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Sometimes Salty Tears End in Sweet Kisses~Raph(2014/16) x Chubby Female Reader

One shot: Yes

Request: Yes

Do you think you could do a Raph x Chubby reader? Reader being insecure about her weight and being near Raph (or with him) can sometimes make her feel crappy about her body since she thinks a guy like him would much rather have a beautiful barbie doll type girl? Maybe with her having a rough past (being bullied in all of middle school and such?) Thanks!!

Requester: Anon

Turtle version: Tmnt 2014/2016

Word count: 817

I love writing this stuff soooo much! I’m a big girl myself, and I just love the idea of making others like myself happy through my writing!

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Life on earth, as magnificent and versatile as it is, is seemingly tame compared to the weird and wonderful creatures that once existed. All categories of life have reached unimaginable sizes, here are just a selection of prehistoric record breakers!

The biggest shark known to have existed, ruling over the oceans as recently as up to a million years ago. A length of almost 20 metres and weighing in at an estimated 48 tonnes, Megalodon could deliver a crucifying bite of up to 110,000N. It is no surprise that the Megalodon was dubbed the “whale killing shark”.

Our early ancestors would have been quite familiar with Megatherium as they existed up to 8000 years ago, they were in fact the largest sloths to have existed. Sloths have a reputation as being lazy, slow and docile, but Megatherium was a 6 metre long, 4 tonne monster with a killer instinct and knife-like claws. Megatherium’s discovery came before that of the dinosaurs. Skeletons of these prehistoric beasts were a delight to the Victorian public and paved the way for the science of palaeontology.

Literally meaning “large turtle”, Archelon certainly was just that. Existing during the cretaceous, the time of the dinosaurs, Archelon could reach 4.5 metres long and may have lived to over 100 years old. Archelon could not compete with other cretaceous beings in speed and agility, but its blade-like beak was able to slice through flesh and crush though the toughest ammonite shells. Unfortunately Archelon appears to have been a popular snack for other marine dwellers, skeletons are frequently missing flippers or heads and covered in slashes.

When the dinosaurs reign ended, a new era saw the rise of new super-predators, one was Titanoboa, the largest snake ever with a body up to 13 metres long, standing a metre off the ground and weighing up to 2500 pounds. Titanoboa was 30% longer than even todays largest species. Scientists believe this humongous snake hunted like its modern relatives, the boa constrictors, by winding around prey and suffocating them.

Owner of the largest antlers of any animal, up to 3 metres wide, the Irish Elk gets its name from its frequent discoveries in Irish peat bogs. Existing up to 10,000 years ago, these would have been a common sight in grasslands for our ancestors. Many fossils indicate the animals died of starvation which is why the antlers are thought to have been part of elaborate mating contests between males, often resulting in one being fatally injured and unable to feed itself.

A distant relative of the elephants and mammoths, Deinotherium was more sinister, its name translates to “terrible beast”, they would have most likely caused trouble for our ancient ancestors around 1.5 million years ago. Deinotherium is actually considered to be the second largest land mammal of all time, behind Paraceratherium and is iconic in appearance due to its sharp, downward facing tusks.

Known as the short faced bear, they were the biggest bears on record and one of the largest mammal carnivores to have existed. Whilst their skull was short, they were packed with piercing teeth that could deliver a bone crushing bite. Existing up to 11,000 years ago, out ancestors would have stayed well clear of this 900 kilogram predator, with slender limbs and knife-like claws, Arctodus was deadly.

One of the most infamous fossil discoveries in history, Sarcosuchus was the largest crocodile to walk the Earth up to 112 million years ago, this was a crocodile capable of killing dinosaurs. Sarcosuchus was twice as long as a saltwater crocodile, that’s 11-12 metres long and could reach over 8 tonnes. Its jaw was packed full of 66 teeth either side of its jaw and would have clamped down on prey that wandered too near.

One of the largest lifeforms that has ever stood on the Earth, Argentinosaurus could grow up to 30 metres long with its hind limbs standing 4.5 metres off the ground. They existed between 97-94 million years ago and at adulthood would have been virtually indestructible to predators. Its weight is estimated at a staggering 80-100 tonnes. There hasn’t been another land mammal on the same scale as Argentinosaurus since and it’s unlikely there ever will be.

The largest discovered therapod ever, a group that includes Allosaurus and Tryrannosaurus. Spinosaurus remained an enigma to scientists for decades, the only discovered specimen was sadly destroyed during World War 2 and was not rediscovered until the 21st century. Spinosaurus is thought to have reached up to 16 metres long and weighed in around 12 tonnes, that is almost double the weight of a T-rex!

If you are looking to buy a...

-normal ball python

-bearded dragon

-red eared slider (or any large pond turtle)

-green iguana

-large tortoise species

-other large snake species

Please please consider checking our your local reptile rescue and adopting because there are a HUGE number of these species in shelters. These are certainly not the only reptile species in shelters (the one I interned at had everything from leos, cresties, and corns to tegus, rare monitors, and box turtles) but these are usually the most commonly abandoned and the most difficult to house long term.

