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Bruised and Broken (Part 5/End)

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader (as friends) / Jungkook x Reader (as exes)

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol & abuse; profanity; bodily harm

Word Count: 1052

Note from the Author: This is it. the final chapter! I really hope you like it.


You sat in your usual booth next to the large glass window of your favorite café. You had always preferred this particular booth to the others because it was in the center of everything, yet you went unnoticed. You clutched the warm cup of coffee in your hands, allowing it to warm you. The cold winter weather was settling in and you had never really been fond of the cold. You sat back and lifted the mug, allowing the warm coffee to pass over your soft lips.

It had been a year since the incident. A year since all of that had transpired. You hadn’t seen Jungkook since that night. You sat in the booth, staring down at the steaming brown liquid before you, thinking about it. You often thought about all of the events that had occurred in those hellish few days and the days that followed.

Your mind always found its way back to the sight of your dearest friend lying limp as a ragdoll on the floor, covered in his own blood. The image would forever be seared into your mind, haunting you day after day. But that sight is what saved your lives. And more importantly, saved the life of your friend. Seeing him like that caused something to snap inside of you. All your fear replaced suddenly by rage. You remember how you mustered all of your strength into one strong blow to Junkgook. You managed to hit right into his temple, knocking him unconscious while you spewed curses. You remember the way it felt, leaning over Namjoon, and you remember sobbing hysterically as you tried to lift his weak body.  Suddenly, you were snapped out of your thoughts.

“(Y/N), you’re zoning out again.” Namjoon laughed as he caught your attention.

“Sorry, I just..” you trailed off, not wanting to discuss the thoughts inside of your head.

“I know. But it’s in the past now. He’s gone, and out of your life.”

“I can’t help but think of how differently it could have all played out. You…You could’ve-“

“But I didn’t (Y/N). I’m still here, alive and well. And it’s all thanks to you.” Namjoon said with a warm smile. He reached out and took your trembling hand in his.

“Stop focusing on the past. Leave it there where it belongs. It’s time for you to move on and to no longer let it get to you.”

“You’re right, Namjoon. I just. It’s so hard to let go of something so painful.” You said quietly. You knew he was right.

The two of you left the café shortly after, planning to do some shopping, then later catch a movie. The two of you wandered from store to store around town. Namjoon would laugh as you’d pick up clothes you liked, or even the most hideous things you could find, and holding them against you.

“Wouldn’t I look great in this Joonie? It’s definitely my color right?” you asked, holding a lime colored sweater against your torso.

“Yah, (Y/N). Definitely your color.”

“Namjoon look! This watch is so cool! I bet it would look great on you!” You said as you excitedly handed him the gunmetal grey watch.

“Yeah, but did you see the price tag on that?” Namjoon replied as he rolled his eyes at you.

You loved being able to feel free again. You were more alive now than you had been in years. The hollows of your face filled out and the light returned to your shimmering eyes. Your lips were able to curl into a genuine smile once again.

One year. It had taken you one year to get this far. You had moved in with Namjoon, leaving nearly everything you ever owned behind at Jungkook’s. You hated putting Namjoon in that situation, but he demanded. Moving in was the easy part. It was learning to feel normal that was the challenge.

For months you stayed locked up inside the house, not wanting to go out or do anything. You stayed inside, cleaning or preparing meals for Namjoon. You liked living with him because he was always there, even if he was locked away in his studio. You knew he was right there if you needed him. And when the nightmares came back at night, Namjoon was right there to comfort you until you were able to sleep again, his deep airy voice singing softly to lull you to sleep.

Namjoon worked for ten to twelve hours straight each day in his studio, only stopping for bathroom breaks or to eat whenever you brought him food. Except for on Saturday nights. On those nights he would finish early and the two of you would enjoy the evening together, feeling comforted by each other’s presence.

