larger swimwear

On Chromat Curve Anyone who’s tried on a Chromat cage can relate to this sentiment: You feel like a powerful boss babe when that cage finally settles on your body in all the right places. Chromat Curve was introduced this season for that very reason, to make available the entire ready-to-wear collection to bodies of all sizes. The Curve line offers the core collection and swimwear in larger runs. There’s no sensationalism here, we’re just trying to minimize size exclusion to the best of our ability. Inclusivity is a priority for us and always has been. Chromat recognizes that the bodies of amazing people come in all different shapes and sizes. That shouldn’t dictate whether or not somebody is able to wear our pieces. All of the handmade cages in our shop have been available in custom sizing at no additional cost from the inception of the brand, because all bodies are equally valid and valuable. The power and confidence manifested when zipping on a cage bra for the first time is available to anybody who’s looking to flesh out their inner Chromat Babe.    Chromat is a womenswear label but the word “womenswear” doesn’t just equate to garments that are exclusively for those who identify as cis-gendered women. A person’s body and gender identity don’t always operate on the same plane, and many use clothing to present these ever-fluctuating identities. This is why we are elated to see beautiful people of varying degrees of gender, orientation, and background taking control of their bodies when they put one of our pieces on. Because frankly, everyone looks badass in an underwire cage bra.