Benefits of adopting from a shelter:

-adult animals are usually hardier

-a reputable shelter will thoroughly health check animals

-shelter will usually have socialized the animal (and if not will give you an honest idea of current socialization level)

-shelter will be able to give you an idea of animal’s adult temperament (temperament of young animals can often change when they reach sexual maturity)

-shelter will have switched snakes to frozen/thawed before adoption

-some shelter allow fostering of an animal as a trial period

-sometimes the shelter will supply fully equipped enclosure along with the animal

-shelter will offer support and information following the adoption

-the adoption fee is a fairly minimal part of their overall funding, so they are in it for the sake of the animal and adopter not for the money

-adoption fee is usually cheaper than buying a new animal

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What's the deal with John Laurens and turtles (tortoises?)

John Laurens had a significant interest in the natural sciences, and he was also a talented artist.  These paintings are speculated to be his work, and (assuming that Laurens is in fact the artist) you’ll see that plants and animals were the major focus of his work.

When John was around the age of 16, Alexander Garden (a naturalist in South Carolina) asked John to make a sketch of a turtle species that he was describing for a scientific journal.  Here’s the story:

One October day, Garden received a very welcome present, probably from Lachlin McIntosh, who lived in Darien, Georgia…His gift was a large soft-shelled turtle, very common in the Savannah and Altamaha Rivers but fairly rare in the Charles Town area.  The turtle, a female, weighed about thirty-five pounds…That he might remember how this curious animal appeared alive, he employed Mr. Leslie, an artist recommended by Henry Peronneau, to make a sketch.  Knowing that Ellis would be interested, he asked Henry Laurens’ son, John, to make a copy of Leslie’s drawing.   John was very clever with a pencil and spent much of his time at the Gardens.  Garden considered him something of a genius, with enough application to make good use of his talents.  In fact, he was certain that John, with the proper university training, would be ‘a joy and delight to his father, as well as an ornament to his country.’  John was thrilled with the live turtle.  He spent many hours watching it, but neither he, Garden, nor the small Garden daughters were successful in finding any food to tempt the turtle.

So based on John’s interest in animals/the natural sciences and the line “John was thrilled with the live turtle,” I’ve basically headcanoned John as a turtle lover (and let’s be real, he probably was).

Here’s John’s turtle art as well, which was published in the scientific journal Philosophical Transactions in 1771:

A Box of Books (Leonardo Imagine).

Imagine Leonardo finding a box of old books.
They were just sitting there, outside on the steps of an old building. The box had “For Free” written across it and the turtle decideds to have a closer look.
The books are worn, the covers bent, the spines broken, and the pages yellowed. But as he flips through the box, he finds a few he likes. A book of fairytales from Japan, a collection of Robert Frost’s poems.
Leo hesitates for a moment. The box does say for free, no one would mind if he took them…
So he does. He slips the books into his backpack and took off after his brothers, desperate to catch up. They didn’t ask where he had been and, a few weeks later, he pays another visit.
The box is still there, with some new books inside of it. He takes a couple more and adds them to his shelf. Over the next few months, he continues to visit the little box on the porch, always walking away with a new book.
He didn’t know who had left them but he was thankful.
Imagine your mom calling you one day, sobbing over the phone to tell you that your grandfather had died in his sleep.
She’s heartbroken and you are too but you’re the only ones he had. Mom has to plan a funeral. And you have to pack up his place.
On the drive into the city, you think about your grandfather.
You remember all the stories he had read you, all the books he had given you over the years. Your grandparents had loved books and even called thier apartment “the Library.” When your grandmother died, he had been heartbroken.
He decided to get rid of his books, only a few at a time. It hurt to hear the old man turn away from his precious books, but overtime…he changed.
He began to sound happier over the phone.
He told you about the little box on his pourch and “the nice young man who always visited”.
“He’s strange looking, sweetie, but you don’t have to be pretty to read, you know. He always looks so happy when he leaves. I think Martha would like him…”
You smiled, pulling up to his tiny apartment.
There it was, the little box. Still filled with books.
You work hard through the day, packing and sorting through everything.
Keep, donate, keep, donate. Then one day…you’re packing away his old clothes when you hear it. A loud clatter near the porch.
You look out the window and freeze.
There in the darkness, a large turtle is sorting through the box with a smile on his face. As you stare at him, you start to remember a few other things your grandfather had said.
“Bright blue eyes…rather tall though…a big fella, reminds me of my old buddy Arnold…looks so happy when he leaves.”
Was this him?
Was this the guy who had made your grandfather so happy in his last few months?
You wanted to ask him, but just like that, he was gone. You ran outside, looking down at the box. A few books were indeed missing.
Looking behind you, you noticed a box of books you had packed and reached into it, pulling out a few.
You replaced the books he had taken, wondering if he would come back, and you returned to work.