Namjoon never talked about it, but he had been really lonely living on his own. The house was just so empty. But now he had your bright smile to liven the place up and he had someone to talk to when he was struggling to compose a new song. He loved knowing you were around when he needed you, and that you were so kind as to make sure he ate and stayed hydrated.

“(Y/N), what movie do you want to watch tonight?” Namjoon called from the living room. You had been hard at work in the kitchen preparing the home made pizza that the two of you enjoyed on these nights.

“I picked the last one so it’s your turn to choose, Joonie!” You replied, laughing as you heard his groan.

“Fine. When is that pizza going to be ready? I’m starving.” Namjoon whined. You laughed at his impatience.

“It’s ready, I just need to wash up and then I’ll bring it out. You got the drinks covered right?”

“Of course, (Y/N). I got our favorite soft drinks since it’s such a special occasion. I finally finished that song today.” You could practically hear his beaming grin.

“Joonie that’s amazing! You’ll have to show me later!”

You were at the kitchen sink washing up, and you looked out of the window to the dark street behind the house where the black SUV was parked. And there in the dim light of the streetlamp, he stood looking at the window as if he was peering into your soul. Jeon Jungkook.

a list of nice things

- strawberry lemonade
- soft hands
- naps
- large windows
- cold sunny weather
- quiet beaches
- puppies
- flower shops
- oranges
- ice cubes
- lemon slices
- those eye masks you put in the fridge so they feel cool and refreshing on your face
- backpacks
- little bags
- rugs
- carpeted staircases
- cashmere blankets
- the color red
- the smell of salt water
- pebble beaches
- sea towns
- sofas
- dusty smelling bookshelves
- wood
- stair rails
- house front steps
- local boutiques
- lavender
- green tea
- ladders
- sweater dresses
- loft beds
- duvets
- wooden shelves on walls
- stones
- the smell of pine
- being indoors during a rainstorm
- golden hour
- creaky cabinets
- socks
- old shoes
- the sound grandfather clocks make
- carpeted houses
- throw pillows
- furniture
- pretty china
- record players
- library stamps
- notes
- handwriting
- peppermint
- old photos
- succulents
- sleepovers
- late night conversations
- bed tables
- lamps on bed tables
- bell peppers
- paintings
- clean paintbrushes
- letters
- things that you can hang from the ceiling
- the smell of hotels
- golf fields
- wild flowers
- dresses
- good fitting jeans
- jackets
- knitwear
- libraries
- finding notes in used books
- small roads
- gravel roads
- fences
- shop houses
- bakeries
- well decorated cafes
- french coffee shop music
- light
- roses
- embroidery
- sorbet
- frozen grapes
- raspberries when theyre still a bit sour but almost ripe
- baths
- deer
- whale watching
- blankets
- homeware shops
- sea towns
- cliffs
- hawaii
- eyelashes
- san francisco
- nice hair
- clear skin
- you!!

Winter things for the signs.

Aries: Snowball fights, ice sculptures, boots, fireplaces, extra blankets, s'mores.

Taurus: Boxes of chocolate, ear muffs, presents, knee socks, Christmas trees.

Gemini: Peaceful snowy nights, sledding down hills, hoodies, frost on windows.

Cancer: Large sweaters, warm tea, Christmas, homemade soups, sweatpants.

Leo: Empty skating rinks, rosy cheeks, comfy scarves, cookie dough, beanies.

Virgo: Turtle neck sweaters, peppermint hot chocolate, good books, gray skies.

Libra: Fuzzy socks, hot chocolate & marshmallows, snow angels, legwarmers.

Scorpio: Gingerbread houses, blizzards, knitted hats, candy canes, ice skating.

Sagittarius: Slippers, staying in pj’s all day, bubble baths, snow in street lights.

Capricorn: Knitted hats, snow globes, cinnamon rolls, Santa’s hat, New Years.

Aquarius: Cold/crispy air, seeing your breath, the sound of stepping on snow.

Pisces: The first snowfall, Christmas songs, fairy lights, snowy hair, hot fondue.