larger than the others


Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother Joseph once claimed to have had a run in with the infamous Jersey Devil. Following Napoleon’s defeat, Joseph went to America where he purchased 800 acres in Bordentown, New Jersey. As he was hunting in the forest near his home, he noticed tracks, seemingly donkey tracks, but if the donkey were walking on its hind legs - upon recounting his tale to friends, Joseph mentioned that one hoof was larger than the other. He followed the tracks curiously until they ended. That’s when the beast let out a hissing sound and he turned to face it. Joseph described the creature as having a horse-like head, a long neck, wings like a bird’s, legs like a crane, and small stumpy arms that ended in paws. Upon freezing, where he and the beast just met eye-to-eye, the creature let out another hiss and took off into the air. 

Differences between The Signs in Each Element

Fire: Passionate, Explosive, Energetic

  • Aries is the most youthful and bossy, they’re more childlike than the others and they’re the most openly aggressive
  • Leo is the most self-oriented, they are more bossy over themselves and their demeanor and they’re more focused on creativity than the others
  • Sagittarius is the most blunt and honest, they’re considerably less aggressive than the other two but are very argumentative. They are wise and philosophical

Air: Intellectual, Social, Logical

  • Gemini is the most witty of the air signs and is generally associated with words and manner of speak. They are the most mischievous and artistic.
  • Libra is the most social, they are the most empathetic and accommodating. They are the most idealist and romanticizing.
  • Aquarius is the most humanitarian. They see things on a larger scale than the others and would be more innovative and quirky.

Earth: Practical, Grounded, Determined

  • Taurus is the most nurturing of the three as well as the most appreciative of nature and beauty in all forms. They are the most stubborn, jealous and patient.
  • Virgo is the most other-oriented of them, even the most introverted Virgo will in some way want to be of use to others. They are the most analytical.
  • Capricorn is the most self-oriented of the Earth signs, they are focused on success no matter what they pursue and they are the most cunning.

Water: Emotional, Artistic, Intuitive

  • Cancer is the most caring and home-oriented of the three, they are quite emotional and nostalgic. They are typically the most emotionally defensive of anything they hold close to them.
  • Scorpio are the most private, they are defensive of their own assets and emotions but are the most resilient and formidable.
  • Pisces is the most spiritually inclined and wise, they are emotionally intelligent and peaceful. They are also the most artistically inclined.

Downy woodpecker (Picoides pubsecens) anatomy

Drawn for my colleagues. On the left, the axial skeleton + pectoral girdle (without any limbs) and the longis colli: the primary muscle responsible for woodpecker drumming. As you might expect, it’s much larger in woodpeckers than other birds.

On the right: all of the above, plus the ol’ pectoralis major, responsible for the downstroke/powerstroke in bird flight.

I will eventually shade the rest of the skeleton.


Most frogs are extremely vocal during the mating season, but the goliath frog is not.  In fact, it has no vocal cords, despite having excellent hearing!  During the breeding season, males will push rocks together into semi-circular nests where they will battle with other males to attract females.  The females will lay strings of several hundred eggs attached to masses of a single aquatic plant on the river bed.  Her tadpoles will feed only on this species of plant for the first three months of their lives before they metamorphose.  

Oddly, considering the adult frog’s giant size, the eggs and tadpoles are no larger than those of other frogs when they are young, though they grow to be quite large as they approach metamorphosis!


Nemi ships

Lake Nemi, Italy

1st century CE

The Nemi Ships were two ships, with one ship larger than the other, built by the Roman emperor Caligula in the 1st century AD at Lake Nemi. Although the purpose of the ships is only speculated on, the larger ship was essentially an elaborate floating palace, which contained quantities of marble, mosaic floors, heating and plumbing such as baths among its amenities. Both ships featured technology long thought to be recent inventions. It has been stated that the emperor was influenced by the lavish lifestyles of the Hellenistic rulers of Syracuse and Ptolemaic Egypt.

There is considerable speculation regarding why the emperor Caligula chose to build two large ships on such a small lake. From the size of the ships it was long held that they were pleasure barges, though, as the lake was sacred, no ship could sail on it under Roman law implying a religious exemption.

Oz and Cyrus bein pals even tho they dont really like eachother atm but nOT FOR LOOONG

@ghostering​ : “ imagine these two walking in not only to rob you blind and kill all your men, but to charm you into liking them as it happens.” 

A couple things that happened during the last campain.