Washed Up

<< PART ONE ( part of your world )

Group: BTS


Excerpt: “I was lonely and then I saw you on the beach-“


“A year ago maybe?”

Genre: angst, mermaid au

Length: 1.6k

A/N: part three will be out eventually..


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There was a figure on the beach that morning, lying face down in the sand as waves lapped at their lower half. This wasn’t an uncommon sight, teenagers often had parties that got out of hand and yet the second you saw it you knew, you knew this was not a normal incident; and then his tail flapped up catching the sun as scales glinted at you.

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More spring time Tennessee critters. I love the turtles, and the newts are great!! But frogs, and more significantly toads, freak me out greatly.

But, with help, I managed to go outside past five toads to snap a photo of this frog because @taigas-den likes herps, and TN is more or less swarming with them.

There was an armadillo hanging around last night, but by the time I came out to see it, it had gone too deep in the woods.

Little Moments (Leonardo x Reader )



 Walking into the lair tonight was a bad choice, Leo and Raph were at it again for the millionth time this week. You wish the bickering would stop but you weren’t about to stick your neck out between the two. Sure you knew how to fight and you are pretty good at it but Raph and Leo are on another level of strength compared to you. Leo slumped on the couch mumbling something about his failure, just shaking your head you sat down beside him.

 "Need I ask?“ 

"He went out during the day again, he doesn’t care if he’s seen" 

"Lee he’s dressed up from head to toe, I don’t think anyone can see the shell underneath the trench coat”

 "I know y/n but that’s not what I meant"

 "What then?“

 "There’s people out there who want to hurt us, if they even had a suspicion Raph was a mutant they would do anything to find out. It’s the fact that he’s willingly putting everyone in danger for selfish reasons!" 

 Silently looking at him for a moment you took the blue leaders face in your hands forcing him to look at you in the eye.

 "Then listen to what he’s not telling you Leo, all of you want to be able to walk up there with no problems but that’ll take a long time to happen. Raph has only known the sewer his whole life but now that you’ve all saved New York it’s changed, wanting to explore is becoming serious. 15 years of doing the same thing and seeing the same faces probably is driving Raph nuts. You haven’t noticed how much calmer he seems to be after returning from those walks, he likes the freedom of it all, wouldn’t you?”

 Leo pulled your hands from his face and stood up from the couch,

 "Of course I want it, I want to go learn new things and how to become a better leader!“

 "Is that all you want Leo? Just to lead?”


 The silence was deafening as he just stared, turning around he sighed and turned back to you. Pulling you up from your seat and taking you in his arms.

 "I want to be able to give you everything that you want, a boyfriend that you can show off and be proud of, someone that can meet your friends and go out to those parties. I want to get married and live with you. But I can’t give you that, I’m a large mutant turtle and I can’t change that, neither can Raph, nor Michelangelo or any science of Donnie’s. I can’t make us anything more then we are, I want to make us happy." 

 Your concern quickly washed away and you stood up a little taller and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek. Pulling back you wrap your self in his arms, pressing into his chest. Feeling his head rest against the top of yours, you finally spoke

 "You’re all I’m ever going to want, nothing more and nothing less. You couldn’t tell how many people I met and they claimed to make me happy and that they were the best I was ever going to get. Then my entire world changed when you saved my life. Leo I love you because your the way you are. I could care less about bringing my friends around, you already know most of them, I never party. I love watching space heroes and making pizza with you. I love training with you and that bond is better then any marriage I think I could get. You’re all I need baby, I swear to you" 

 As Leonardo held you tighter, you could hear his breathing steady as he thought it out. His hand slowly rubbing against your back, he kissed the top of your head, 

 "Thank you.”

 "For what?“


 "Just hold me closer"

 "That I can do Princess" 

“I love you Darling" 

"And I love you more" 

"No I love you more”

 Looking up and giggling at his goofy smirk he had plastered on his face, then giving him a friendly shove. You pulled him back onto the couch and laid against his chest as he wrapped his arms around your waist, turning the TV on to whatever happened to be playing. This was all it ever could be, just you and him. And That was just fine by you.

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This is going viral on Facebook right now. There are jokes being made about it, and it makes me sick. Let me educate you guys, and hopefully save a few turtles in the process:

1. Turtles know where they’re going. DO NOT MOVE THEM IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION THAN THEY ARE ALREADY HEADING. Some turtles, such as Box Turtles, will actually die if they are moved or deterred from going where they’re going.

2. If the turtle is in danger, such as being in the middle of a busy road, then simply pick it up and move it (in the same direction it was going) until it is in a safe place. That’s it. Don’t take it home, and don’t bring it to a completely new location unless absolutely necessary!

3. While I’m talking about it, there is a proper way to pick up a turtle! DO NOT grab or pick up the turtle by its tail or legs. That can cause extreme pain and permanent harm to the animal! Place one hand on each side of the shell, a little bit behind the front legs, and lift the turtle. Make sure you keep the turtle low to the grown, should it decide to freak out a bit and you drop it.

