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His fingers were gentle, you thought, feeling the callous digits gliding up and down your thigh as the two of you relaxed on the couch, watching a favorite movie of his. You wondered if he had even noticed his ministrations or the goosebumps he was creating on your otherwise smooth skin. Glancing to passed his structured jawline to his dark eyes, you realized he was absentmindedly touching you for he was entirely focused on the movie he had seen nearly three hundred times. You huffed a sigh of irritation, crossing your arms over your chest. 

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You’ve just sat down at your work desk, ready to start your day. The office’s mail runner stops beside you, gently setting a large crystal vase filled with blooming red and pink roses on the corner of the desk, and hands you a small white envelope. On the front in shiny, gold script is written 

“Just because…”

Careful not to rip the envelope open, you slip the note out with the utmost care. You almost snort at the handwriting that is undoubtedly your man’s best chicken scratch.. 

“I love you. Hope you have a great day. Forever yours, Joe.”

Imagine getting flowers from Dean..

You thought it was Cas.

You hadn’t lived in the bunker for long, but seeing Sam had sworn it wasn’t him and Dean was, well, Dean, the only one who had any sort of access to your room, at least enough to arrange a few (absolutely beautiful) flowers in a vase and put it next to your bed was the angel. 

But then Cas gave you this look when he walked in and saw you holding the vase and fiddling with the petals. The look he carries when he sees something peculiar - the tilt of his head, the parting of his lips. Even then, you still thought it was him, until Dean walked by behind him, saw you, and didn’t even comment on the large vase in your lap - just nodded and walked away.

Holy shit. 


He kept humming under his breath, going through the fridge for what you assumed was a very late dinner.


“Ha - what?” he asks, his voice low, stable. Too low, too stable. “Didn’t see you there. You, uh, want some pizza?”

Sure, Mr. Thirty-Years-A-Hunter, you didn’t see me there. “No, we humans have dinner before midnight. I’m good.”

“This ain’t dinner.”


“This is pizza.”

“Oh of course,” you said, “Pizza has its own special stomach that never ever makes you fat,” you said, “Or causes heartburn.”

He rolled his eyes. “God, it’s like you’re Sam and Dr. Oz blended together,” he said, stuffing his food into the microwave, “Only shorter and a lot more annoying.”

“Is that why you brought me flowers?”

He raised his eyebrows, clearing his throat and so casually crossing his arms over his chest. “Is that why I what now?”

“Flowers,” you repeated, mirroring his pose, “Small and fluffy and oh-so-pink.”

“Sweetheart,” he said, “I don’t do flowers.”

“No, you just do the people you bring flowers to.”

He blinked, face a shade of red he’d never admit to ever being without the external presence of blood. “I - no - what? No. That’s not - I -” He cleared his throat one more time. “I was just redecorating, Jesus.”

“Are you sure?” you asked, a smile dancing on your lips, “Because, you know, they’re pretty awesome flowers.”

“I -” He blinked several other times, eyes fixed at his feet. “I, uh, you - um - said something,” he said, “the other day, about them, and I just - I just - uh - fuck, um -”


“I just need to get my pizza!” he said, relief washing over his features, “Mm, pepperoni,” he said, pulling the microwave door. “Delicious.”

You laughed. “Alright,” you said, “Why don’t you think that over, and maybe let me know if you, I dunno,” you said, “want to redecorate any time, eh?”


