The Medical Model of Blindness

Went to the eye doctor today. Check up went as usual in that they put numbing drops in my eyes, shinned a bright blue light in my face, poked my eye with a black stick while holding my eyelid still, and were like “hm nothing has changed since last year.”


The actual eye doctor was also extremely clueless about blind people and generally patronizing. I gave her a form to fill out so I can get some standard accommodations for my low vision on the Bar Exam, and she was fairly unaware of what accommodations a legally blind person would need, or the reasoning for a specific accommodation. I told her that I normally use large print (size 24 font), extended time, and extra breaks to rest my eyes.  She asked me to explain to her why I would need those things, even though she is the one who should have identified what accommodations I would need any why I would need them, not the other way around. 

Then, this eye doctor said she was surprised someone with such low vision would become an attorney.  “How did you go to law school? Don’t attorneys have to read all the time?”

Me: Perhaps you didn’t know this, but the blind can actually read. /sarcasm.

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[Image description: a gif of the braille alphabet, with braille cells on the left and the print alphabet on the right.]

What’s absurd about this whole exchange is that eye doctors are basically the guardians of visual impairment and blindness–their ability to treat patients and suggest assistive programs or rehabilitative services can radically effect a blind person’s life.  They’re the experts on how my eyes work, but these doctors know literally  N O T H I N G  about how my eyes impact my life, even down to the most basic things like how I could possibly read a book.

It’s always a surprise when people are really uninformed about visible disabilities like this, but it is especially jarring when that person is an actual M.D. with an expensive education.

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“Ohh Brycey-poo~ I’m leavin’ you for last, it’ll be fun to play with my food for once~” Ohm teased, sending shivers down Bryce’s spine as the game finally loaded. 

“Whatever, you ain’t touchin’ this booty Ohm.” Bryce joked, earning a laugh from the group. His character moved around, he was focused on finding a generator to fix and avoiding Ohm as much as possible.

“Oh, just wait after the session Brycey~” Ohm teased, turning invisible and scanning the area. 

“Guys, Ohm’s the wraith,” Delirious noted. His eyes followed the distorted figure move around as his character was in the middle of destroying a hook. Ohm gave a silent curse. 

“Oh hey, Cartoonz! Help me out here.” Bryce called out to catch his fellow survivor’s attention, working on the generator once they were together. “Alright don’t mess this up, dude.” He said as a bright explosion caused the characters to step back before resuming to their working positions. “What did I say?!?” Bryce yelled at Cartoonz, forcing himself to run away. 

“I’m sorry! I got scared. I’m fin- AH SHIT!” Cartoonz yelled, bells chiming to reveal Ohm giving a large swing and injuring his shoulder. 

“Ohh Cartoonz! Come over here!” Ohm howled, soon downing Cartoonz with another hit.

“God dammit I’m so dead!” Cartoonz cursed, his character was finally put on a nearby hook. He tried to ‘Attempt Escape’ but to no avail, he now had to spam his buttons to prevent being stabbed from unworldly claws. Ohm only chuckled at his struggles, watching Cartoonz soon giving up and his character’s soul ascending to god knows where.

“1 down~ 2 to go. Are you excited Brycey~?” Ohm questioned, cloaking himself once again for another hunt.

“Erm… I’m not sure how excited you would be after I finish this!” Bryce confidently answered. The generator he was secretly working on finally lit up, leaving 2 generators to be fixed soon. Delirious and Cartoonz laughed, Ohm only gave a low growl. Luckily he was able to find another survivor who was distracted with a generator.

“Who’s this lovely lady~?” Ohm uncloaked himself, a scream from Delirious erupted as he was hit.

“Nope, nope, nope, nope!” Delirious panicked, trying to escape by throwing barricades to stun Ohm.

“Run Delirious run!” Cartoonz tried to motivate his best friend. Unfortunately, Delirious was struck and soon hung on a hook, earning a sigh of disappointment as Ohm laughed again.

“God dammit! You guys did this to me.” Bryce complained, watching Delirious’ status turn into a skull.

“Don’t worry Bryce, you got one genny left. You should be good if you don’t do the bad boom boom.” Cartoonz reassured, giving Bryce some form of hope. Bryce only rolled his eyes before working on another generator. He was lucky that he didn’t come into contact with Ohm but the possibility of him creeping up and giving him false hope made him stand on edge. 

It was quiet… too quiet. At this point, Ohm would’ve already found him. Something was wrong but nevertheless, Bryce finally fixed the last generator, he made a dash to the exit switch and soon, he managed to finally escape. 

“Erm… I guess Ohm had to do something?” Delirious questioned.

“Don’t know, but it’s gettin’ late so I’ma hit the hay.” Bryce shrugged as he turned off his recording equipment and the game.

“Alright, have a good sleep.” Cartoonz said, the Skype call ending afterwards. With a heavy sigh of exhaustion, Bryce exited his office and headed to his personal bedroom. 

The ajar door to Ohm’s room caught his attention, it was nothing but darkness inside from what Bryce could tell. Curious thoughts lingered his mind, his arm pushing the wooden door open, wondering into the mysterious area. The lights to Ohm’s monitors were still on, showing a strange message in a large font size. Bryce had to squint so that he would adjust to the new lighting, forcing himself to move closer in order for a better look.

“Look behind…?”

“Gotcha Brycey~” Two arms wrapped around Bryce’s waist, a shock of fear made him jump. Bryce recognised the use of nickname and teasing tone which belonged to Ohm. 

“Ohm? Where were you? You left before we could end the game…” Bryce turned his body around to face Ohm, he only just tightened his grip afterwards. “Ohm… I’m kinda stuck in your arms, can you like not?” The only response he received from Ohm was a slow lick on his neck, goosebumps formed on Bryce’s neck.

“Tasty~ If I do say so myself Brycey, maybe I should eat you out~” Ohm giggled, leading Bryce to be pinned on the wall. His face flushed red from the dirty innuendo, soon feeling the nibbles that Ohm was giving on his neck which caused a few moans to escape.

“Ahh~! Ohm~ What are you do-” Bryce’s words were shaky but it was interrupted by another bite.

“So delicious Brycey~ You know I can’t resist it~” Ohm finished off another love bite. 

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Cnetz reation to Chanyeol’s style in Gangnam k-pop festival


[Naver][EXO Chanyeol on stage in trendy trench coat, the perfect demonstration of autumn stylish guy] on 4th, Oct, EXO chanyeol’s enthusiastic stage performance brought highlight to the festival.

[+261] passerby thinks (he is) very stylish

[+191] he could be on the news even for just a feat stage.  indeed 👍👍👍👍

[+175] love chanyeol in a turtleneck with his hair pushed back 😍😍😍

[+173] park chanyeol why are you so handsome 😭😭😭

[+158] park chanyeol, handsome in large font size

[+144] one who has a handsome face and a perfect body would look handsome even in hobo’s clothes [doge face]

[+133] he is tall, and handsome! looks good in whatever he wears

[+119] park chanyeol only raps for 30s, and he is already on the news

[+117] clothes rack chanyeol looks good in whatever he wears😭😭😭 my husband, hold me tight ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

[+105] my yeol oppa, cool in large font size

[+99] our pickle fish (tn: chanyeol’s nickname among cfans) is so handsome i’m gonna cry 😭

[+98] our chanyeol is so handsome with his hair pushed back!😭

[+90] omg~turtleneck, pushed back hair, I lost control already😭

(chel’s note: pickle fish - or kimchi fish is the direct translation of a nickname amongst cfans. In Chinese 泡菜魚 in pinyin is pao cai yü = PCY, acronym for Park Chanyeol.)

Translated by Genie.