4. If the turtle is large, it may be a snapping turtle. Those are aggressive and have extremely painful bites! Instead of picking it up, gently move it along with a blunt object until it is safely out of harms way.

5. Turtles swim and enjoy water. They know how to find a water source, they do not need your help. If you see a turtle roaming around next to a pond or lake, don’t pick it up and toss it in the water, it’s likely on land for a reason!

6. Tortoises are NOT water animals in any way, shape, or form! Don’t EVER throw them into any water! While some can swim, most cannot and will drown!

7. How do you tell the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? Here’s a few ways:

-Turtles tend to have webbed feet for swimming, while tortoises have round, stubby feet for walking.

-Turtles have flatter shells; tortoises have large, dome shaped shells that tend to have bumps and ridges on them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you have any other information that can help to educate people on this topic, please feel free to add it!

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5 and Aaron/Laurens


Idk what to call them so maybe??? Burrens?? IDK?????? Hel p ??

Burrens - fingertip kisses

10 Reasons why Aaron Burr is the best Boyfriend ever

  1. He sings me to sleep
  2. His voice is really nice
  3. He holds my hand when I feel scared and tells me he’s here (I’m usually never scared btw)
  4. He tries to cook
  5. He’s kind of bad at cooking actually which makes me seem better by comparison
  6. He’s kind when I’m reckless
  7. He has held my hand even when I don’t feel scared
  8. He says he loves me everyday
  9. Sometimes I think he lies about that but inside, I know he does
  10. I think I love him too

John placed the pen shakily on top of Aaron’s writing desk and tries to re-read what he just wrote. It was short and simple, like Aaron. It was straight to the point but also a little ramble-y, just like John.

He was supposed to write a letter, but he was not as prolific with words as Alexander.

He was supposed to make a playlist of songs, but he couldn’t sing at all.

He was supposed to do a myriad of things for Aaron Burr but his insecurities stopped at the door. He held his arm a little bit tighter against his chest as he tried not to cry. This was stupid. Fuck, why does he always get so emotional when it comes to Aaron? It just wasn’t fair how much Aaron makes him feel but he could never truly repay him.

“John?” He turned around at the sound of his name and saw that Aaron was standing there with a large stuffed turtle toy.

11. He buys me gifts about things that I like. 

“I’m sorry I’m late, sweetheart, it was traffic on 5th avenue.” John held out his other arm for the toy almost like a child and Aaron gave it to him with a chuckle. “I saw this in a shop window on my way back. I thought of you.” He knelt down in front of his boyfriend and smiled at the way John’s eyes lit up at the sweet gesture.

12. He thinks of me all the time.

“Our 3 year anniversary is coming up, babe! I was thinking we could spend it with some of our friends. A lot of them agreed to come visit over the summer.” John was a little surprised when Aaron carried him bridal style over to the edge of the bed but he smiled happily when he was settled on top of his boyfriend’s lap.

He hugged his stuffed turtle closer to his chest while grinning brightly up at Aaron. He smiled back just as brightly, just like the time they went on their first date.

13. He hates PDA but when we’re alone, he holds me tenderly

“What were you writing there a while ago, love? A letter or something?” John blocked Aaron’s view when he tried to sneak a peek at what was on the desk with his shoulders shaking with silent laughter. “Oh? Is it for me? Why won’t you let me see it?” 

14. His smile is beautiful, especially when directed towards me.

John bit his lip and shook his head as his answer and Aaron got it immediately. “Is it a surprise?” 

John shook his head and he placed the turtle on his own lap before raising his hands up to sign: It’s not finished yet. I have so much more to say.

Aaron nodded in understanding with that same soft smile he reserves only for John.

15. He learned sign language so we could still talk even if I’m mute.

“Take your time then, love.” With that statement, he took John’s hands in his own and kissed his fingertips with all the tenderness in his heart. John absolutely melts every time he does that and the action only proved item number 10 further. I think I love him too. 

So with a watery smile he took his hands away from Aaron’s and signed as clearly as he could: I love you. Aaron returned his smile with as much adoration as he could muster. This was the first time John told him that. 

He kissed his fingertips that were frozen in mid-air before he held up his hands as close to John’s and signed: 

I love you too.

John then placed his hands on either side of Aaron’s face and kissed him with all the love in his heart.

16. Number 10 was a lie. I don’t think I love him. I do.

Wow I managed to make this non-angsty @elysiangrace are you happy??

Send me a Hamilton ship and a number!

Back from Beyond

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Leonardo x Reader

Back from Beyond

Prompt: Hi! I love your stories, they’re so cute! Do you mind writing a Leo x Reader where the reader fangirls about Leo out loud?

Note: Okay, so I kind of took some creative liberty here, and I had an idea and just kinda ran with it, so…hope you like it!

You didn’t know when exactly the shift had happened, but it had. The differences were slight, but they were there. You had grown up your entire life in a dimension where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were a huge part of pop culture. You lived in New York, so you were never far when they were filming the latest movie, and of course you went to see them.