basically things jeonghan would do as a boyfriend…

  • he’s really thoughtful and seems to be such a romantic so he probably planned out how to ask you out for weeks in order to make everything perfect
  • FINALLY after weeks of preparation he sent you one flower each day for a week to your house with a piece of paper that said little things he liked about you
  • he watched you try to figure out who sent them to you and whenever you would ask him about it he’d just be like idk??? that’s so weird???
  • once you had a large vaseful of flowers, he showed up at your doorstep with the last flower and a sweet smile
  • “will you go out with me? I promise I’ll treat you well!”
  • hOw can you say no????
  • for your first date he took you to a really cute café to have some lattes and the cutest cookies
  • he loves taking walks with you at the park just so he can hold your hand the whole time
  • he locks your hands together and swings them between you two gently while humming a song
  • then you join in and it’s like a really cute humming duet and people are like omg!!! they’re so cute?????
  • when you tell him his smile is your favorite thing in the world he can’t help but smile wider and he presses a kiss to your nose
  • he always worries about you and it might just be an instinct since he always looks after the boys but he always make sure to text you asking if you’ve had a decent meal and if you slept all right and do you miss him because he misses you so much
  • probably calls you princess/prince or darling or dumpling
  • loves loves lOVES how your cheeks turn pink when you catch him staring at you
  • sometimes he’ll deliberately stare at you just so you can catch him
  • gets tired really easily so you’d probably have to carry around a lil pillow for him to rest his head on and take a quick nap
  • doesn’t mind when you touch his hair, in fact, he finds it really soothing and he loves the smile you have on your face when he gives you permission to comb it or braid it
  • both of you always have hair ties on your wrists so whenever y'all need some you know you got each other covered ((or you can just ask seungcheol since he sometimes carries some around for jeonghan))
  • was very scared about you meeting the rest of the boys because what if for some dumb reason one decided they didn’t like you? that would break his heart because they’re his brothers and you’re one of the most important people in his life
  • finally after like weeks of begging he let you bring him and the boys some snacks during one of their breaks during rehearsal
  • you got along with them so well and jeonghan was so relieved
  • after you left joshua told him that he was happy he found someone like you because you seemed to be a great person and jeonghan just smiled and was like “I know, I’m so lucky”
  • you two are in charge of cooking for the boys every so often and it’s honestly one of his favorite things to do with you
  • he probably looks up really delicious recipes for you two to try out together
  • you jokingly got him a ‘kiss the chef’ apron for an anniversary and he literally wears it all the time and demands that you follow what the apron says
  • you’re his favorite napping partner tbh like he will cuddle the heck out of you and cradle you to his chest whenever you two want to nap
  • he’s always insistent that you bring either a jacket or a scarf with you at all times because he doesn’t want you to get a cold while he’s on the road and him not being able to take care of you
  • once you actually did get a cold while he was away and he was just a nervous wreck because what if you don’t get better!!!! what is he going to do!!!! not even seungcheol or joshua could get him to calm down
  • but then your parents called him and told him that they’d take care of you and to please not worry and he was like “okay just please take good care of them”
  • is probably so amazing with children??? like the lil babies probably adore him and hang off of him as if he were a play structure and he’s totally okay with that???
  • if you two had a date and your neighbor had to work an extra shift so they left you with their little daughter you’d try to cancel your plans with jeonghan but he’d be like “I’ll help!!” and would be there in a flash and so so so excited to help
  • he’d be so gentle with the little girl and let her dress him up and he’d pretty much be the perfect prince and you’d be like I’m literally in love???
  • once the little girl was asleep he’d wrap his arms around you and smile cheekily and say something like “we’d be great parents. don’t you think so?”
  • you’d probably be a flustered mess because he actually wants to have a future with you!!!!
  • jeonghan probably thinks about settling down with you and starting a family ((whether it be having kids or adopting a child)) after his contract is done quite a lot but is obviously too afraid to say too much because what if you don’t want that?? sometimes he’ll hint at it though just so you know he’s thinking about it
  • his phone background is a picture of you two backstage before their comeback stage. he had his arm around you and was smiling down at you while you laughed at something he had said
  • he thinks your smile is the most beautiful thing in the world and will literally do anything to make sure you’re always smiling
  • likes dedicating songs to you on those sappy radio stations that play love songs in the middle of the night
  • he does that especially when he’s on the road
  • the first time he told you that he loved you was after you had dropped off one of his jackets you borrowed during one of your cuddle sessions
  • he walked you to the door and leaned against it and just stared at you fondly and was like “I really love you”
  • at first you were like !!!! but you took a deep breath and were like “I really love you too”
  • sometimes on car rides back to the dorm from a fansign or an event, jeonghan tries not to fall asleep since that’s like a tradition but he’s just so tired so he rests his head in the crook of your neck and falls asleep and he literally looks like an angel??
  • kissing him basically feels like being at home. it’s warmth and gentleness and so much love.
  • he loves hugging you so much, especially since you’re tiny compared to him ((even if you’re taller he still thinks you’re just a smol little thing he must take care of)) so he feels like he has to protect you at all costs
  • literally just kisses your neck sometimes and walks away like nothing happened and you’re like sHit you cANT JUST DO TH AT!!
  • probably falls asleep standing up sometimes and at first that freaked you out because what the frick!!?!? but now you know that you just have to lead him over to a comfortable space for him to nap on
  • probably calls you to say goodnight and sings you to sleep because he knows you think his voice is very soothing and he doesn’t mind singing your favorite songs to you
  • he loves how you look when you dress up a bit fancier for a date or an event because he knows how long it takes for you to look so amazing and he’ll literally compliment you as many times as he can
  • also really likes you in a pair of his sweats and a shirt with your hair down or tied up because you still look so beautiful to him??
  • his favorite thing to give you would be flowers
  • when he can he’ll spend hours searching for the perfect bouquet for you
  • the owner of the flower shop knows him so well that he literally calls him to notify him about new arrivals
  • gets you both matching bracelets to wear as couple items
  • during Christmas he probably would want to wear matching sweaters and drink hot cocoa and take a picture for you to send to literally everyone
  • he’s so cheesy but also so cute how can you not love him???
  • loooooooooves giving you back hugs and probably won’t let go so you walk around the dorm with him hanging off your back and the boys are like hyung? what the hell?? and he just smiles at them all cute
  • he doesn’t want you feeling like you’re not good enough for him so he sends you daily reminders saying how important you are to him and how in love he is with you
  • also sends you updates on how him and the boys are doing and that everyone misses you so much
  • basically dating jeonghan would be absolutely wonderful and it’d be literally picture perfect ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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vernon || seungcheol

Happy Valentines...Asshole (Victor Zsasz x Reader)

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Angst Challenge #12 One loses temper at other  +7 (makeout)+8 caught cheating 

Victor x Reader

Warnings: Some swearing and violence.

A/N: You can thank my coworker for this one. She gets flowers from her ex every Valentine’s and this year she’s sending them to his current gf at their house. 

