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Part 1: Engaged/ Newlyweds 

A/N: I’m not relevant anymore but here’s part one of a possible series of a reader and Tom growing up, growing together, and growing old. 

Word count: 3,112

It’s like a scene out of a movie when you and Tom finally have a date: a streetside café bustling with New York natives, a wall of plants and flowers fencing where the sidewalk ends and the seating starts. A slight breeze cools the piping hot coffee you ordered, a gorgeous spread of food laying in your sights. Tom says something, but you can’t quite hear him over how loud everything is.

“Can you repeat that babe?”

“I said the back of your head looks really nice today.”

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the whole “let me hit my head to see if it triggers any memories” thing will never not be funny to me (although a bit worrisome)

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What are best books/sources to learn about the palestinian-Israeli conflict?


The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Contested Histories by Neil Caplan. This is, in my view, required reading if you want to have you want to have all of your facts 100% straight.

Obstacle to Peace:The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict by Jeremy Hammond.

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt

The Question of Palestine, by Edward Said

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by Ilan Pappe

The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem Revisited by Benny Morris

They Must Go, by Meir Kahane. Yes, really.

Some people may suggest that you read The Case for Israel by Alan Dershowitz. Much like Dershowitz himself, those people are either lying or stupid. I acknowledge that the book exists. I freely admit that I have never read it and I never will. I have heard enough from people who assert that the book informed their views to know that the book is a package of lies and hasbara from start to finish. Read Kahane instead, while I obviously disagree with all of his conclusions, I will unironically say he is much more honest and intelligent than the mainstream Zionist voices in America by far. In the interests of consistency, you’ll notice that I haven’t recommended anything by Noam Chomsky either.

Web Articles

War Guilt in the Middle East, by Murray Rothbard.

The Vital Importance of Separation, by Murray Rothbard.

Top Ten Myths about the Israeli Palestinian Conflict, by Jeremy R. Hammond.

Benny Morris’s Untenable Denial of the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by Jeremy R. Hammond. Jeremy Hammond actually has a PDF with a collection of 12 essays besides this one (already readable from his site) you can read, but you need to sign up for his mailing list to get it.

Alienation of a Homeland: How Palestine became Israel, by Stephen J. Halbrook

Ayn Rand v. Murray Rothbard: A deep dive into the Libertarian view of Israel/Palestine, by Subir Grewal

Palestine Right of Return: Sacred, Legal, and Possible, by Salman Abu-Sitta

News Sources


The Palestine Chronicle

The Jerusalem Fund

Foreign Policy Journal


The Truth About Israel and Palestine

Libertarians Debate Creation of Israel: Compatible with Libertarian Ideas? (I made a separate post on this video)

The Geography of Occupation

Right of Return Conference Day 1: Salman Abu Sitta Keynote

Israeli Myths & Propoganda: Ilan Pappe



@diaspora has a reading list of his own here.

@frompalestinewithlove has her Palestine Library.

@jurhfalastini has a very large list of Full Readings on Palestine.

@aishawarma has a list of Nakba Resources as part of her larger Palestine Resources tag.

@palestinianliberator is just, in general, a good source. He’s also pointed me to The Palestine Review’s Ebook repository.

Jeremy R. Hammond also has his own personal blog which is worth reading.

Ah don’t you just love it when poe and finn barely get any attention, coverage, gratitude, love and or theories… yeah

*breaths in deeply* mmm can you smell that fresh garbage.

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Is it wrong for fans to take Yume as abusive? I've read an ask where the anon said she was in an abusive family (or have experienced abuse) and that yume is not abuse. She also said that it's sad how people belittle abuse. She even wished for a father like Kaname.

I would never want to speak over someone’s personal experiences with abuse and come across as invalidating that experience, because I myself only have secondhand experience with it (through friends and family), therefore I would not consider myself an authority on this subject. If this anon does not feel triggered by Kaname’s behaviour, I can only be glad for her sake that this is the case and I would recommend she not read this post which could be triggering, so I’m adding an abuse tw to be safe and suicide tw for any of my followers who need that tagged. :) 

That being said, there are different kinds of abuse, and I have also spoken with people who have felt triggered by some of Kaname’s behaviour because it was reminiscent of abusive people from their own life, and I feel their experiences and voices should also be respected and not invalidated. Some of Kaname’s behaviour is abusive, and we only need to look at the impact the relationship has on Yuuki to recognize that the relationship was extremely unhealthy and unbalanced. Yuuki goes from being a bright, vibrant young girl to a girl who blames herself for everything bad that ever happened in the series and believes her very existence should have been erased to prevent it. She becomes suicidal because she believes her death will fix everything and heal everyone she thinks was hurt, not by her actions or even lack of action, but simply because she was born. It is Kaname who leads to her feeling this way, regardless of whether or not it was his intention.

