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Imagine watching a movie on your laptop with pocket-sized donghyuck; he always feels like he’s in the cinema since the screen is quite large.

“Watching on your laptop feels like I’m in movie theater, but this time it’s free!”

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Heyo! If requests aren't open pls just delete this! But! May i have bathtime hcs for Roahn and/or Kak (separately please!) with their chubby and short s/o? Sorry if that's too specific...😙

Not too specific at all, I’ve gotcha covered! I hope these turned out okay, rip

Rohan Kishibe

  • Rohan is open to the idea of bathing together, but he’s not going to be the one to bring it up. You’d have to suggest it first.
  • His bathroom is large and extravagant, but still feels cold and impersonal. All the towels are matching, and his shampoo is too expensive to touch. There are high windows along one wall, letting in plenty of natural light without sacrificing privacy.
  • Things would probably be kind of awkward at first; he’s not very affectionate, after all, so he’ll just be soaking at one end of his too-large tub. Probably watching you as you try to get comfortable in the warm water.
  • He’s got a ton of bath products on a few shelves next to the tub; he’d stop you when you start reaching for your favorite scented shampoo, muttering something along the lines of, “Don’t bother, I’ll do it.”
  • He’s kind of rough washing your hair, not really caring if he accidentally tugs or gets shampoo in your eyes, but if you say something he’ll try to be more gentle.
  • This is also one of the rare times he’d let you touch him as you please, so feel free to take advantage of it. You never get to play with his hair, so make sure to run your hands through it a few times- who knows when you can do this again.
  • He likes to sit in his tub and soak for a long time, so he’s had a TV mounted on the wall at one end; don’t be surprised if he turns it on to one of his animes and sits there to watch it for awhile. It’s at this point you can drape his arm around your shoulders and he won’t move away.

☆ Kakyoin ☆

  • This poor boy would probably be so embarrassed the first time you mention it; it would take awhile to get used to the idea, but he’s willing if it’s what you really want.
  • He’s super self-conscious about himself, especially after the fight with Dio that he totally fuckin lived through. He’s got quite a few scars now, and would be really uncomfortable if you stared- but he might let your trace your fingers over them, if you’re gentle.
  • He’d want to take things really slowly; you’d have to bathe together once or twice before he’d be willing to touch you, or let you touch him. He doesn’t mean to seem untrusting, he’s just not used to this.
  • He has a bunch of fluffy towels with his family name embroidered on them, and naturally all his products are berry scented. I’ve never seen cherry shampoo?? He’s perfectly willing to share, and secretly finds it cute when you smell like him.
  • When he’s alone he usually brings a book to read, so he might want to read aloud to you while you’re both soaking.
  • He likes the sound of running water, so he has a tendency to keep the drain partially open and the faucet on. He’s also got bubble bath; doesn’t use much of it himself, but if it’s something you like, he’ll pour it in. The flowing water means there’s an eternal supply of bubbles, it’s great.
  • He also has varying bath salts and oils, so depending on the day you’ve had, he’ll use the appropriate one for the situation. He likes to sit there and talk about everything going on in your lives while the scent of the evening fills the room.
Thinking in the Deep: Inside the Mind of an Octopus
In “Other Minds,” Peter Godfrey-Smith shows how the abilities of the octopus offer insight into the evolution of animal intelligence.
By Carl Safina

Thus most amazing: recognition, their “sense of mutual engagement,” their disarming friendliness. “You reach forward a hand and stretch out one finger, and one octopus arm slowly uncoils . . . tasting your finger as it draws it in. . . . Behind the arm, large round eyes watch.”

Godfrey-Smith watched his dive partner as “an octopus grabbed his hand and . . . Matt followed, as if he were being led across the sea floor by a very small eight-legged child.” Ten minutes later they arrived at the octopus’s den.

9,000+ followers & thank you

So, this morning, this happened. 

And…to be honest, even though I knew I was coming up on my next thousand follower milestone, it still caught me off guard. I started this blog way back in September of 2012. This year will be the five year anniversary of my annoying blogging (ha). When I first created this blog, I had originally created it to be a downtempo, relaxing electronic music blog. Imagine that. At some point down the road I ditched that idea and started posting and reblogging about my interests in comics and videogames. At the time, I had taken a large break from watching wrestling, what most of you probably follow me for, and hadn’t been paying as much attention to it.