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Age: 22
Family: Don’t ask
FC: Dylan O’Brien

Year: First Year
Discipline: N/A

Brash, outgoing, loyal, intelligent, curious, stubborn, protective,sassy and sarcastic little so and so, rebellious, excitable, active, clumsy, reckless, easily distracted - often suggested (though never confirmed) to have ADHD


As the first in his family to possess an affinity with magic, Aryan didn’t get along well with his family. Not that he got along particularly well with them before his abilities came to light. His father died before he really got to know him, leaving his mother to raise a boisterous and overly curious young boy. They were, luckily, well off, his mother a very successful business woman, so to compensate for a lack of support from a partner, his mother employed sitters and carers to attend to Aryan most of the time, while she worked to pay for surprisingly large array of smashed vases, windows, glasses, plates, and any other breakables that might have strayed into his reach.

When Aryan’s interest turned to the supernatural, around the same time all pre-teens start getting into vampire books, it further strained a tenuous relationship with his mother, who was not at all impressed by his sneaking off in the middle of the night to research and meet up with other like-minded individuals. His interest was only furthered by strange happenings around him when he was stressed or angry, or otherwise feeling powerful emotion. Things would move, or smash. Flickers of things he wished for would appear for the briefest of moments, before disappearing once again, leaving him to wonder if his imagination had finally progressed to the point of crazy.

His efforts to explain this lead him to the concept of magic, and soon he became deeply immersed in researching and learning all he could about what magic was, who could practice it, what someone could do with it… his research quickly began to take up most of his thoughts. This meant things often came to a head between himself and his mother, who didn’t approve of his obsession, or his strange tendency to be in the same room as the lamp that just went flying across the room. After a few years, this culminated in a deep resentment between them. Mentions of the supernatural and the ‘crazy whacko magic stuff’ were banned, and any interactions the two had with each other were strained and tense.

In high school, Aryan spent his time either studying for class, or further researching magic in secret. His research, and the people he associated himself with, lead him to a small hedge witch safehouse, who could finally explain, one hundred percent, what he was, and what abilities he possessed. Aryan really did have magic. He spent some time with the witches, learning the very basics of magical ability, though, as his mother liked to point out daily, he still had school, and by the looks of the little hedge group, there wasn’t exactly much of a future in magic. He split his time once again between school and learning what he could of magic, eventually graduating with a full ride into pre-law at Yale. The relationship with his mother never improved, the two of them still sour towards each other, and upon leaving for college, Aryan put that part of his life well behind him.

With college taking up most of his life, magic was put on the back-burner, and he was preparing to enter graduate law when he was invited to test for Brakebills Academy. Seeing a different side of the magical community, one with potential, Aryan jumped at the opportunity to explore the part of his life that had always been kept so secret. He seems to have particular affinities with illusion and physical magic, though he does not yet have a specified discipline.

Faye (@residentbcdgirl) - Aryan and Faye came across each other when Aryan stumbled upon the hedge witches she was living with. Due to Aryan’s attitude towards hedge witches, he didn’t particularly make any effort to really get to know her, but they did occasionally spend some time together when learning similar things. Now at Brakebills, the two are wary of each other. Aryan’s not sure what to make of Faye after he left for college.

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In November 1888, Van Gogh wrote: “Gauguin was telling me the other day—that he’d seen a painting by Claude Monet of sunflowers in a large Japanese vase, very fine. But—he likes mine better. I’m not of that opinion.”

Bouquet of Sunflowers, Claude Monet, 1881


Abbot hit on Poppy’s door once again,  a large vase in his hand. He’d sent Poppy  small  gifts  all day. She’d  since  gotten a  small  necklace, a ring, a large stuffed bear,  and  chocolates. the flowers,  he  was  going to  delivery  personally. These plans had been in motion before their fight last night.

Save the Date - Luke Hemmings Imagine Part II

Pairing: Luke & Y/N

Length: 5,898

Rated: So much fluff

Everyone was rushing around the enormous cathedral, making final preparations and last minute adjustments. You watched as workers carried large vases of brightly colored flowers out to the main room where the ceremony would be held, fascinated at just how much work went into just one day. You were currently sitting on a couch in a small but lavish area that served as a dressing room while the boys got ready for the ceremony. You hadn’t seen Luke today and realizing he probably had a million things to do before the wedding, you didn’t ask for him.

Liz suggested lending a hand to help Luke’s fiancée get ready, but you politely declined. She understood and didn’t push the subject further as she scurried off to make sure things were in order. You weren’t exactly friends with Luke’s bride to be. You hung out with her a few times, but it seemed like she never really made an effort to get to know you at all. You had sensed she didn’t like you, figuring that she saw you as a threat to her and Luke’s relationship. After many attempts of trying to make conversation with her, resulting in her brushing you off and turning her attention back to Luke, you gave up, leaving her be. You didn’t mind though, you weren’t exactly fond of her either.