But one day you woke up and things had changed. Your TMNT mug was blank. Odd. Maybe you had replaced it and this was another mug you forgot about. Yeah, that must be it. And then, when you walked out of your bedroom, Megan Fox was sitting on the couch, her hair in a messy bun and soft pink pajama pants. She looked at you in alarm.

“Oh my God, you’re awake!”

“What do you mean? Why are you in my apartment? Aren’t you supposed to be in Hollywood or…not in my apartment.”

“(Y/N), what do you remember from before?”

“I…I don’t understand what’s happening.” Your heart raced. You were wide-eyed and so, so very confused. You pressed a hand against your forehead.

“I’m calling Donnie.” Megan pulled out her phone and dialed a number. “Sit down.”

“O-okay. Donnie who?”

“Donatello. Your boyfriend’s brother? One of our best friends? Don’t you remember anything?” April asked as the phone rang. You shook your head, thinking. Donatello. The ninja turtle. This wasn’t Megan Fox. No. This was April Freaking O’Neil. She was real. Apparently.

Oh, and one other detail. You were dating one of Donnie’s brothers??? When was this a thing? More importantly, which one was it? Growing up, you had always had a little thing for the leader in blue, but that was nothing you admit until you were sure he was your boyfriend. Maybe it was Raph. Or Mikey. You wouldn’t mind either, to be honest, but you were hoping for Leo.

Was this even real? Holy shit. Maybe this was a dream. Maybe you had too much sugar before going to sleep and now you were mass-hallucinating. My God, this was so surreal. Suddenly you felt dizzy.

“Yeah, Donnie, she’s awake. Just…get here soon, okay? All right. Bye.” April hung up.

“Donnie as in Donatello.” You stated. April nodded slowly. “As in Donnie, Leo, Mikey, and Raph.”

“You remember?”

“Not…exactly…” you stated slowly. “I grew up watching TMNT and…they’re real?”

“Yeah.” She nodded. “What’s TMNT?”

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? There was a cartoon in the 80’s and another in the early 2000’s and then a new one in 2012 and there were a few movies and…I grew up with these characters. And I kinda had a thing for-”

“Got here was fast as we could.” The group of large mutant turtles climbed through the window, Donnie in the lead with his first aid kit and Leo close behind him, followed by Raph and then Mikey. They all looked nervous to say the least. “She should be in bed.” Donnie said. He walked forward and pressed his large green hand against your forehead. “No fever.” He shined a light in your eye. “Slight concussion, though.”

“No shit, Sherlock.” Raph crossed his arms. “After taking a hit like that, she’s lucky to be ali-”

“How do you feel?” Leo asked softly. You felt your cheeks flush with heat.

“I-I’m okay, I think. Just a little dizzy and, uh, overwhelmed.” You replied.

“Leo, can we talk for a second?” April asked. Leo’s eyes lingered on you for a few more moments before he nodded. She pulled him aside to talk to him privately.

“Mikey, take her back to bed while I set up.” Donnie instructed. You could barely utter a word before the orange-masked turtle scooped you up in his arms and took you back through the door to your room.

“How you holdin’ up, angelcakes?”

“I’m all right.” You stated quietly. He smiled.

“Good.” He set you in the bed and pulled the covers around you. “We were all worried. You were out for a long time.”

“How long?”

“Few weeks.” Raph spoke up, arms crossed across his huge chest. And though you weren’t trying to eavesdrop, you could still hear Leo and April’s conversation in the other room through the vents.

She doesn’t remember anything, Leo. She had no idea we existed.

What do you mean?”

“In her dream or whatever it was, we were fictional. Maybe that’s just how her brain processed everything while she was out.”

There was a long pause. You heard the blue-clad turtle take a breath. You could practically hear his heart break.

So she doesn’t remember anything?


And then Donnie waved his hand in front of your face to get your attention.

“Do you know your name?”

“(Y/N) (L/N).” You replied.

“And your birthday?” he asked. You answered him. “But you don’t…April said you don’t remember us.”

“I do remember you. All of you. I grew up watching cartoons and movies about you, but…I don’t remember anything from this…life I lived.”

“Interesting.” You could see the wheels turning behind the tall turtle’s brown eyes. By now, Leo and April were standing in the doorway. Leo pushed through his brothers to get to you. “Leo, why don’t you…You know.” Donnie motioned towards you. “I have to collect some data and do some research anyway.”

Donnie, Raph, Mikey, and April stepped out for a second, leaving you and Leo alone. His clear blue eyes met yours briefly before flicking away awkwardly.

“I, uh, I’m Leo. Leonardo. I, uh, we were, um…” He looked at you again and glanced away, tears forming. “I’m sorry.”

Leo.” You whispered. You reached out for his hand and took it in both of your own, studying each intricate facet of it. “I…the memories I have of my childhood…It was all about you. I…I watched shows and movies about you and your brothers and…well…you were always my favorite.” Your cheeks flushed again. Your eyes were fixed on his large green hand. “I dressed up as you for Halloween with my friends at least four times.” He chuckled a little. “So I think in some way, I did know. I always did. Just not in the way I should have.”