By complete chance one night, my brother had been watching an episode of Raw sometime during the CM Punk/Undertaker feud, and just by chance, I had decided to sit down and watch it with him, and my interest in professional wrestling spiked again. My friends who were comic readers/bloggers often did liveblogging of issues of comics they were reading, and a wild idea to do liveblogging while watching wrestling somehow came into my head. Back then, I had no idea anyone else did that and that there was a huge, growing wrestling community on Tumblr waiting for me to discover. Back then, I also wasn’t as funny or very good at it but hey, I was also like 16 years old.

To make a long story short, I never expected to actually get a following this huge. I never expected to get anything more than 100 followers at most. Now, every week, every time I liveblog Raw, Smackdown, NXT, ppvs, etc. I get at least two or three messages from different people telling me that I make watching wrestling funnier for them, that they love my blog, even saying that I’m the reason why they still watch WWE (HA!). And every time I get a message like that it’s pretty wild. So thank you guys, for everything. You took a dumb idea I had and made it something really cool I can do to make you guys laugh and have a good time and made it into a fun way for me to communicate with people. It’s been a real blast and I’ve gotten to uncover some really great blogs and meet some really, really awesome people in the process.

So speaking of those people, I’d like to take the time to do a sort of makeshift follow forever and give a shoutout to some of my favorite people on here. If you’re reading this and your name isn’t on here than I apologize if you feel left out, I follow a lot of people and I probably forgot to add ya. Whoops.

So, anyway, shout out to: 


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That is very much what is happening. But I cannot really think off the top of my head of anyone who's been, oh, maimed or killed for a homophobic remark. As opposed to the reverse. Nothing has convinced me that consensus is impossible like watching a large swath of libertarians and conservatives decided that SJWs are the vanguards of genocide.

I also can’t think of anyone who’s been maimed or killed for a homophobic remark, but people did get badly beaten for going to see Milo talk. And, with regard to risk of physical injury, there’s this interesting conversation I’ve witnessed a couple times:

A: Yes, you can get fired for homophobia. But you can get beaten in the streets for being gay.

B: I’d rather be running a risk of random assault than a risk of being fired for bigotry.

A: …I’m pretty sure you’re only saying that because you don’t bear a risk of random assault or have a sense of how bad it is.

B: Maybe. Even if we had a bunch of people around who had both happen to them and can compare them, people are different, and circumstances are different, and it’d be hard to arrive at the True Answer to which would be worse to have happen to me. But I can tell you I’d take the beating in a heartbeat.

A: …why?

B: …because, okay, I get randomly assaulted by strangers. I’m terrified for my life for half an hour, I have thousands in medical bills, I have lingering injuries. That’s really scary. But my community would rally behind me. There’d be a GoFundMe to pay the medical bills. My friends and my family would be horrified, my employers would be supportive, I could tell people what happened and expect sympathy -

A: Trauma survivors don’t always get those things. Don’t usually get those things, even.

B: Yeah, I know. I’m not trying to compare trauma in general, I know it sounds like that but I’m really not. I’m trying to explain which I, personally, am most viscerally afraid of, and how I’d personally navigate tradeoffs between ‘world where I can get beaten up for being gay’ and ‘world where I can get fired for being bigoted’. And if I were attacked, I have a support network who would be on my side. 

If I were fired for bigotry, my friends would debate whether it was acceptable to still talk to me, my family would be horrified with me, I wouldn’t have thousands in medical bills but I’d be unemployed with bills to pay and I’d have a hard time finding a new job with a record like ‘fired for homophobia’. It’s the difference between socially-sanctioned harm to me and socially-unacceptable harm to me. Socially-unacceptable harm I can bounce back from; socially-sanctioned harm, even if it’s an objectively smaller harm, terrifies me. And losing your entire social circle and your job can, in fact, be a death sentence for people who have support needs or medical bills…

A:…I am not sure I agree with you on all of that but I agree on that last bit. And the thing I’m trying to do is get beating gay people for being gay to cease to be socially sanctioned harm, which it historically has been, with all of the attendant harms you just described!