You walked around the room quietly and aimlessly, looking around and humming to yourself. You caught a glimpse of your reflection in the dark wooden full length mirror sitting in the corner of the room. You walked towards it and stopped to look at yourself. You smoothed out your dress as you studied your outfit, your hair, and your make up in the mirror. You wore an adorable soft pink dress that stopped about mid thigh. It hugged your body nicely at the top then flared out at the waist. It criss-crossed in the middle of your chest and had a little cutout of a triangle that showed a bit of your upper abdomen. Simple necklaces of different lengths containing beautiful white stones and gems hung against your chest over the soft fabric of the dress. The back was similar to the front and your hair was parted down the middle and styled in loose waves, hanging over your shoulders. You wore a pair of white open toed heels that had a thin strap that rested around your ankle.

For a moment you thought about Luke’s fiancée and how beautiful she was going to look in her wedding dress. You saw her come into the cathedral earlier that morning and were almost blown away when you saw how she looked with her hair and make-up done. You also caught a glimpse of the dress when you were looking for a bathroom about 30 minutes ago. You let out a heavy sigh, accepting the fact not even on your best day would you even come close to looking as breathtaking as she did.

As if he could sense that you weren’t feeling at your best and reading your mind while you thought these horrible thoughts about yourself, Luke appeared in the doorway. You tore your eyes away from your reflection and as they settled on him, a breath caught in your throat. He was staring at you with a huge smile on his face and adoring eyes. You felt the room get a few degrees warmer as the red slowly crept onto your cheeks.

“What?” You chuckled nervously.

“You look beautiful, Y/N. Absolutely stunning.” He walked into the room and made his way towards you, stopping a few feet as you looked into the mirror to take in your appearance again. Only this time it was different. It was like the thoughts you had just moments before vanished from your mind. You weren’t the most beautiful woman in the world you knew that. However, with Luke’s words you definitely felt better about yourself. Laughing a little at the thought, you turned away from the mirror and turned to face Luke.

“You also look stunning,” you replied. “Where’s your tie?” You noticed his neck was vacant of the long thin piece of black cloth. All he did was smile as he reached into his pocket and took out the tie, running it through his fingers.

“I just thought that since you did such a good job last time, if you could maybe?…” He smiled his adorable, eloquent grin knowing there was no way you would have been able to say no.

You smiled and shook your head, looking down at your perfectly polished soft pink toes before looking up at him. “Of course.”

Luke came closer to you, standing in front of you like he did less than 24 hours ago. He handed you the tie and you brought your arms up to wrap it around his neck, reaching under his jacket to tuck it neatly underneath the collar of his shirt.

“I have to tell you Y/N, I’m a bit nervous about today,” he admitted. You looked up at him and halted your movements for a moment before continuing your task slowly.

“Yeah?” You said softly, swallowing hard.

“Yeah,” he confirmed. “I mean this is supposed to be one of the best days of my life right? So why do I feel like I just got kicked in the stomach?”

You looked into his eyes and chuckled softly as his question, he grinned and you felt a little dizzy but quickly recovered. “A bit of nerves are expected I think,” you said, with certain lightness to your voice. “You’ll be fine.”

“Are you sure?” He asked quietly. You looked up at him again and are surprised to see a look of concern on his face. You furrowed your eyebrows, trying to figure out what he meant.

“Well yeah,” you said simply. “Why wouldn’t I be?” You searched his eyes for any hints as to what he could be talking about, but they were cold and elusive.

“Y/N, what do you think of her?” He asked suddenly. You knew who he meant and your eyes dropped down to your fingers as they tightened the tie around his neck. You stepped back and brought your hand up to rub your upper arm.

“I think she’s great,” you lied. “She’s beautiful and smart, and she seems to love you a whole lot.”

“You were always the one person who I could always count on to be honest with me, Y/N. So I need you to tell me one thing.” he said.

You looked at him anxiously. You had never seen Luke this way before; so unsure of his actions. It made you wonder what he could possibly be thinking.

“Is there any reason that I shouldn’t get married today? Save me from doing something you know I’ll regret.” He asked, his voice firm but quiet. He looked at you questioningly as he waited for your answer. You stood there frozen in place, not daring to move, thinking it would give away everything you had felt for him for the past 16 years. You wanted to tell him though. You wanted him to know how deeply and madly in love with him you were. And for a moment, you almost didn’t care if he felt the same about you. Keeping all your feelings in all these years was torture and you weren’t sure if you could do it anymore. You were almost about to give into that selfish side of you and tell him it was you that he should be marrying. However, that idea slipped your mind when you looked up at him. His eyes were so radiant and pure and he looked almost heartbroken standing before you. You decided that your opportunity to tell Luke all of these things had passed. You blew your chance and the only thing to do now was simply be happy for him. Of course you loved him, but you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself if he didn’t feel the same and only called off the wedding out of guilt. Luke was a nice guy and you knew by confessing everything you felt for him right here and now would potentially jeopardize his relationship with his fiancée as well as your own. Deciding to take the safest route, you gave him a soft smile.

“No, Luke,” you said with a gentle, loving voice. “There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get married today. It’s just the nerves getting the best of you.”

Almost as if he felt the pain of your heart breaking just as much as you did, he simply nodded and his eyes lowered to the floor. He turned around and you watched him leave. When he reached the doorway he stopped and turned back to you. You could have sworn you saw tears in his eyes, but maybe it was only because your eyes were stinging from the threat of your own.