“So what you’re saying is that in this alternate universe, you were a fangirl? Of me?”

“Yes.” You blushed furiously, refusing to make eye contact with him. “I really was. I used to, uh, read fanfiction…about you…”

A slow smile spread across his lips. He leaned into your ear.

“You don’t need fanfiction anymore.” He whispered. It sent a pleasant tingle up your spine. Before he could move, you wrapped your arms around him, holding him close. His muscular arms gripped you tight, pulling you into his lap. “I love you. I missed you.”

“I…missed you too.”


It was a few days later. You were down in the lair, watching as Leo trained. The boys had had a fun time so far helping you readjust and relearn the things you had known. But there was something about this. About watching them fight that just…it felt odd. You tried to rack your brain, but you couldn’t…you couldn’t…you could.

Shredder had kidnapped you. He had used you as bait, and then the boys got there and he hit you and…

It all flooded back. You collapsed, tears running down your cheeks, and moments after your knees hit the floor, Leo was already kneeling in front of you, wiping away the tears.

“What happened? What hurts? Are you okay?” His voice was caring, but the questions came quick. You nodded, tears still flowing.

“I remember.”

“What do you remember?” his heart raced.

“Everything.” You sobbed. Your shaking hands ventured up to his scaly cheeks. “I remember us, Leo. I remember everything.”

His lips pressed a long kiss to your forehead and his arms wrapped around your waist.

“Glad to have you back.”

“Glad to be back.”

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top 5 mavericks








Sometimes I forget what a unique hobby fish keeping is…

I posted some info and an announcement of my licorice gourami project on my facebook page, and my cousin (who is a birb scientist, phD and all) instantly nerded out and started asking me questions about how hobbyists can be crucial to the conservation and reintroduction of entire species. 

It’s easy to slap a protection order on large beings. Turtles, birds, whales, whathaveyou… but it’s a bit more difficult where certain places just don’t think about that kind of thing and have no laws in place to protect animals or ecosystems - and they don’t realize that what was, is now lost and they start regretting their actions.

She’d never heard of a conservation method like what fish keeping has offered to researchers and scientists, and how it’s preserved species that now cannot be found in the wild.

We can be the absolute heart and soul in determining whether a species vanishes, or whether it is preserved to hopefully one day return to its natural habitat. Personally, I prefer the latter.

Welp... had no intention of posting smut today, but then this happened. X)

**(I would like to point out that this is ALL consensual, there is nothing happening here that either one of them doesn’t want. They do this kinda thing all the time, so plz no one send me any bullshit about it being rape. Raph would never do that.) **

30 Days NSFW Challenge:
# 25: Toys

She had grown accustomed to finding her boyfriend in her apartment when she came home from work (probably about half the time). So when she walked through her door and spotted him sitting on the couch that evening it was nothing out of the ordinary. The devilish grin on his face, however, aroused her interest. Usually that didn’t happen until at least a few minutes later…

“What?” Rae asked suspiciously as she pulled off her boots.

He held up a hand, and she lifted a brow when she realized what he had pinched between his fingers.

“Snooping through my things, I see?” she sighed as she strolled up to him, dark brow lifting.

He glanced at the slender device, smile still firmly in place as he inquired, “Ya plannin’ on replacin’ me with this battery operated piece o’ crap?”

She laughed dryly, placing her hands on her hips and gave him a flat look. “Firstly, it’s not a piece of crap; it gets the job done very well, thank you. Secondly, if I was planning on replacing you with a toy… I’d get something a little bigger.”

He huffed to himself, switching the vibrator on for a moment before turning it off again.

A teasing smile cracked her mouth. “You’re not jealous of an inanimate object, are you?”

It was his turn to shoot her a flat look.

Rae shook her head. “I’m a grown woman with needs, and it just so happens that you aren’t always available to fulfill those for me. Now, kindly give it back so I can put it away.”

There was that naughty smirk again. He extended his arm toward her, offering the aforementioned item. “Here.”

She was instantly wary, his tone suggesting mischief. As expected, when she made to take it he pulled it just out of her reach, smug laughter bubbling in his chest. Eyes narrowing, she stepped closer, making a second attempt. The result was the same.

Raphael stood, dangling the sought-after toy over her head. “G’head. Take it.”

She growled, feeling her efforts were likely going to be in vain but deciding she would try anyway. She leapt, reaching for the slim object to no avail.

“Are you actually doing this right now?!” she snapped, slapping him on the plastron. She wanted to step on his foot… or punch his smug face… or maybe both, in that order. “Keep this shit up and you are so gunna get it!”

He took an intimidating step toward her, forcing her to move back lest she topple over.

“No…” he rumbled lowly as he herded her into the bedroom, placing a single finger on the center of her chest and giving her a shove. She went sprawling across the mattress in a tangle of flailing limbs, snarling like a little hellcat. “Yer gunna get it.”