B: But it’s already not socially sanctioned! No one in America says it’s okay to beat gay people, everyone says it’s okay to fire bigoted people -

A: Oh, I see the root of the disagreement. In the communities I’m part of, I encounter, regularly, kids whose parents smashed their property, beat them, threatened them, sent them to horrifying detention camps, threw them out, or arranged their total social isolation as punishment for being gay or trans. I encounter, regularly, adults who’ve been assaulted, who’ve been fired, who’ve been mocked by a cheering auditorium full of people at U-Wisconsin, who’ve been refused medical care, who’ve been threatened with the loss of their children for being gay and trans. I see ‘bigots should get fired’ as part of changing the fact that it’s socially sanctioned to do these things. Maybe you’re in a nicer community, or maybe you’re just socially insulated from these things, but you don’t see them, so you think that’s already a solved problem.

B: I think you’re mostly only successful at getting people fired when they’re embedded in environments where those things are universally agreed to be horrible. If you were trying to get the CEOs of those teen detention camps fired I’d be right on board.

A: We do that too. It just doesn’t get any publicity because for publicity you need controversy and in our circles it’s not controversial. The vast majority of activism is aimed at things you’d agree with, but the vast majority of the stuff that gets publicity is aimed at questionable targets because that’s the stuff that splits communities evenly in half and gets them yelling at themselves. 

B: …I mean, point me at a thing you’re doing that I’d agree with and maybe I’ll help. But still, I am terrified some thoughtless tweet of mine will be the next controversial divisive thing that gets a ton of publicity and splits communities evenly in half and gets them yelling at themselves, and I would trade a lot to be free of that risk.

(Both A and B have been made more charitable than I’ve witnessed them being, but I think the point holds.)


For anon…reader is a telekinetic teenager as requested. Enjoy!

You gulped as you faced the front of the large tower. It was even more intimidating up close. The large A watched over the city, reminding everyone that the Avengers were their to protect. You quickly wiped your face once more, attempting to grab any stray tears, before walking into the building.

Using your telekinetic abilities, you managed to keep yourself hidden from security and the cameras. It was subtle, but it worked. You made it to the elevator. The doors closed on you alone. You let out a breath before pressing the button that would lead you to your father.

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one of my favorite things about game grumps is how encouraging it has always been towards artists and animators and composers, and really all sorts of creative outlets. 

the gg crew is such a diverse group of artists themselves and creativity has always been encouraged in the fandom and everyone on gg is open to fostering that energy. even with things like barry teaching people how to edit, or arin doing #cutiesaturday and now ross doing #Animonthly on twitter. 

it’s just really cool… 

I watched Moana on Nov 22nd in my theater and How Far I’ll Go has been stuck in my head since then.

I haven’t been moved this much by a Disney movie to the point of crying in so long. I think I cried like realistically, five times. But it felt to be more like at least 20.

Moana is beautiful. And reminds me so much of my homeland in the Philippines.

My mother doesn’t like animated movies much, as English is her second language. So they can be hard to follow. But when she saw the island culture, I know she was moved too and comforted to see something so beautiful yet familiar on a large screen.

Please go watch Moana. You won’t be disappointed.

855. When one student bullied another student, the bully would find themselves more prone to accidents involving dodgy staircases or floorboards, particularly in front of large crowds, because the castle doesn't put up with bullying.

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My half of the rushed as fuck haul. Took about 2 hours

Bareskin Foundation~ $29
Liquid lipstick X2~ $48
Brow wiz~ $21
Moondust X4~$84
Nyx lipstick~ $6
Nyx pencil~$4
Sweet Peach Blush~$30
Sweet peach lip gloss~$20

Altard state
Opal earrings~$13
Earring set~$15
Green earrings~$13
Diamond earrings~$13
Gold Choker~$20
Large stone pendant~$30
Opal necklace~$25
Stick necklace~$25
Phone case~$35
Brallete X2~$50
Green dress~$70
Pink Shirt~$70
Fur jacket~$130

Victorias secret

Gray Babydoll~$50
panties X2 ~$20
Onesie X2~$100

Bathing suit~$170????

Grand Total~$1,210
I’ll probably upload my partner’s haul later.

parents go the entire year not watching a second of sports ball then all of a sudden it’s february and “special sports ball” is on and all of a sudden we all have to watch large burly men beat the shit out of eachother on live tv for four hours or were considered heretics like plz there’s so many other tv options did u know I have 63 episodes of cutthroat kitchen on pvr?? don’t u wanna see a man cook a taco in his own butthole?