“I’ll see you out there, Y/N.” You nodded and smiled at him. He gave you a small smile and turned away from you, leaving the room.

Nothing in your life felt as painful as this moment. It felt like you had the wind knocked out of you. You found it difficult to breathe as the tears started spilling onto your cheeks. You stumbled backwards and felt the couch hit the back of your knees. You sunk down into it, dropping your head into your hands. You cried for what felt like a half an hour before you heard footsteps walk into the room.

“Y/N?” You looked up to see Ashton standing in the doorway. You let out a soft sob and he gave you a sympathetic look as he rushed over to join you on the couch. He immediately took you into his arms and rested his chin on your head. You leaned into him and cried against his chest.

“Hey, come on, don’t cry,” he cooed. “I know this situation is fucked up, but it’s gonna be ok.”

“I can’t take this anymore, Ashton. I thought I could come today and support my best friend on his wedding day but I can’t do it.” You cried harder and Ashton tightened his grip on you, slowly rocking you back and forth.

“Y/N, if we’re being totally honest, and I hope this doesn’t upset you, Luke doesn’t know what he’s missing out on. He’s an idiot for not realizing what he has right here in front of him.” Ashton loosened his grip on you and took your head in his hands, forcing you to look at him. “He’s missing out on something very special.”

You smiled weakly as he wiped your tear stained cheeks with his thumbs. You leaned back, creating space between you two and his hands move to your arms, slowly running them up and down. You looked at Ashton’s chest and realize you left a bit of make-up behind.

“Fuck, Ash your suit. I’m sorry I ruined it. The wedding starts in an hour.” You scanned the room for anything that could possibly get his tux looking brand new. You started to get up when Ashton grabbed your hands preventing you from standing.

“Y/N, it’s fine. Truthfully, I don’t think there’s going to be a wedding.”

You looked at him and tried to decipher if what you just heard was what he actually said. “What?”

“Luke’s gone. We’ve been looking for him for the past 20 minutes. That’s why I came here, to see if he was with you.”

“Luke left?” You asked, astonished. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Luke was nowhere to be found and the ceremony was coming close to starting. You sat there silently for a second trying to figure out what all of this could mean. “What did the bride have to say about all of this?”

“I don’t think she knows, and no one has the heart to tell her,” Ashton answered.

I’ll tell her, you thought, but figured it wasn’t the best time to voice it aloud.

Michael and Calum came stumbling in the doorway followed by Luke’s parents and brothers. You and Ashton stood up from the couch and you wiped your eyes to try and hide the fact you weren’t just having a meltdown, careful not to mess up your make up.

“Is he here?” Michael asked, out of breath from running around the enormous cathedral.

Ashton shook his head. “No, but I’m sure he’ll be here. The wedding doesn’t start for another hour.”

“I hope he didn’t go far,” Liz spoke up from behind all the men in the room. “My poor baby has been looking a little down lately. He probably just went to clear his head. I wonder what it was that made him leave like this.”

“Maybe he started having second thoughts,” Jack said, looking at you. Out of all of Luke’s siblings and members of the family is was Jack who you were the closest with. He always told you that to him and his brother Ben, you were the sister they never had. You confided in Jack countless times about your feelings towards Luke, and he would never judge you or think that you were being ridiculous. He would just listen to you, knowing how hard it must be to love someone who had no idea or who possibly didn’t love you back.

“I don’t think so,” you said softly and smiled at him. He smiled sympathetically back at you before his mother started talking again.

“Y/N, you know him better than anyone,” she said quickly. You could already tell she was about to lose her mind. All of the planning and coordinating for the wedding must have taken a real toll on her. “Do you have the slightest idea as to where he might be? Did he say he was going anywhere?”

You shook your head as his mother’s eyes lowered. “I’m sorry, Liz.”

“That’s alright, darling,” she sighed. “I just hope he’s safe.”

I just hope he’s safe

Save me from doing something you’ll know I’ll regret

Luke’s words echoed in your mind and you felt a sudden burst of energy as you started to realize that if you really knew Luke as much as you thought you did, there was only one place he would be.

“Actually, Liz,” you started, as you looked around the room at the anxious faces waiting for an answer. “I might know where he is.”


You got out of the cab and slammed the door, wasting no time as you ran towards the park on the corner of the street where you lived 16 years ago. You quickly made your way down the familiar street and through the grass of the nice up kept park. Old memories of you and Luke sitting on the grass as he played his guitar and jokingly serenaded you flooded your mind. You pushed them aside and focused on finding the man you loved. You started to make your way towards the playground at the other end of the park. You dodged people playing football in the grass and children on bikes and scooters, them giving you weird looks at your choice of attire for a day at the park. You slowly came to a slow walk as you reached the sandbox that sat on the far end of the playground. Your heart dropped when you scanned the perimeter and didn’t see Luke. Perhaps you didn’t know him as well as you thought you did. He was probably at the cathedral this whole time. Just trying to get himself excited before marrying the woman he loved. You walked along the outside of the sandbox before finally deciding to say ‘fuck it’. You took off your heels and swung your legs over the ledge, sinking your feet into the warm sand. You sighed and rested your hands on either side of you, gripping the ledge lightly. You were starting to think that maybe you never knew Luke quite as well as you had thought and that maybe all of these feelings you had towards him were just temporary. You had hoped they were, for your sake at least.