The brunette sat up with a frustrated growl, shoving her hair from her face. “You think you can just manhandle me whenever you fucking please, you stupid asshole?!”

She was quick, her palm only a few centimeters from his cheeks when he caught her wrist, snatching it just before her hand could make contact. His tone couldn’t have been any haughtier. “Yeah, pretty much.”

The huge male moved over her, dragging her up the bed and capturing her other hand when she tried to dislodge him. He pinned her arms against the headboard, slinging one leg over her wriggling body so he straddled her thighs. Placing the vibrator aside, he slid a hand beneath the hem of her tank top, pushing the fabric up so it bunched over her breasts. Deft fingers pinched the clasp at the front of her bra, the motion fluid and practiced. Moving the black lace aside, he bent and took one dusky nipple into his mouth, sucking it harshly before moving to its twin. A strangled moan was wrenched from her throat.

“Y-You… are a complete bastard.”

Raphael grinned at the hissed utterance, biting the tight little peak and making her buck beneath him. He reached over and snagged the sex toy from the mattress, turning it onto its lowest setting and pressing it against her crotch.

She gasped, her expression strained as she tried to fight off the pleasure… if only to spite him. He was being such a bloody prick but that felt sooooo damn good.

The large turtle glanced up at her face as he slid the device higher, his pace torturous. He could see her jaw tighten as she clenched her teeth, brows knitting the further he went. He abandoned her pert breast, mouth skimming over her collar bone and latching onto the junction of her neck and shoulder.

Rae tried to squirm away from his mouth, cursing him under her breath for knowing every erogenous zone on her body. She was already wet, she could feel it as she shifted her hips, trying to press herself more firmly against the vibrator. He was moving it again, sliding lower… away from the one spot she needed it most.

“Goddamn you!”

He chuckled against her throat, switching her toy onto the next setting as he scraped his teeth over the abused flesh of her neck. She’d have a nice little bruise there in the morning, a reminder of who she belonged to. The thought made heat surge through his veins, his already hard cock swelling even further. It was almost painful at this point, but he wanted to prove something here… he had to be patient.

She tried to squeeze her legs together, hoping it might make things a little harder for him. Of course it didn’t deter him in the slightest. He simply pressed his massive hand between her legs and parted them with hardly any effort at all, continuing to torment her with his maddeningly slow pace. He rubbed the length of the device back and forth, nearly bringing her to her peak only to rob her of her climax with an abrupt retreat. He did it over and over and over, and she was going to lose her mind.

Raph moved his attentions to the other side of her neck, turning the vibrator to its highest setting and pressing it firmly over her clit for a fraction of a second, making her cry out in surprise.

She was going to die. He was going to kill her, she was sure of it. Every time he did that it was like she was being thrown into an orgasm, only to have someone pull her back at the very last second. If he didn’t stop that soon he was going to give her a heart attack! “Holy fuck, Raph, please!”

“Ya sure that’s all ya want? Or wouldja rather have sumthin’ else?”

She tried fruitlessly to rip her hands from his steely grip, wanting so badly to reach down there and just finish the job herself. But no… he just had to tease her… that insufferable, delicious… arrogant… fuck-machine!

He gave her another fleeting touch with the toy. “This?”

The breath caught in her throat.

He tilted his hips, pressing the bulge in his shorts against her clothed pussy and thrusting hard. “Or this?”

She nearly went cross-eyed, a strangled sound leaving her as she was robbed of her orgasm again, the devilish bastard pulling away before she could reciprocate the fevered grinding. The thought of his immense girth inside of her was almost enough to end it, but she was achingly empty. Damn it all, she needed him!

“I will throw that fucking thing straight into the garbage if that’s what you want, but you NEED to put your dick in me right the fuck now!” she shouted at him.

He growled triumphantly, dropping the sex toy and releasing her wrists. She made to undo the button on her jeans but he batted her hands away, taking hold of the material and ripping it right down the middle.

She probably should have been mad at him for ruining another perfectly good pair of pants, but at the moment they were just an obstacle, and she couldn’t have been happier that they were no longer in the way. Plus she’d be lying if she said it didn’t turn her on when he went all ‘caveman’ like that. Her panties followed suit, and she lifted her hips invitingly as he slid off her thighs, moving between them as he yanked his shorts down.

She had been expecting the satisfying pleasure of his hardness filling her in one hard thrust, but she hadn’t expected him to retrieve the vibrator and press it against her throbbing pearl at the exact same moment. The result was an instant and unexpectedly mind-shattering climax, the scream that issued from her throat likely having roused half the damn building.

Raph hadn’t expected it to be quite so intense either, and the feeling of her wet little box clenching around him like an unforgiving fist coupled with the vibration against the base of his shaft pushed him right over the edge too. He moaned loudly as he rode it out, the high seeming to last forever before he finally slumped forward, switching the device off and tossing it carelessly onto the floor.

