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has anyone else seen that animated short film where there are no more females and the men have mutated into … kinda large grey ugly versions. And then the mutated men find a girl doll and one tries to have sex with it and the other ‘men’ get jealous and it ends up getting torn apart. There are two child characters and near the end one of them has their period.

Fuck that was a good short I wish I could find it

And the lights went off before anyone got a good look. Everyone in the room had to hear each other without knowing beauty or ugliness, without large or small, without weak or strong. Only judged by personality, by tone, by passion, by vocabulary. Through voice alone, some fell in love and some fell out of it. And then the lights came back on, and all returned to normal. - wishing you were here
—  Cole Sprouse
Adam Driver’s Face

This is my attempt to explain the beauty of Adam Driver’s face: CONTRAST.

Anyone familiar with art principles knows that contrast draws attention and is visually pleasing. It is a tool artists use to direct a viewer’s gaze.

Adam Driver’s face has layers of contrast:

Light/dark: Pale skin contrasts dark hair

(also, light and dark sides of the force for Kylo Ren)

Hard/soft: prominent brow ridge, aquiline nose, pointed chin, and broad shoulders contrast with the flowing curves of his hair, his soft jawline, his rounded ears, and his large, round eyes

Masculine/feminine: masculine features of brow ridge and deep set eyes, adam’s apple (deep voice), large nose, broad shoulders, and facial hair (usually) contrast with feminine features like long eyelashes and large round eyes, paler skin, long wavy hair, fuller soft lips, and a softer jawline

Typical beauty/ugly: Large ears, large nose, long face, contrast with full lips, large eyes, broad shoulders, and luscious hair

The contrast in Adam Driver’s face (and even his personality and most of his characters) is what makes him so appealing. He is strong yet vulnerable. He is intense yet kind. He is awkward yet elegant. He is relatable yet mysterious. He is languid yet bursting with energy. He is intimidating yet endearing. He defies categorization and definition. This is what draws attention to Adam Driver. This is why he has such presence. This is why people can’t stop looking at him.

I also would like to draw special attention to some certain features of interest.

EYES: Huge and watery and deep and dark round surrounded by luscious dark lashes. Both size and roundness draw attention and create interest.

EARS: Their roundness flows perfectly into the waves of his hair.

LIPS: Pink and full and beautiful.

BEAUTY MARKS: Both endearing and beautiful. They add additional contrast to his pale skin and adds variety and interest to the symmetry of his face.

FACE LENGTH: A long face adds an additional height illusion to his already impressive height. Both his long face and height give him a thinness that contrasts with the bulky muscles of his perfectly toned body.

And now, there is just one last reason Adam Driver’s face is so beautiful: he has a unicorn soul, a heart of gold, and a reflective mind of bottomless depth. Like, he is just a really great person and you can see it in his eyes, okay?

  • Kiibo: How’d you convince some people to test your product?
  • Iruma: I used my charms.
  • Ouma: Charms? No, she used her boobs.
  • Iruma: NO! I used my charms! Are you saying I’m not charming?
  • Ouma: Yeah.
  • Iruma:
  • Ouma:
  • Kiibo:
  • Iruma: Yes, I used my boobs.
  • Kiibo: What are boobs?
  • Ouma: They’re those two large, ugly globs of fat on Iruma’s chest.
  • Iruma: Hey! Don’t insult my babies!
  • Kiibo: Ah, I remember. Boobs are the human slang word for a woman’s breasts. However, they’re more than globs of fat. They’re soft, protruding organs on the upper front of a woman’s body that secrete milk after pregnancy, but I still don’t understand how they can be used for persuasion.
  • Iruma: Don’t overthink it….
  • Kiibo: Oh, I get it! You gave people breast milk to people, but that would mean you had a baby recently. How’s the baby doing?
  • Ouma: [laughing] Kiibo, this prison would be a much more boring place without you. Moments like these are the reason I drag you into conversations.
  • Kiibo: Ouma, I don’t know what’s so funny, but I’m glad I made you happy. I love making my friends happy.
  • Ouma: He’s in a great mood Iruma. Don’t be a heartless bastard and ruin it.
  • Iruma: Grrrr….but my boobs have been insulted….

@barryandlen, Ok here’s the coldflash soulmate AU that @lenbarries originally came up with and I helped with a few ideas.

So imagine a world where soulmarks in different places on your body mean a different type of love, and some of these can appear at different times of your lives and others you are born with. So a soulmark on the hip means “passionate, strong, deep to the core romantic love” and a mark on the wrist is deep love between friends. 

Barry and Len have matching marks on their hips. Len, however, has a large ugly scar on top of his. It was given to him by his dad when he was younger. And in this world, when someone wants to reject their soulmate, they purposely make a scar over the mark to symbolize their rejection. Len internalizes this a lot. He was devastated when it first happened, thinking that now his soul mate will think they are rejected, but as he grows up, Len starts thinking his dad was right, that he didn’t deserve a soulmate, and that his soulmate is so much better without him, and that in the end, his dad did him a favor by making Len realize how toxic he would be to any soulmate of his. 

Flash forward a few years, and during one of Barry and Len’s interactions, and Barry sees the mark but also the scar and does think that Len has rejected his soulmate and thus him and so Barry doesn’t tell Len that they have matching marks. Eventually Len finds out anyways, but just pushes Barry away because of all the stuff he internalized from his father. So cue a lot of misunderstanding and angst.

Eventually, Lisa ends up telling Barry and the flash team how Barry got the scar (like in the family of rogues episode) and this starts clearing everything up though it takes while before their in a good place. Also, Len is really intimidated by how many soulmarks Barry has, because he has Caitlin and Cisco as friends, and Iris as something a bit more, and Joe, and Len just has Lisa and Mick. But they work it out.

