her. Cynn came again. And just as she
was emerging from that orgasm the dog let loose a surge of cum that triggered
another orgasm. Now, both she and the dog were panting. Her arms were lying
flat on the shower floor and her head was cradled on them. The dog lay heavily
on her for several minutes. Finally, the dog moved off her as his cock dropped
out of her. Cynn quickly jumped up knowing she could not take another dog
fuck tonight.

Jack, the last of the four dogs, growled and backed her up until she
hit the wall of the shower. He had just seen three dogs fuck the crap out of her and he
wanted his turn. She tried to calm him by speaking in a soft voice but it didn’t
work. She tried to edge around him but he kept up with her every movement.
Cynn finally decided she was going to have to make a run for it. The door was
just a 10 feet away. Jack seemed to sense her intent. He positioned himself
squarely between her and the door. Cynn tried everything she could distract
him. She even called one of the other dogs over to her. Jack turned on that
dog (as Cynn knew he would) and she took off running. She was almost
through the door when Jack tackled her. He growled menacingly and without
waiting for her to get on all fours Jack rammed his huge cock into her cunt. He
plowed into her again and again for what seemed like forever. Having a much
larger cock than any of the other dogs, Jack’s knot was huge. It took nearly
ten minutes for him to jam it into Cynn. While Jack concentrated on showing
his bitch she shouldn’t run from him, Cynn experienced three more mind-
blowing orgasms. And as Jack reared back, plunged into her, and jetted what
seemed to be gallons of cum into her ravaged cunt, Cynn passed out.

An hour later, Cynn woke up in a pool of dog cum. She was laying half in and
half out of the door to the main kennel. She looked back. All the dogs were
asleep in their cages. As she crawled through the door she smiled. She had
three more nights in which to fuck the remaining 15 dogs in the kennel.

This post contains the intention of pointing out basic physical traits according to ascendant/rising sign.  Planets conjunct the ascendant can modify the overall physical body feature and appearance.

With Aries rising with physical body becomes ruled by planet Mars.  Distinctive facial feature are often present that really stand.  The face itself can be of a triangular shape; often long and thick while possessing high cheek bones.  The forehead is often of a broad stature with hair that is rough or wiry.  The hair line, especially in men, is prone to a receding nature at the temple and prone to early hair loss.  

Prominent eye brows are usually present, sometimes being bushy.  The neck line is often thick and muscular; especially if it’s worked on. Often the face, temple or forehead region have scars or marks on them that are distinguishable.

The physical body itself often contains a strong up rite bone structure to support a muscular and athletic body tone.  Despite a more muscular build the body height can be a bit shorter towards average in most cases.  The skin can be golden or have a bronze type tint to it.  The walking is confident with an upright posture about it.  There is much purpose in the steps often ripe with determination.  A healthy looking complexion is a strong way to sum up the overall physical physique.

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Things you'll need for a crystal grid.

A center stone should always be present. This crystal is the all-important communicator acting as the broadcaster of your crystal grids intentions, transforming them into vibrational frequency sending them into the universe. It is the most important piece in your crystal grid, centrally located and larger than the other pieces.

The amount of surrounding stones you use will depend on your personal preference and the design you may choose. To add more dimensions and expand on your design by adding another ring of stones around the first called an outer grid.

An activation crystal is what you use to direct your intentions and energy into your crystal grid. It is your own energy. A crystal or mineral or stone is ideal because it amplify the energies of your grid.

Some optional stuff:

A mirror can help magnify your intentions. By adding a mirror under your grid or under the center stone will help magnify it.

Aligning your grid with the north-south magnetic alignment of the planet could be of good use. Find a good compass that is reliable, not a cheap toy out of a cereal box.

To direct your grid towards another person or area you can use a photo of a person. Make sure the photo was taken when the person was happy and healthy. If you don’t have a picture you can always just write their name on a piece of paper and place it under the center stone. If you’re sending energy to a location on the planet you can use a map of the area and placed it under your grid. If your healing the entire planet a photo of the earth would be ideal.


How To Engage Your Players

I’ve been thinking about how lately how to engage players at the table when running a campaign as it’s a problem I’ve definitely had in the past. I don’t believe in the whole, in-game punishment concept, so here are some ideas on how to solve that problem and keep things fun.

Give Your PC Purpose!/Involve Them Into the Story

A lot of times in larger groups, certain PCs tend to grab more of the spotlight than others. This leaves other players feeling left out or unimportant. So the best way may be to simply give them more involvement in the story in a unique or dramatic way. Feeling important or vital to the narrative can really boost engagement. Suddenly after saving the Queen of a foreign kingdom, your Fighter is now an honorary knight of the kingdom and gain a small militia that will assist you in battle whenever you call upon them for aid. Or perhaps your party has been captured by band of powerful thieves, but rather than killing you all outright, they strike a deal with your Rogue to steal a highly dangerous magical item. Another option could be a PC gains some magical ability or object that empowers them, but makes them highly sought after by others.