“I’m not surprised to find you here.” Immediately recognizing the deep voice from behind you, you turned around quickly. Luke was standing behind you with his hands in his pockets and his tie loosened with the top few buttons of his shirt undone, revealing a bit of his chest. “You had always known exactly where I’d be before I did.”

His hair looked like he had run his hand through it several times, which was something you knew he did when he was stressing about something. You stood up from your spot on the ledge of the sandbox as he walked closer, swinging his legs over the side just as you had done. He sat on the ledge and looked up at you.

“Where have you been?” You questioned. “Everyone was worried sick. Your parents and brother, even the boys were running around looking for you.”

“And you?” He smirked, eyes just as blue and beautiful as they were when you were 6.

You smiled. “I’m here aren’t I?” He chuckled then his face slowly turned serious again.

“Yeah. You always were,” he said quietly.

You stared at him for a moment before turning your gaze to a sandcastle that sat about 2 feet away from you two. You both stayed silent for a while as you sat down again, next to Luke.

“Luke, we should go,” you told him after about 5 minutes.

“Do you remember the day we met?” He asked, choosing to ignore your suggestion. He was looking down at the sand, at the exact place he picked you up almost 16 years ago. You looked to where his eyes lied and the happy memory entered your mind, making you smile.

“Of course,” you said, remembering how good your hand felt in his. “You saved me that day you know.”

He smiled faintly as he looked down at his hands. He picked up a piece of string that stuck to his pants and played with it. “And you’ve been saving me every day since,” he chuckled, flicking the piece of string into the sandbox and resting his hands in his lap again. He played with the ring on his pinky, twirling it around his slender finger.

“Luke, we need go,” you suggested once more, starting to get up from your seat next to the man you loved.

“But not today,” he said, ignoring you again. You looked at him with a confused look while you slowly sat back down. “Why, Y/N? Why didn’t you say anything when I asked you if there was any reason I shouldn’t get married today?”

You looked down. You had known the answer of course but you weren’t about to tell him. You were prepared to lie to him again, knowing it was the only way to protect him from making a mistake, and yourself from rejection. But before you could open your mouth Luke began to laugh to himself, confusing the hell out of you.

“Fuck, Y/N I’m sorry,” he told you. Your eyebrows rose at his reaction and you waited to see what he was getting at. “I was just hoping that maybe you’d tell me you were madly in love with me or something. I tried to find any excuse I could not to marry her today.”

You opened your mouth, but quickly closed it, not knowing what to say. “Why would I tell you I was madly in love you?” You smile, trying to lighten the mood.

“Because I’m madly in love with you,” he said simply. Your smile disappeared and you swallowed hard. He was looking into your eyes and everything else was forgotten. It was like his gaze was holding you hostage.

“What?” You finally managed to breathe out.

“I said, I’m absolutely…” he spoke quietly, gently removing a piece of hair from your face. “Positively…“ He brought his hand to your cheek, stroking it with the back of his fingers. “Completely…” He ran his fingertips over your bottom lip. “Truly…” he pulled his fingertips away from your lip and used his index to tap your nose gently. “Perfectly, undeniably and madly…“ He leaned in closer as he stared at your lips, bringing his down so they were equal. He looked at you in the eyes quickly before gently but firmly pressing a kiss to your lips. You sat there motionless, making no effort to bring your hands to his neck or take his head in your hands. It was like you couldn’t move and immediately surrendered to his touch. He pulled away from you but still kept close, leaving no more than an inch of space between you two. “In love with you.”

Your eyes were still closed when he spoke the words you were dying to hear for so long. You opened your eyes slowly to see Luke staring at you with something in his eyes you’ve seen before but never really understood what it meant.

He waited patiently for your response as he brought his finger up to your cheek, wiping away a tear you didn’t know was there. “I… I’m not sure if we should be doing this.”

He sighed, but didn’t take his hand away from your face. “May I ask why?”

“Because you’re getting married in 15 minutes.” You looked him in the eyes, the stinging in your eyes slowly going away.

“Were you here about 5 seconds ago when I told you I loved you?” He smiled and you couldn’t help but smile too. “I kissed you and everything. Do you want me to do it again? Please let me do it again.” You laughed, causing him to laugh. The sound that came from him was your favorite sound in the world. You smiled and looked down.

“I love you too, Luke,” you said. His eyes lit up and he looked like a child. You felt like you were falling in love with him all over again. And in a way, you were. Him telling you that he loved you allowed you to love him like you’d never had before.

“I was so blind, Y/N,” he told you, cupping your cheek with his hand. “All this time it was always you, and I was a fucking idiot.”

“That you were,” you said bluntly. He chuckled and removed his hand from your cheek to trace your neck and collarbones with his index and middle fingers.