1.Oz tried to trip Cyrus but he backflipped and landed it (still flipping off a bunch of cultists) making him look way cooler than necessary and inflated his ego

2. Dirthari (our smol cute elf) cleaved a dudes leg in half with an axe larger than her while wearing a blue sundress.

3. Tamirel (our other smol cute mAGE elf) baywatch ran up to an injured child

4. Asilinn (EXTRA SMOL DWARF) shot a crossbow bolt off of Oz’s glaive and hit a cultist in the crotch while saying “The Maker can’t help you now”

5. Oz crashed through a banister koolaid man style and crushed a dudes head between her hands and the entire party swooned

@obisims gorgeous new WIP hair that I’ve been playing with inspired me to do a thing!

I created a separate headband that works the same as my Wylla headband. It’s just slightly larger than the band on Obi’s hair (and any other hair that has the same band so long as it hasn’t been edited from the original shape) so that you can use different coloured bands with these cute hairs!

There’s gonna be a hair-textured version (pictured above right) that will come in both EA originals and my colours, another version that will be just solid colours from my usual palette, a plaid version to match my other plaid recolours (pictured above left) and another that will be some cute random patterns! Because options!

In her arms

Based on @lenaluthordefensesquad’s post “5 Times Lena Luthor Really F***ing Needed A Hug But Didn’t Get One, And The One Time She Did”

A four-year old Lena stood in a barely-furnished, but massive, bedroom. The space was larger than the one she’d shared with seven other girls back at the orphanage; she didn’t think it possible that one person could ever take up so much space on their own.

In time, she’d learn that she was correct, at least in her own case. The Luthors’ house - not home, never home for Lena - was large enough to fit a family of four many times over, yet she was still taught to make herself small; her adoptive parents and brother had already expanded their breadth to fill the mansion, and she was left to carve out some small corner for herself.

For her, it was the greenhouse. The rest of the Luthors never ventured into the space. Nature didn’t agree with their lifestyle of manufactured perfection. Lena, though, thrived in the warmth of the space, surrounded by color that so contrasted the steely grey walls of the Luthor mansion. She’d spend hours learning the meanings of the flowers, how to properly care for all the different plants on the estate, what conditions made each one flourish.

At the end of each day, though, she’d return to the blank, lifeless walls of her too-large bedroom, knowing that acceptance into the Luthor family would mean giving up the only thing she’d ever come to love. Eventually, she stopped venturing out to the greenhouse entirely, its comforting warmth forever confined to her memory.

The flowers she’d planted wilted and died without her care, and when she cried that night, mother nature was no longer there to comfort her.

She was just barely fifteen when Lex caught her kissing her best friend, spying from the barely-there crack between her bedroom door and its frame. He doesn’t tell - he wouldn’t, he knew that it wouldn’t turn out well for her - but his lackey friend does, and by the following Monday, everyone at their insanely-upper-class private school has heard the rumors that Lena Luthor was a misfit in yet another aspect of her life.

Lena walks through the halls that day with her head down. No one said anything to her face (and wouldn’t, unless they wanted Lex’s goons to destroy them), but she could hear the poison dripping from the whispers that followed her in the hallways, feel the glares burning through her blazer and into her skin like hot pokers.

By Tuesday, her parents knew, and by Wednesday, she was on the Luthor’s private plane on her way to her new, uppity boarding school in Ireland. From the second she set foot in the dorm building, she was reminded of those days spent alone but surrounded by people in the orphanage - and all the years since spent alone but surrounded by people with the Luthors.

She tried to deny it, hide it, ignore it, but she could still feel her seemingly-fatal flaw as though it had taken up residence in her very bones, like it had gnawed a hole for itself and moved into the space beneath her ribcage. Lena wouldn’t, couldn’t, allow her gaze to keep lingering at the hem of the girls’ too-short uniform skirts, relish in their smiles and their eyes and their laughs; but she did, because she couldn’t help it. Though the rumors had long since been buried beneath the scandals and trysts of random celebrities, they soon made their way into the hands of her classmates, and the whispers and glares began anew.

Her few friends quickly abandoned her, wanting to stay as far from the “freak” as possible. Whenever she wasn’t in class, she would sit by herself at the bay window in the back corner of the library, where no one could see her cry.

Lena was gay, and she was alone.

It took years for her to be comfortable and confident in her own skin. She had attended an Ivy League school, found a place for herself in the administration of Luthorcorp, and accepted her sexuality, all of which she now looked upon with pride.

Until Lex became a murderer.

Suddenly, the his name was cast into shadow, and hers along with it. Throughout his trial, it became increasingly evident that the name Luthor would henceforth be inherently linked to scandal, to hatred, to fear, to death.