“My Character Sucks”

Related to the ideas above, sometimes the problem isn’t just getting more involved in the story, but that they have issues with their PC. Perhaps their character isn’t useful or powerful enough. Good fixes for this, magic items. Giving players magic items, not even necessarily Rare or Legendary items can help make them feel more powerful or useful, as long as they don’t have a huge advantage over the other players this may work just fine. Or perhaps your player is running a class that feels relatively weak. The Beast Master archetype for Ranger in 5th edition is honestly quite lacking in many ways. My personal fix for this was giving the Ranger more feats from the Hunter archetype (or possibly making their companion creature stronger/more flexible to use in combat).

“My Character Sucks Part II”

Now if your player is losing interest simply because they don’t LIKE their character, there are two choices they can make. 1.) Have them roll a new character and retire the old one. It’s simple, and gives them a chance to try out a new class and have some fun. But this isn’t always great for narrative purposes and can be a lot more work for YOU. Or quite possible this just won’t solve the issue. So that leaves you with the other choice. 2.) Make the character dynamic. Characters can become boring because they are static, they refuse to change and grow stale. This is often why characters in novels are dynamic characters, they need to change to feel real and remain interesting. Or maybe the character is just a huge asshole. Either way, evolving their character gives them a chance to grow and evolve their character in an exciting way. This could also be something they can work out with you as the DM (which should be less work than writing in a new party member)

One Special Moment/Everybody Gets to be a Star!

I often try to make sure each player has at least one special moment per session (although I’m not always the greatest at it..). As I mentioned above, some players may take a larger control over the narrative or action. Making sure each player has a specific moment crafted for them or their character can be challenging but very rewarding.

Active Engagement

This one seems like an easy one but a DM has to keep track of a LOT of things. I believe your players should be your number one priority. Whenever you see a player seems to be feeling left out or receding into the background, try engaging them by asking their character questions either as the DM or even as an NPC. How does their PC feel about the current situation? What are they doing while the party gets hammered in the tavern? Do they notice something the others don’t? Roll Perception.

Active Engagement (Among Players)

To add onto the idea above, ask your more active players to encourage roleplay and decision making between each other, especially when another player seems to be left out. This can help immensely. Creating strong ties between PCs too can help create a unique and fun dynamic that is not only interesting for the story but can also keep everyone involved.

Removing Cell Phones & Other Distractions

Most everyone keeps their cell phones on hand, so texting, snapchatting, tweeting, etc. can be pretty distracting. Obviously all of these can be used correctly and politely, but I’m sure we’ve all seen players who take this over the top. I had a player who spent nearly an entire session playing an app game, barely looking up except to do something ridiculous or hazardous to the party simply because THEY were “bored.” Taking away one person’s phone is pretty controlling and could even be embarrassing for your friend. So instead, offer that everyone put their phone’s in a bucket when you start playing to keep everyone totally involved in the game. Your own phone as well if you don’t use it for the game. Only times you’re allowed to take them out is when you take a break or need to look something up. (Oh and emergencies too, of course. And ordering pizza)

Discourage Out of Game Discussion

It can difficult to immerse yourself in the game if everyone keeps interrupting the game to talk about their plans for the weekend or a funny picture they saw on Twitter that everyone NEEDS to see. If this is a problem for your players, make sure to include an appropriate amount of breaks while having a session.

Talk To Your Players

If all of the above don’t seem to be working, the best option may be just to simply talk to them. Outside of the game, ask your player(s) what’s preventing them from engaging or involving themselves with the game. There are an infinite number of reasons why, a direct conversation can help bring these reasons to light and give you a chance to work on them. Meet your players half-way. You may want to talk to them directly right away or give them a few sessions to see if the issue resolves itself.

What If None of That Works?

Chances are, maybe this just isn’t the right campaign for your player. Worst case scenario, they just aren’t interested in D&D. This isn’t necessarily a reflection on your DM'ing abilities. It all comes down to personal taste.

Also keep in mind not every player enjoys the game in the same ways. Some players are engaged with the story, but just prefer taking a backseat and watching the others, participating when they feel. This isn’t bad, as long as someone is helping drive the story. I also have tons of players who like to doodle while playing but still remain heavily active and engaged in the campaign. Even cell phone use isn’t a problem for me, especially during combat. In the end, it all comes down the individual. Make sure you get to know your players and what works for them and what doesn’t!

This is all just personal opinion so feel free to add your own ideas by reblogging and adding ideas!