“Forgive me. Please, Y/N.” He begged. He brought his fingertips to your shoulders only to bring them back to the side of your throat. “I know I don’t deserve it, but I’ve finally realized that it was you I wanted to see walking down that aisle. I imagined everyone’s eyes would be on you, admiring how striking you would look in your dress. But you’d be looking at me, waiting for you, and I’d be the happiest man in the world. I want to marry you, Y/N. I want a future and kids with you. And I want to grow old with you because I know that no matter how much our lives change you’ll always love me regardless of the fame or the money. That’s all she wanted. She wasn’t in love with me she was in love with my lifestyle. And it didn’t take me long to realize that I wasn’t in love with her either. I was just in love with the idea of being loved by someone. But I already had that with you. You had always loved me and I hope that you let me love you too. I had always loved you but not in the way I should have. Please, Y/N. Let me make up for lost time. I need you so much. It just took me forever to realize it.”

You were crying now. Everything he was saying to you was exactly what you wanted to hear and he knew it. He had been oblivious for years, but now he was finally realizing it was you he had loved and he wanted to make it up to you.

You sniffled lightly before you smiled and leaned in to kiss him. It caught him a little bit off guard but he quickly recovered and brought his hand to rest on the side of your neck. His long slender fingers brushed through your hair and his hand gently cradled the back of your head as he deepened the kiss. His other hand rested on your waist, gripping it firmly and bringing you closer to him. You two parted, slightly out of breath as your foreheads rested gently against one another.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered.

“Shhh it’s okay,” you breathed.

“You’re too forgiving, Y/N.” He chuckled. “But it works in my favor.” He took your hand in his and brought it to his mouth, pressing light kisses to your fingertips.

“I love you,” you said. Finally being able to say the words out loud felt just as good as hearing Luke say them to you. Luke looked up at you and smiled, before leaning in and pressing a soft kiss to your lips.

“I love you too, Y/N,” he said, holding your hand firmly in his and looking at you with nothing but love in his eyes. “So much.”


You had always wondered what it would be like to get married. Your dress, the venue, the reception, where you would go on your honeymoon. And every time you imagined it, you had always pictured Luke being the one you shared it with.

It had been 2 months since the day you and Luke told each other your feelings, and ever since you two had been spending close to every waking moment together. You had moved out of your one bedroom apartment and into his. You two agreed that having already known each other since you were kids, you weren’t moving too fast and this big step was long overdue.

Luke’s family was ecstatic. Liz pulled you into a tight hug, saying how you were already a part of the family but happy that you and Luke were going to make it official. Ben and Jack gave you a huge bear hug, happy to call you their sister. Out of all the reactions, Ashton’s, Calum’s, and Michael’s were the best. They were the ones you confided in the most throughout the years when it came to your feelings about Luke. They all knew how much this meant to you and to Luke. And for once, everything felt like it was going to be okay.

You stood in front of the full length mirror in the small tent put up so you and the other girls could get ready. Today was finally the day you were going to marry the man you had loved since the 1st grade. The man you had longed for and dreamed about every day, and looking at your reflection in the full length mirror, it was well worth the wait. You had just stepped into your dress and your mother was helping you adjust it, making sure everything was in order. It was a tight vintage laced long sleeved mermaid dress that hugged your curves perfectly. It had a plunging neckline that met in a V at your upper abdomen. The dress was backless, stopping at your lower back and showing off your smooth tan skin. You wore the vintage blue crystal necklace and the earrings to match Luke had gotten you as a pre-wedding gift. Your hair was curled into loose waves that parted on the side, one side swept back behind your ear, creating an old glam type of look. You had decided to wear natural make-up and nothing but clear lip gloss. You also didn’t see a need for a veil or shoes. You and Luke decided you didn’t want your wedding to be all that fancy and extravagant. You two were getting married on the beach, the sand reminding you two of where you first met, in front of just your family and closest friends. It was a very intimate affair and it portrayed Luke’s and your relationship perfectly. All you needed was each other and the ones you loved.

“Y/N, you look so beautiful,” your mother told you, wiping a tear from her eye. “I can’t believe this day has finally come.”

“Me either,” you said, looking into the mirror. “Thanks, mom.” She smiled and kissed your cheek.

“Y/N, are you read-” you heard a voice say from the entrance of the tent. You turned to see your father, with a hand over his mouth and tears in his eyes, looking at you from head to toe. You gasped and your eyes began to fill with your own tears. Your father was supposed to be on a business trip for 3 more weeks. You and Luke had taken things a bit fast so you didn’t expect him to show. But here he was, standing in front of you and your crying mother.

“Dad,” you sobbed. He rushed over to you and hugged you tight, careful not to mess up your make-up or hair. “What are you doing here? I thought you were away on business.”

“You didn’t think I was going to miss my daughter getting married did you?” He asked rhetorically. “Luke called my boss. I don’t know what he said to him, but the next thing I knew he was telling me to get on a plain so I could be with my daughter on her big day. You have one hell of a guy waiting for you out there, sweetheart.”

You smiled and hugged him once more. You did have a great man waiting for you, and it was finally time to go out there and say those words you have been dying to say to him for years.

“Ready?” Your father looked you in the eyes after you two managed to stop crying. He held out his arm and you linked yours with it.

“As I’ll ever be,” you said, smiling. Your mother scurried out of the tent to her seat and your bridesmaids lined up in front of you beside Calum, Ashton, Michael, Ben and Jack. Ashton looked back and winked at you and you smiled.