Also, lenbarries has the idea that months or years later, Len wakes up one day and there’s a new mark on his rib cage that signifies a strong non paternal bond and it matches with a mark that Joe has, and basically Joe and Len grew really close and started to bond and Joe started thinking of Len as another son too. 

Three Knocks on Bilbo’s Door

The Hobbit One Shot, Bilbo/Thorin


For #anunexpectedanniversary I wrote this at 10.20 last night on the back of my study cards so it may be a little unstructured! 

The first knock comes as Bilbo Baggins is making a cup of tea. It is quarter past eleven and any respectable hobbit would be well into elevenses by now. But not Bilbo. He has not taken elevenses since his unexpected return a little over a year ago.

The knock is sharp, purposeful, and Bilbo knows who it is before he is even out of his seat.

Lobelia Sackville-Baggins is as frustrating and flamboyant as ever, bursting into the cosy hobbit hole with flair. She wears a garish yellow and large, ugly hat. Bilbo sighs.

“Hello Lobelia,” he begins as cordially as he can. “What can I do for you toda-”

“There are dwarves in town!” she interrupts. “Dwarves! Again! Bilbo, if these intruders have anything to do with you, I command you to remove them! I will not have those monsters messing up my peonies again!”

Bilbo’s heart drops, partly from fear, partly from excitement. He has missed his dwarvish friends, yes, and he greatly hopes it is Balin or Ori bringing news from Erebor. But also…he cannot face them just yet. It is too soon.

After a good ten minute rant on ill treatment to her ‘poor petunias’, Bilbo loses it with Lobelia, and they spiral into a passionate argument about the so called ‘unruly and disgusting manners of dwarves’. An insulted Lobelia leaves, taking at least one lace doily and a china dog with her. Bilbo doesn’t mind, however, too caught up in his thoughts to care.

The second knock comes as Bilbo settles down with a good book. At first he thinks he has imagined the sound, but then it comes again, a ‘rat-a-tat-tat’ on the window pane. Angrily, he storms to the door, almost afraid it might be one of his old friends. But it is far worse.

“Bilbo Baggins, my old friend!”

“No! None today thank you! I will have no more adventures! Whatever it is, you will not rope me in this time!”

He slams the door shut, just like he should have done the last time the wizard came to his door.

Gandalf the Grey taps the window with his staff mouthing something through the glass, but Bilbo ignores him. I am looking for someone to share in an adventure, oh yes, an adventure. I will never forgive you for your adventure, good sir.

“Be off with you! I need no more daring escapades, no more hairy situations and NO MORE HEARTBREAK!”

The meddlesome wizard does not press further, and Bilbo is left alone with his thoughts once again.

It is dark when he hears the third knock. The weather has worsened considerably, it’s now rainy and windy, stormy conditions for the Shire. It reminds Bilbo of the Storm Giants in the mountains and their terrible battle. He remembers a pair of warm, rough hands holding him tight, keeping him safe…

He is awake, staring blankly at the patterned drapes around his small warm bed, and when the knock comes it startles him. He rolls out of the quilt and shrugs on his patchwork dressing gown, shivering as he slides into his slippers. The little hobbit makes his way to the round door, ready to unleash a tirade of fury upon whoever it is this time. But when he opens the door he forgets everything.

A gust of wind blows raindrops onto his nice clean doormat, dampening the carpet. Bilbo doesn’t care.

“But…but you were dead.”

“No. Not quite.”

Thorin Oakenshield stands in the doorway, his majestic profile framed by the turbulent skies. He smiles softly, his blue eyes warm as he gazes at the hobbit. At his hobbit.

“I came back for you.”


bradley james & glen mazzara interview at sdcc’15 w/seat42f

For Taylor ...

Dearest taylorswift,
I left this book for you with the lovely Sierra from Taylor Nation at your show on Saturday in Hyde Park. She seemed to really like it and she said she would definitely give it to you, and she even checked that I had my tumblr information in there, bless her.
I know you are so busy and must receive so many presents all the time, so I do not expect special treatment or anything. I’m just so glad that you either have it or will soon have it. The very idea that you have, or will at some point, hold my present in your hands is breathtaking to me.
This book is a thank you to you for getting me through the hardest of times. Things that might seem trivial to others are so often the ones which loom large and dark and ugly in our own individual lives, and through your wisdom and kindness, your words and your lyrics, your music, you have helped me through so many things, both small and big.
So, really, this message is also a thank you, but alongside that it is simply a post on tumblr which I hope you will see, because I want you to know how important it is to me that you received my book. You do so much for so many people every day, and I will never be able to truly repay you. This book, and my continued and everlasting devotion to you, is the best I could manage. So I hope you have it, and I hope you like it.
Love always,
Tabitha xxx

P.S. The concert was AMAZING.

My Tribute to No Edit Friday!

With the Sony A7 I now can more often post for No Edit Fridays – because, as I wrote in my last post, I can see the exposure in the EVF! Well, and I do have OOC (out of camera) JPEGs … ;)

And this shot is with a new (old) lens: the Tamron SP 1:2.5 90mm Tele Macro. AFAIK this is the first model: large, heavy, ugly as hell (and with heavy signs of wear); but other than that, it has nice qualities – and I got it for below $100 (including shipment). With open aperture I get heavy vignetting – that I actually find quite appealing – and decent sharpness. Stopped down this lens is really great. I should have bought a Tamron Tele Macro when I had my Nikon F3 (perhaps I would’ve never sold it ;)).

the year is 2034, edm artists need biomechanical augmentations to help hold their head up straight because of their excessively large and ugly hats