Lena, Lex’s baby sister Lena, couldn’t even recognize him. The boy who’d been as close to family as any of the Luthors had ever been, who’d taught her what it meant to be a part of their family, who’d protected her and stood up for her all throughout her childhood - that boy, that man, was long gone. When she gazed upon her adoptive brother now, all she could see was betrayal and bloodthirst.

Lillian turned her away, with Lex, Lillian’s darling boy, having served as the only bridge between them. Lena’s “father” was dead, and the world now saw her as they saw her brother: cruel, bitter, and heartless.

It took the slamming of the judge’s gavel against the podium for her to realize that in the blink of an eye, she’d lost everyone, and possibly everything, she cared about.

When she cried herself to sleep, there was no one there to comfort her, nor was there anyone who wanted to be.

Lena was broken.

She knew that lying to Supergirl had been her best bet to take down her mother, but it still broke her heart to have to actually do it, to betray the trust of one of her only two friends in National City, maybe her only two friends at all.

Between that, Lex’s vendetta against her, and finding out that Lillian had held Supergirl hostage like some kind of alien lab rat, she didn’t know how much more she could take. She was positively shattered inside, and it felt as though shards of her heart had punctured her lungs, making it near impossible to breathe.

When Kara didn’t answer her messages, didn’t show up to talk to her immediately as she had a knack for doing, Lena knew. The sweet, kindhearted reporter had always responded to her almost immediately, and it had been almost twelve hours. Only one thing could explain why Kara, beautiful wonderful Kara, would be avoiding her.

Kara Danvers and Supergirl were one and the same.

Once she’d connected the dots, she sat in her office, a far too expensive bottle of scotch now almost empty on the coffee table. Her employees had all long since gone home, so Lena wallowed in her misery alone, as always, having lost her mother and both - her only? - best friends in a single day.

She cried herself to sleep on the couch, and woke up the next morning pretending she hadn’t dreamt about sky-blue eyes and strong, steady arms.

Months later, after the threat of her mother and brother’s revenge had at long last been wrangled (for the time being), things between her and Kara have finally returned to normal.

Well, not normal, per se; they’d actually been spending more time together than before, with Kara regularly inviting her over for movie nights, or game nights, or dropping by her office with food as though she knew (of course she knew) that Lena had once again forgotten to eat between meetings and conference calls.

There’s something new, too, a different kind of atmosphere that surrounded the pair whenever they were together. It wasn’t lust, Lena could tell. Not that she wasn’t attracted to Kara; quite the opposite, actually. Who wouldn’t find themselves enraptured with a smile that outshone the sun, a laugh more lovely than birdsong, a heart bigger than the earth itself (not to mention the raw power that Lena knew lie under it all)?

But no, no, this was different. This was more . It was goodbyes filled with unspoken maybes and just-a-bit-too-long glances at full pink lips, it was the warmth she’d felt those many years ago in the comfort of her long-forgotten greenhouse, it was shelter from a cruel world full of people with wicked tongues and bitter hearts.

And it scared Lena to death.

She wanted her. By god did she want her. The idea of being with Kara in every possible connotation was enough to keep her up at night, enough to make her stomach flip and heart flutter whenever she saw the CatCo reporter in or out of her cape.

But she couldn’t. Putting herself out there like that with Kara would mean risking losing her again . It would mean that she stood a chance of destroying the greatest thing that had ever happened to her.

One night, though, Kara finally decided that she’s ready to let Lena know who she really was. Lena thought she had already known - Supergirl, the Girl of Steel, National City’s favorite hero - but she was as wrong as she was right; there was so, so much more to this amazing woman than she ever thought possible, a whole side of her hidden away from the public eye in either of her lives.

Because underneath Kara Danvers and Supergirl, she found out, there was Kara Zor-El, who had visited 12 planets, who was a science phenom, who was the only one left with first-hand knowledge of her home planet.

Who had lost everything, just like Lena.

And suddenly, Lena throws caution to the wind. Her lips meet Kara’s, and it was short, it was sweet…it was unreciprocated. When she pulled back, Kara looked stunned and confused, and a breath later Lena was murmuring an apology, tears already stinging at her eyes as she crossed the floor to leave Kara’s apartment, the blonde calling after her as she left without turning back.

This time, when she cried, it was because she had finally become the cause of her own destruction.

Kara was falling fast from the sky, having been knocked unconscious mid-air by a ten-foot-tall alien with what looked like boulders for fists, her powers finally blown out from the fight.

Kara was falling, and all Lena could do was scream.

She watched as Supergirl neared the ground, almost in slow motion, the collective breath of the CEO, the DEO agents, and the surrounding civilians hanging stale in the air as they watched their hero fall to her doom from six stories up.