“Don’t worry, Y/N. I’ll keep my promise,” Calum said from in front of you. “I’ll be the best best man you’ve ever seen. Luke is going to need it the second he lays his eyes on you.”

You gave Calum a heartwarming smile and he turned forward again. You could hear the music start from outside and started to get more nervous as each couple left the tent. You picked up your flowers from the chair and held onto them tightly. They were a mixture of beautiful white, and light and dark blue orchids with seashells in the mix as well. It was Liz’s idea and you thought it turned out beautiful. She had an eye for this type of thing. When the last couple walked out you felt a flock of butterflies release in your stomach as your father pushed aside the heavy fabric of the tent and started walking you two out. You couldn’t see Luke yet, due to the fact you had to turn a corner that led down the aisle. You were growing restless and wanted to see Luke’s reaction. As you began to turn, everyone turned to you. You heard countless gasps erupt form the crowd and smiled even wider. You were blushing uncontrollably as you looked around at everyone as they looked back at you. You then turned to Luke, who was dressed in black from head to toe. He was wearing a black tux, the peaked lapels of the suit black satin to match his tie, and a black dress shirt underneath.

His gaze was transfixed on you. It was as though he was under your spell and he couldn’t for the life of him tear his eyes away from you, not that he wanted to. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him either and as you got closer you could tell there were tears in his eyes. He was smiling so big by the time you made it to him. You kissed your father on the cheek and handed your maid of honor, who was your best friend, your bouquet. You turned and your father rested your hand gently in Luke’s. Luke reached out for your other hand and took it, bringing them both together and drawing you closer.

Staying dedicated to the casual feel of the ceremony, you and Luke decided to have a lifelong friend marry you both. Knowing him for years you two felt it was a great idea and he was more than happy to be the one to do it.

The ceremony was beautiful and after he pronounced you husband and wife, Luke immediately pulled you close to him, resting one hand firmly on your waist and the other on your bare back. Your arm went around his neck and your other hand rested on his cheek. You both smiled into the kiss as your friends and family cheered and hollered. You two parted and he stared at you before shifting his eyes down to your lips, kissing you one last time. You giggled and he smiled as you turned, hand in hand to walk back down the aisle as a married couple.


The reception was just as fantastic as the ceremony. Liz worked her magic to make the patch of green grass on the sandy beach look like the most beautiful place in the world. Long tables with white table cloths and golden chairs were lined up around most of the perimeter of the grass, while the stage was set up facing away from the brilliantly colored orange and red sky and the breathtaking calmness of the ocean. A dance floor was set up in the middle of everything, and that’s where you and Luke currently were, having your first dance. He held you close to him, his arms resting tightly around your waist, like he never was going to let you go. You had your arms draped loosely around his neck as your hand played gently with the hair at the back of his head above his neck.

“You look absolutely stunning today, baby,” he said softly in your ear. “When you walked down that aisle I couldn’t help but think how lucky I am to have you all to myself.”

You moved your head so that you were looking at him in the eye. His eyes shimmered with love and affection and it almost made you cry. This man in front of you had a way of making you fall in love with him more and more every day, and you thought to yourself, no, I’m  the lucky one.

“I can’t believe you’re mine, Y/N.” Luke brought his head down to kiss you lightly on the lips and you smiled at him.

“I am,” you said, bringing your forehead to his and wiping a tear that spilt onto Luke’s cheek. “I’m yours. For as long as you want me.”

“Let’s start with forever,” Luke said, kissing your nose.



So, this is the second part to the Luke imagine! I really hope you guys like it because writing it gave me some serious Luke feels. Like seriously, I’m not okay. I’m excited to write more imagines with the 5SOS boys and I have a few ideas in mind that I think you guys will like. I do however, run short with my ideas, so REQUEST. Ok, bye.

- Lex

Fragment from an Italian antiphoner dated 1512.

Artist: Giovanni Battista Cavalletto and his son Scipione Cavalletto, in the style of.

Figurative Decoration: Large illuminated initial on fol. 100r in the design of a classical vase; very large historiated initial on fol. 1r (about 105 mm. square) showing the Annunciation, within an elaborate classical surround and with full illuminated border including classical vases and birds (very cropped).

Other Decoration: Rubrics in red, some calligraphic initials with decorative penwork including human profiles, etc.; large and small initials throughout in alternating blue with purple penwork and red with blue penwork.

Source: Bloomington, Indiana University, Bloomington, Lilly Library at Indiana University,  Poole 17


Continuity of the species.
Nature controls through
its elements, performs.

Actual generation activity
provides their continuity
through its reproduction.

Suddenly we observed
a couple settle in large vase,
among several available on the balcony.

Privileged by their choice,
We witness the action of this couple.
just over ten days after birth,
here are their young.


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The Sandwich Thief - Chapter 7

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It’s nine am when Nico finds him. Jason’s surprised he took so long.

Jason’s spare key is on the ledge above his door, so he lays there on his couch, listening to Nico’s annoyed grunts as he tries to jump and reach it for a whole five minutes before the key is jammed into the locked door and opened.

As soon as they make eye contact, Jason says one word. “No.”

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