Personally I think it is fair to view the relationship as abusive and I think Hino herself was pretty unapologetic about Kaname’s behaviour, because:

  • She had two characters visit Yuuki in a scene that served no other purpose than calling to attention the fact that Yuuki was dressing differently and that she appeared to be under house arrest. Why did Hino feel the need to call this out if the narrative was condoning Kaname’s choices? She deliberately brought readers attention to the red flag behaviour where otherwise they might not have noticed, and this was for a reason. 
  • In case that wasn’t enough, since people at the time thought Yuuki’s change of clothes was because she was a Kuran pureblood and had to keep up appearances, Kaname literally says the reason why he forbade her from cutting her hair and made her wear certain clothes was because a part of him wanted to keep her away from everyone but him, and he was sorry but “please allow me to deprive you a little of your freedom.” It had nothing to do with Yuuki’s upgrade in society.
  • She literally had him threaten suicide to keep Yuuki from leaving??? He gave her Artemis back to show her that he meant what he said about how he’d rather she kill him herself than leave. Yuuki thinks about it several times over and feels immense guilt at being the one who “made him say such a thing.” There’s no putting a positive spin on that, it’s emotional blackmail, and - yep - also abusive behaviour.
  • She had Kaname admit that he stole the heartfelt smile from Yuuki’s face before he told her his true identity, because he couldn’t face his contradictory feelings and imposed unreasonable demands on her. If his demands were “unreasonable,” and a result of his contradiction - where he was torn between wanting to chain Yuuki down or setting her free - I’m not really sure how people misinterpret this to be for Yuuki’s “own good” when Kaname admits that it wasn’t. He was making excuses for his behaviour because of his contradictory feelings, not because those excuses were legitimate, and I’ll explore that more later in this post.

And, I mean, that’s just the surface of their relationship and the most obvious examples referenced in fandom, it’s far from everything - more on that later. But regardless of whether or not Hino really intended for Kaname’s behaviour to be viewed as abusive, there is still no obligation on fans to accept it. Sometimes, it is even more important to address what the narrative will not, because ultimately saying “it’s just a story” is ignoring the fact that we are influenced by the media we consumeand over time can become desensitized to certain things without ever realizing it. 

I understand that this is a very controversial topic in this fandom, and also a controversial topic on a much larger scale, so I’ve tagged accordingly and I will be putting the rest of my response on this behind a cut. I also apologize for sitting on this message for as long as I did. This isn’t a topic I usually get into in the fandom, and I decided if I was going to talk about it at all I was going to do it right and turn it into a full fledged meta post.

Reminder that I tag posts that are critical of Kaname and Yuuki’s relationship as anti yume.

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Weird little thing that keeps coming up: pistols in this show are universally bad news. Like, people can be flinging explosives and doing backflips in zero-g and jumping off buildings and firing chainguns and you know everyone’s probably gonna be okay, but as soon as a pistol comes out? Shit gets real.

new community for anxious regressors!

hi hi, this is sage / elias from @titchiest - welcome to tinysquishies! it’s a new agere community especially designed for anxious regressors. the blog will have lots of calming aesthetics, stim posts, and positivity, and eventually some easy activities once we have more members. we both can struggle with our anxiety, so we wanted to create a safe community for others like us.

applications are now open for both members and mods, you can apply with the typeform or by messaging us on our main blog, titchiest.

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Sometimes I wonder why non-shippers consider SK a major ship? Like, I love it and all, but less than 1% of the Uchiha Sasuke tag on AO3 is SK. Less than one percent. That’s… that’s not a major ship. That’s a canoe, at best.

Can we celebrate November 20th as the airdate anniversary of the greatest webseries episode ever (or at least ONE OF the greatest ever, even if you don’t love AoJE)? Personally, if I ever had to pick a “Webseries Appreciation Day”, it would be then. Not because there weren’t more significant dates prior and not because it’s the most dramatic and not because nothing since has had any significance. But because I legitimately believe that “Kidnapped” marked the new ways in which webseries could go. They could go outside. They could go “off plot”. They could realistic without sacrificing interest. They could introduce music in a way that was significant to the story and significant to the viewer. They could show off a specific landscape/cityscape (not simply through transmedia).

Basically, “Kidnapped” was and remains revolutionary in the field and I just want to remember it always.