And just as she hit the ground, Lena heard Kara say her name, felt steady hands gently nudging her awake.

“Lena, hey, shhh,” Kara cooed as Lena woke, terrified and shaking. She ran her fingers softly through Lena’s long, soft hair until her breathing steadied. “Are you okay? What happened?”

Lena’s voice shook as she spoke. “I a-almost l-lost you ag-gain. I a-almost lost e-everyth-thing again.”

The blonde’s fingertips ran soothing circles over Lena’s back, slowly coaxing the tense muscles there to relax.

“I’m right here, Lena. I’m not going anywhere.”

Glassy green eyes met sleepy blue ones in the low light of the bedroom, searching them for any sign of dishonesty and finding none.


“I promise.”

Kara lay back down, softly tugging Lena into her chest, into her arms. From there, Lena could hear Kara’s heartbeat, steady and strong and very much alive. She felt warm, strong arms surround her, holding her close and protecting her from the rest of the world.

They were safe, and in Kara’s arms, Lena was home.


The silky anteater, or pygmy anteater, (Cyclopes didactylus) is a species of anteaters from Central and South America, the only living species in the genus Cyclopes and the family Cyclopedidae.Silky anteaters are the smallest living anteaters, and have proportionately shorter faces and larger crania than other species.They have dense and soft fur, which ranges from grey to yellowish in colour, with a silvery sheen. Many subspecies have darker, often brownish, streaks, and paler underparts or limbs. The eyes are black, and the soles of the feet are red.They have partially prehensile tails.The silky anteater is a slow-moving animal and feeds mainly on ants, eating between 700 and 5,000 a day. Photo showing tongue by Diego Lizcano.

Concept: Sirens... who live on mountains.

They’re the reason people find themselves drawn to climb icy peaks of death and terror.

Just when you are past endurance, there’s the call.

When you see them, they are larger than one would expect. Not just females, but males and others too.
They often appear as a Rescuer, a friend, someone of that nature. As they choose the form the person most desires to see… and when alone up a mountain, with hope fading fast, that can be anyone from your mother to a specialised Rescue Team Member…

A siren… in a flagrantly, bordering on offensive, orange rescue team parker and beanie. Singing to you that if you just keep going, they’ve got a surprise for you… and you are so compelled, even the part of your mind screaming it’s a trap… does not stop your frostbitten limbs from sluggishly chasing after the hopeful visage.

And then you die.

Lots of people go missing on mountains, after all. Especially the tallest ones… who’s to say WHAT happened to them?

I’ve noticed there’s a lot of condescension around taking medication to sooth symptoms rather than “working through the problem,” but that seems like a very classist mindset to me like

I can’t afford to go to therapy for $100+ per session, but I CAN afford a $5/month prescription for an antidepressant that keeps me from wanting to die all the time

Neither option should be looked down upon, especially considering that one option is clearly more available to a larger spectrum of people than the other


Doe Walk 2

Another house, slightly larger than the other one! It is a cc-free version of a house I once posted pictures of…eons ago.  Hope this is useful! And feel free to share what you do with the interior with me, I really like to see c:

Remember to use Clean Installer! I use the Ultimate Collection

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concept: we’re sitting on the couch after watching a movie together. we’re comfortable with the silence between us, because we don’t always need words to speak of how we feel. i’m cross-legged in your lap and leaning back against you, your chin is resting against the top of my head and your breathing is warm and slow and soft against my hair. our cat is quietly purring in my lap, i have one arm around them and you’re holding my hand of the other. your hand is larger than mine, and you clasp it so softly as if it’s about to break. our fingers are curled around each other’s, fitting perfectly as if we were a puzzle meant to be together. we’re together, and we’re finally home at last. together.

can’t help it

“i think about it all of the time.”


For as long as I’ve known Riley, the three have welcomed me with open arms into their little group. I knew entering into the dynamic of Riley, Maya, and Farkle gave me nothing to compete with in terms of their relationship with Riley. They’ve been friends for more than half of their life now, and they know almost everything about each other. I knew it was going to be difficult to establish anything larger than their love for each other. I accepted that no one will ever be as close to Riley as either Maya or Farkle would ever be.

But as all our relationships grew, I realized that there was no real need to compare any of our relationships because we all had such different love for each other. But I didn’t always feel like that. 

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All of the sudden our hands are together and everything stops. Time means nothing and sounds are nonexistent. Our hands touch and I instantly felt a connection and my heart racing inside my chest. Your hands felt so good. They were larger than mine, but they fit against each other perfectly. They were warm, but not sweaty. I have never felt that way when touching another’s skin before.
It was perfect.