His little kitten was still twitching beneath him, her eyes wide and dazed, her thighs trembling against his hips.

“Ya okay?”

She tried to speak, but all that came out was a whimper, so she managed a nod. She felt utterly boneless, little aftershocks still tingling through her with ever shift he made. Her wits returned to her slowly, and when she trusted herself enough to think again she managed to stammer. “Y-you… are such… an ass.”

He laughed, leaning down to nip her shoulder before he rolled to the side, slipping out of her and making her jerk a little as residual pleasure zinged along her spine.

They lay there for a little while, until finally Raphael said, “Don’t throw it out.”

She turned a questioning look his way.

He grinned. “It has its uses… but I gotta ask… why pink? Ya don’t seem like a pink kinda girl?”

She chuckled a little at that, shrugging. “I didn’t have a lot of options. There were only two colours.”

“What was the other colour?”

She smirked. “Blue.”

He scowled. “Pink is good.”

She laughed breathlessly. “Thought you might say that.”

Shark Week: Remoras

The Remora is a fish that is often found attached to turtles, large fish, and sharks. Remoras have a sucking disk on the tops of their backs that are modified dorsal fins.

They do not have swim bladders, and so cannot control their buoyancy, so instead they hitch a ride on other animals. They will detach themselves from their host during feedings and eat up scraps, but will also eat parasites found on their host as well.

While swimming Remoras will sometimes approach divers and try to attach themselves!

Raphael x Reader (2k12 version)

A/N: Hey, so here’s one of the fics I promised, and for some reason I just chose to do a Raph x Reader… This is my first fic I’ve published and if it’s not very good, I’m sorry, please forgive me! Also request me an imagine or headcannon or x reader for any fandom. ENJOY! Photo credits to owner.


You walked down the grimy New York sidewalk, on your way home from a study session with your friend April. You thought it fairly odd that she had pushed you out the door so forcefully, telling you that it was important that you took this exact route home. But oh well, it was April, she was an odd one, you thought.

You turned into the alley that would take you only a few blocks from your house, thinking nothing of the Your back hit the brick wall as a hand clamped over your mouth, the attacker keeping you pressed tightly to the bricks. They bent closer to you, their companions snickering in the background. “Ooh hello there darling,” the Foot Clan Ninja holding you hummed. “How are you tonight?” A thought hit you. These are men. You are in a dark alley. You are alone. Naturally, fearing your for your safety, you what every person knows when presented with a male attacker; you kneed him in his gonad berries. Letting out a yelp, he released you and bent over groaning. 

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I love you -Raph

Your leg’s felt like lead as you dragged your way through the apartment. Between Raphael’s heat and your insane work schedule you were fatigued to say the least.  Your forehead resting on the refrigerator while you contemplated dinner. The smell of pizza wafting through your apartment.

“Raphael?” You inquired as you contemplated whether or not you could physically handle another round of mating heat pounding.

Straightening your shoulder’s you walked the small gap to your living room. Raphael standing awkwardly with your pajama’s in hand, a pizza to his right.

“Raph? What’s going on babe?” You asked walking towards the large turtle. Finger’s resting on his masive bicep’s as your brows furrowed. His hand setting down the pizza on your speaker.

“I uh, I realized after the mating haze. Well I sort of *ahem* ignored your needs. Soooo.” His hands hitting his side while he said everything. Fingers coming up to remove your jacket. His lips working together in focus. Sure you had made love but love in service was different. He just didn’t want to fuck it up.

When he moved to unbutton your blouse he blushed. Usually he would pop them off or just thrust your top up. In the haze of his mating frenzy he had forgotten his love for you.  The love in your eye’s he never imagined would exist, swell of your breast when you inhaled deeply, or the tender swell in his chest when you touched him gently. Your action’s making him feel like the man he wanted to be rather than the monster the rest of the world thought him to be.

When you were standing in your jean’s and bra he blushed. His head turning slightly away, mouth trying to catch up with his thoughts.

“You’re beautiful.” He finally said staring you in the eye’s. When you went to hug him, he lifted you tenderly laying you on the couch. His thumb’s working the front button’s of your jean’s down.

“Raphael, I love you.” Lightly pecking his lips while he removed your panties replacing them with your fuzzy Captain America shorts. His thumb rubbing over your extended stomach. Your 3 moth bump just starting to show.

He grabbed a slice of pizza onto a paper plate putting it in your lap. Then sitting down he placed your feet in his lap, rubbing the soles of your feet in slow motion.

Raph watched you enjoy your pizza. After two slices accompanied by a 15 minute foot massage your eye’s began to close.

“Raph….” You mustered out before your eye’s closed for the next 8 hours. Raph cradled your sleeping form staring down at you.

He never thought anyone would love him. Now here he was with a beautiful woman in a 2 year relationship. A child on the way that he still couldn’t believe was real. His life was perfect.

“I love you so much. Someday we’ll be married.” Raph said to your prone form his lips grazing your temple.